Asiahn Sings About Love, Vibes & Timing On "Like You" In This Special Pride Month Edition Of Press Play



Asiahn Sings About Love, Vibes & Timing On "Like You" In This Special Pride Month Edition Of Press Play

The accomplished songwriter and artist performs her latest In this exclusive special Pride Month edition of Press Play

GRAMMYs/Jun 19, 2019 - 09:00 pm

Our celebration of Pride Month continues with another special edition of Press Play. This week, three-time GRAMMY nominationated singer/songwriter Asiahn bares her soul in an exclusive performance of her song "Like You" from her latest album, Love Train 2

So far this month, she has performed at Roots Picnic in Philadelphia and L.A. Pride in Los Angeles. Asiahn spoke to us about what the LGBTQ+ communtiy means to her and how she's helping promote equality.

"I am a lesbian, so just to be a part of the community is big for me, and then to be an advocate and a person in the music industry to represent for so many others who don't get that representation in the music industry is definitely a big deal," said Asiahn. "Having my single where I'm singing about loving another woman on the radio is a big deal... I feel like we still need some more representation out there, there's still people who aren't represented."

If you're lucky enough to catch her show live with her band, which she calls Asiahn & The Vibe, you'll feel her talent is matched only by her authenticity. The Charleston, S.C.-raised Los Angeles-based artist first became interested in music from her parents and her grandmother, also a vocalist. Asiahn's music talents bloomed, and the versatille artist now plays several instruments, including violin, clarinet, bass clarinet, and bass guitar. Recently, she was also invited to join the Recording Academy as part of its inaugural invite class of 2019.

In addition to her accomplishments as an artist, Asiahn also counts an impressive list of songwriting credits under her writing moniker Asia Bryant for other artists, including J. Lo, Miley Cyrus, Drake, Lil Wayne and more. She also was featured on "Just Another Day" from Dr. Dre's Compton album. We asked he what her secret is to writing great songs without getting stuck.

"If I ever get writer's block. I just put the pen down, put the phone down. I go live life. It means you're just not inspired at the moment," she said. "You need to go live some real life and do some real things that inspire you. Sometimes just sitting behind a computer, or behind your phone or pad all the time, you run out of things to say, and you run out of ways to say it, which means it's time to go do something else. Go listen to some different genres of music... go bunjee jump or do some go-karts, lazer tag, do anything to get your creative juices flowing."

You can hear the creative juices flowing in her exclusive performance of "Like You" for Press Play. Enjoy!

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Press Play: Watch Ibrahim Maalouf Spotlight His Improvisatory Powers In Energetic Performance of "Right Time"
Ibrahim Maalouf

Photo courtesy of the Recording Academy

Press Play: Watch Ibrahim Maalouf Spotlight His Improvisatory Powers In Energetic Performance of "Right Time"

Lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf showcases his improvisation skills in this instrumental performance of "Right Time," a hip-hop track from his latest album, 'Capacity To Love.'

GRAMMYs/Jan 26, 2023 - 05:35 pm

Since the initiation of his solo career, Lebanese instrumentalist Ibrahim Maalouf has strived to diversify music with his trumpeting.

The musician found his start performing at international jazz and classical competitions. After quickly becoming one of the most decorated trumpeters, Maalouf began his career as a soloist, where he could transcend the bounds of traditional genres. His skillful, unique improvisation caught the attention of artists globally, including Afrobeats singer Angélique Kidjo.

Together, they released Queen of Sheba, which snagged Maalouf his very first GRAMMY nomination in the Best Global Music Album category at the 2023 GRAMMYs and made him the first Lebanese instrumentalist to be nominated in GRAMMY history.

In this episode of Press Play, Maalouf performs an instrumental version of "Right Time," an upbeat hip-hop track on his latest album, Capacity to Love. Accompanied by an electric guitar and saxophone, Maalouf plays the track's melody, originally sung by Erick the Architect from the Flatbush Zombies.

Maalouf then trades off with the saxophonist, as the two musicians deliver an impressive, improvised solo.

Capacity to Love is Maalouf's fifteenth studio album and first self-produced project. The genre-bending release features collaborations with pop singer J.P. Cooper, rapper D Smoke, New Orleans funk band Tank & the Bangas, and more.

Press play on the video above to watch Ibrahim Maalouf's performance of "Right Time," and keep checking back to for more new episodes of Press Play.

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Press Play: Ranky Tanky Offer A Powerful Performance Of "Stand By Me" Using Traditional Gullah Techniques
Ranky Tanky's Quiana Parler

Photo: Courtesy of Ranky Tanky


Press Play: Ranky Tanky Offer A Powerful Performance Of "Stand By Me" Using Traditional Gullah Techniques

South Carolina-based musical ensemble Ranky Tanky provide a glimpse into Gullah musical culture with this live performance of "Stand By Me," which features a call-and-response singing style and body percussion.

