6 LGBTQIA+ Latinx Artists You Need To Know: María Becerra, Blue Rojo & More
L-R: Young Miko, Blue Rojo, María Becerra, Willie Gomez, Ambar Lucid, LoMaasBello

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6 LGBTQIA+ Latinx Artists You Need To Know: María Becerra, Blue Rojo & More

From Argentina's María Becerra to Puerto Rico's Young Miko, get to know six rising LGBTQ+ Latinx artists who are bringing visibility to the community around the world.

GRAMMYs/Jun 28, 2022 - 04:06 pm

Latinx artists who are also a part of the LGBTQIA+ community are breaking records and making waves within the Latin music scene. Since Puerto Rican superstar Ricky Martin kicked down the proverbial closet door by coming out in 2010, more LGBTQIA+ Latinx musicians have emerged louder and prouder than ever.

Into this decade, LGBTQIA+ Latinx musicians are continuing to proudly represent the community — while also breaking records and topping charts. Openly bisexual artist Kali Uchis scored one of year's biggest Latin hits of last year with the sensual "Telepatía." Brazilian superstar Anitta, who is also openly bisexual, shot to the top of Spotify 200 chart this year with the viral "Envolver." This year's Coachella saw the history-making debut of two Brazilian artists in the LGBTQIA+ community, Anitta and drag superstar Pabllo Vittar.

More and more LGBTQIA+ Latinx musicians across Latin America and the U.S. are stepping forward and letting their truths shine in their music. Mexico City's Blue Rojo is emerging a fresh queer voice in Latin pop. Colombia's LoMaasBello is speaking up on behalf of both the queer and Black communities through her powerful songs. Argentina's  María Becerra is making strides across the globe as an openly bisexual artist.

Before this year's LGBTQIA+ Pride Month comes to a close, is spotlighting six queer Latinx artists on the rise.

María Becerra

María Becerra has become one of Argentina's top artists, and now she's extending her success across Latin America and the U.S. With the release of her debut EP 222 in 2019, Becerra opened up about identifying as bisexual. In the swaggering "Dime Como Hago," she sang about whisking her friend away from her unworthy boyfriend.

Last year, Becerra was nominated for Best New Artist at the Latin GRAMMY Awards, thanks in part to her debut album Animal. She also became the first artist to land four songs within the top five spots of Billboard Argentina's Hot 100 chart.

In 2022, Becerra has teamed up with J Balvin for the sexy "Qué Más Pues?" — which the pair performed together at the GRAMMY Awards in April — and Camila Cabello on the disco-pop anthem "Hasta Los Dientes." Her second album La Nena de Argentina is due later this year.

Blue Rojo

Blue Rojo is taking Latin pop music into the future. On his debut album, Solitario, the Mexican-American singer blends elements of electronica, punk, and reggaeton music into his deeply personal songs.

As an openly gay artist, Blue's sexuality directly influences how he writes his songs as well as  how they come to life in video form. Throughout Solitario, he sings about his unrequited crush that he has on a straight man, with the heartbreaking "Después de la Pandemia Volví a Ser Católiko" calling him out directly. ("Diego, talk to me please," he pleads in Spanish.)

Blue later channels the rush of romance into his synth-pop anthem "No Te Kiero Olvidar," where he shares a sweet kiss with another man in the music video. He continues to push boundaries in the carnivalesque and sexy "Soy Tu Payaso Papi 3000."

Ambar Lucid

Like Kali Uchis and Omar Apollo, Ambar Lucid is a U.S.-born artist who is embracing her Latinx roots in her music. Like her peers, she also openly embraces her queer identity by singing about her guy and girl crushes in her music.

She lives up to her Lucid name with psychedelic R&B anthems like "Get Lost in the Music" and "Fantasmas." In her dreamy single "girl ur so pretty," Lucid flexes in Spanglish about how she can treat her friend better than her boyfriend. "Forget your boyfriend/ Let me set you free," she sings.

Lucid is kicking off a new era in her career with her alter ego Estrella. "Estrella is stepping in to inspire and radiate new energy," she said about this new era in career. "[She's] less fear-based, more confident, and I'm having more fun with what I do."


LoMaasBello is emerging as a strong Black and queer voice in Colombia. Since the release of her defiant single "ShutUp" in 2019, the Bogotá-based singer and rapper — who identifies as a non-binary trans woman — has spoken out for the trans and Black communities in her music.