GRAMMYs/Jan 19, 2023 - 07:33 pm

As members of the tight-knit Gullah community, jazz-influenced gospel group Ranky Tanky constantly aim to keep the culture alive. Together, five members of Ranky Tanky — Quiana Parler, Quentin E. Baxter, Kevin Hamilton, Clay Ross, and Charlton Single — have made strides in educating people on Gullah, serving as the ethnocultural group's global music ambassador and leading initiatives to teach students about Gullah's history.

The lifelong friends turned bandmates released their sophomore album, Good Time, in 2019, which helped Ranky Tanky snag their very first GRAMMY Award for Best Regional Roots Music Album, marking the first Gullah music recognition in GRAMMY history.

In this episode of Press Play, Ranky Tanky presents "Stand By Me," the opening track from the award-winning album. The musical ensemble utilizes traditional Gullah performance techniques, emphasizing body percussion and call-and-response singing. Vocalist Quiana Parler stands centered at the microphone as a dancer performs a contemporary routine.

Ranky Tanky ended 2022 with their second GRAMMY Award nomination in the Best Regional Roots Music Album category for their live album recorded at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. The 13-song LP includes another live rendition of "Stand By Me."

Later this year, Ranky Tanky is expected to release their third studio album and is currently slated to perform a string of shows throughout the United States.

Press play on the video above to watch Ranky Tanky's performance of "Stand By Me," and keep checking back to for more new episodes of Press Play.

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Press Play: Tank And The Bangas Deliver A Vulnerable, Sultry Performance Of "Heavy"
Tank and The Bangas

Photo: Courtesy of Tank and The Bangas


Press Play: Tank And The Bangas Deliver A Vulnerable, Sultry Performance Of "Heavy"

Tank and The Bangas highlight the importance of communication and trust with this intimate performance of "Heavy."

GRAMMYs/Jan 12, 2023 - 06:05 pm

For Tank and The Bangas frontwoman Tarriona "Tank" Ball, honest communication is king. But even if that isn't always easy to practice in her personal life, it always comes through in her group's music — and that's exactly the case with "Heavy."

"Heavy on your love/ Heavy on your trust in me/ Heavy on communication/ Honesty," Tank sings on the track, a B-side from their latest album, Red Balloon. It's an understated, yet powerful statement that characterizes the foundation of any healthy relationship.

In this episode of Press Play, the group shares the importance of an open dialogue with a sultry performance of "Heavy." As Tank stands front and center at the microphone, The Bangas — Joshua Johnson, Norman Spence II, and Albert Allenback — evoke a casual, intimate atmosphere to help put the song's vulnerable message at the forefront.

Red Balloon is Tank and The Bangas' third studio album and serves as a successor to their 2019 release, Green Balloon. The project earned the group their second GRAMMY nomination, as it's up for Best Progressive R&B Album at the 2023 GRAMMYs.

Press play on the video above to watch Tank and The Bangas' performance of "Heavy," and keep checking back to for more new episodes of Press Play.

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Press Play On GRAMMY U Mixtape: New Year, It’s Poppin'! Monthly Member Playlist


Press Play On GRAMMY U Mixtape: New Year, It’s Poppin'! Monthly Member Playlist

The GRAMMY U Mixtape is a monthly, genre-spanning playlist to quench your thirst for new tunes, all from student members. GRAMMY U celebrates new beginnings with fresh pop tunes that will kickstart 2023.

GRAMMYs/Jan 6, 2023 - 12:17 am

Did you know that among all of the students in GRAMMY U, songwriting and performance is one of the most sought after fields of study? We want to create a space to hear what these students are creating today!

The GRAMMY U Mixtape, now available for your listening pleasure, highlights the creations and fresh ideas that students are bringing to this industry directly on the Recording Academy's Spotify and Apple Music pages. Our goal is to celebrate GRAMMY U members, as well as the time and effort they put into making original music — from the songwriting process to the final production of the track.

Each month, we accept submissions and feature 20 to 25 songs that match that month’s theme. This month we're ringing in 2023 with our New Year, It's Poppin'! playlist, which features fresh pop songs that bring new year, new you vibes. Showcasing talented members from our various chapters, we felt these songs represented the positivity and hopefulness that GRAMMY U members embody as they tackle this upcoming year of exciting possibilities.

So, what’s stopping you? Press play on GRAMMY U’s Mixtape and listen now on Spotify below and Apple Music.

Want to be featured on the next playlist? Submit your songs today! We are currently accepting submissions for songs of all genres for consideration for our February playlist. Whether you write pop, rock, hip hop, jazz, or classical, we want to hear from you. Music must be written and/or produced by the student member (an original song) and you must be able to submit a Spotify and/or Apple Music link to the song. Students must be a GRAMMY U member to submit.


GRAMMY U is a program that connects college students with the industry's brightest and most talented minds and provides those aspiring professionals with the tools and opportunities necessary to start a career in music.     

Throughout each semester, events and special programs touch on all facets of the industry, including the business, technology, and the creative process.

As part of the Recording Academy's mission to ensure the recorded arts remain a thriving part of our shared cultural heritage, GRAMMY U establishes the necessary foundation for music’s next generation to flourish.

Not a member, but want to submit to our playlist? Apply for GRAMMY U Membership here.