LoMaasBello sounds transcendent in the love song "Pensándote" and later she lets her rap flow run wild in the bedroom banger "Rico." Like her EP title, LoMaasBello also calls herself "Marica Negra" (a reclamation of "marica," a queer slur in Spanish) and she embraces that title proudly in the empowering "QBBK."

She is very much a visual artist as well. Her powerful music video for "Vivas" to dedicated to "the memory of all the murdered women and trans people in Colombia and the world." LoMaasBello's message adds, "To be trans shouldn't cost us our lives."

Willie Gomez

After serving as a backup dancer for gay icon Britney Spears, Willie Gomez is now breaking out as a singer himself. In 2017, the Dominican-American artist formally launched his music career with the alluring "Mojados." In follow-up singles like "Salvaje" and "Borracho De Tus Besos," Gomez has continued to embrace his Caribbean roots by blending reggaeton beats with elements of pop.

At the same time, Gomez is also expressing his love of dance through his colorful music videos. Like the times he's danced with Britney, he brings the heat and passion of his moves into his steamy choreography.

The openly gay musician is working on his debut album with George Noriega, who has helped Ricky Martin and Shakira achieve crossover hits. Gomez's latest tease of his LP is the smoldering single "Vicio." As Gomez has said himself, he's felt the love from the LGBTQIA+ community during his work with Spears and now in his own music career.

"It makes me feel very proud of who I am, of who we are," he recently told Remezcla. "To get that support from the entire community is very special for me."

Young Miko

Young Miko is emerging as a strong queer voice in the Latin rap scene. Hailing from Añasco, Puerto Rico, the rapper/singer only started releasing music a year ago, but has already generated enough buzz to play shows around the world and earn playlist spotlights on Apple Music and Spotify.

Last year, Young Miko made her debut with the sassy "105 Freestyle," which has recently gone viral on TikTok in Puerto Rico. She followed that up with fierce "Vendetta" alongside fellow Puerto Rican star Villano Antillano, a knockout collaboration from two rappers in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Young Miko is continuing to shine with her swaggering and laid-back bangers "Puerto Rican Mami" and "Standard." She also teamed up with Puerto Rican singer Alejo for the sensual love song "Un Poquito." Young Miko's career may just be beginning to take off, but she — along with every artist on this list — is already blazing a trail forward for LGBTQIA+ Latinx representation.

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Press Play: Claud Gets Vulnerable In This Confessional Performance Of Their New Single, "Wet"

Photo: Courtesy of Claud


Press Play: Claud Gets Vulnerable In This Confessional Performance Of Their New Single, "Wet"

Emerging pop singer Claud narrates the story of a guilty pleasure toxic relationship on "Wet," the lead single from their upcoming album, 'Supermodels.'

GRAMMYs/Jun 29, 2023 - 10:33 pm

On their new single "Wet," bedroom pop newcomer Claud places themselves in the heat of a toxic relationship. Even amid empty apologies and tearful early morning phone calls, Claud can't get enough.

"That's not an apology/ But I'll take what I can get/ Dip your feet but not too wet," Claud sings in the chorus. "I swear this isn't like me/ But you're standing on the edge/ Say you'll never jump, but I know you want it."

In this episode of Press Play, Claud delivers an intimate performance of "Wet" live from their bedroom floor. The intimate, simple setting only intensifies the diaristic nature of the track.

"Wet" is the lead single from Claud's upcoming album, Supermodels, out July 14 via Saddest Factory Records. "'Wet' was written in one fast sitting. The writing process as kinetic as the outcome. Writing these songs felt like dropping a boulder into a pond, really shaking up the way I look at myself as an artist," they explained in a press statement. 

On July 21, Claud will begin their headlining international tour in Bristol, United Kingdom, wrapping on Oct. 12 in San Francisco, California.

Watch the video above to see Claud's acoustic performance of "Wet," and check back to for more new episodes of Press Play.

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Black Sounds Beautiful: How Lil Nas X Turned The Industry On Its Head With "Old Town Road" And Beyond
Lil Nas X at the 2020 GRAMMYs.

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage


Black Sounds Beautiful: How Lil Nas X Turned The Industry On Its Head With "Old Town Road" And Beyond

In this episode of Black Sounds Beautiful, relive Lil Nas X's massive debut, "Old Town Road," and learn how he's since been an advocate for Black and LGBTQIA+ communities through his music and his platform.

GRAMMYs/Jun 28, 2023 - 05:00 pm

Lil Nas X became a global sensation practically overnight, but it wasn't an accident.

The American singer and rapper — born Montero Lamar Hill — became fluent in music and pop culture at an early age, becoming a meme aficionado. His love for internet culture cultivated the perfect recipe for his debut single, "Old Town Road," to become one of the most viral hits in music history; the song also prompted a necessary conversation about the bounds of genre. 

"Old Town Road" rose to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and still holds the record for most time spent at No. 1 at 19 weeks. The single later helped Lil Nas X snag two GRAMMY Awards for Best Pop/Duo Group Performance and Best Music Video. (To date, he's won 2 GRAMMYs and has received 11 nominations overall.)

Aside from his immense musical talent, Lil Nas X — who came out as gay on social media during his Hot 100 reign — has been a fierce champion for LGBTQIA+ and Black communities.

"It's just acceptance of gay people. And they see that as a bad thing, like, They're trying to normalize it. You know what? Yeah. That's actually what I'm trying to do," he told GQ in 2021.

At just 24 years old, Lil Nas X has plenty more history-making and game-changing moves in store. As he revealed during his March 2023 campaign with Coach, "My next big chapter is coming."

Press play on the video above to learn more about Lil Nas X's industry-altering career, and check back to for more new episodes of Black Sounds Beautiful.

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Global Spin: Cub Sport Offer An Ethereal Performance Of "Keep Me Safe"
Cub Sport

Photo: Diego Compomar


Global Spin: Cub Sport Offer An Ethereal Performance Of "Keep Me Safe"

The Australian pop group chronicles the simultaneous joy and shame of a secret relationship in "Keep Me Safe," the lead single from their latest album, 'Jesus at the Gay Bar.'

GRAMMYs/Jun 27, 2023 - 05:00 pm

With "Keep Me Safe," Cub Sport narrates the bliss of being with who they truly love in secret, while confessing the shame of putting on a different persona in public. Being in a heterosexual relationship might have kept the peace between their loved ones, but it created a painful sense of unhappiness and emptiness inside. 

"Went and got a girlfriend/ Just to throw them off track/ Double lines, yeah/ It's driving me mad/ Losing everybody/ But I don't really feel that sad," Cub Sport reveals in the track's first verse. "I just want to die in our heaven/ If it'll keep me safe." 

In this episode of Global Spin, the Australian pop group delivers an ethereal performance of "Keep Me Safe." Soft lights illuminate the band, while neon blue strobes accompany the song's climax.

"Keep Me Safe" is the lead single from Cub Sport's newest album, Jesus at the Gay Bar, inspired by the relationship between bandmates Tim Nelson and Sam Netterfield.

"I wrote 'Keep Me Safe' about a euphoric but complicated time," Nelson detailed in a press statement. "Shedding some light on it now feels like I'm validating my younger self and celebrating the magic in something I was ashamed of at the time."

Press play on the video above to watch Cub Sport's vulnerable performance of "Keep Me Safe," and check back to for more new episodes of Global Spin.

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Press Play: Liza Anne Champions Love In This Groovy Performance Of Their New Single, "Cheerleader"
Liza Anne

Photo: Courtesy of Liza Anne


Press Play: Liza Anne Champions Love In This Groovy Performance Of Their New Single, "Cheerleader"

Rock singer Liza Anne celebrates queer joy in this electrifying performance of their newest single, "Cheerleader."

GRAMMYs/Jun 22, 2023 - 05:25 pm

Just over a month ago, rock singer Liza Anne released their first single, "Cheerleader," since coming out as gay and non-binary. As they told Paper magazine, the song was about creating "a space of healing in a physical place where before, I wasn't fully free." So, Anne returned to the unruly place it all began — high school — and reclaimed it with unapologetic queer joy.

"So cute, and you don't even know it/ You're walking that talk, and I love it, I love it!/ Show me how you do it, oh, I want it, I want it!/ I'll be your cheerleader," Anne beams on the chorus.

In this episode of Press Play, Anne delivers a euphoric performance of their new queer anthem. The performance is driven by a wavy electric guitar with interludes of Anne's infectious dance moves, and the rock singer intensifies the high school aesthetic, performing in a football jersey.

Liza Anne is hosting an ABBA-themed disco night in Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; Chicago, Illinois; and King's County, New York, to advocate for better abortion care. On June 24, they will perform at the Being Gay Is a Miracle: Poetry Reading in New York, New York.

Watch the video above to see Liza Anne's carefree performance of "Cheerleader," and check back to for more new episodes of Press Play.

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