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Meet The First-Time GRAMMY Nominee: The Magnificent, Magnetic Maluma

The Colombian superstar talks his first-ever GRAMMY nomination for Best Latin Pop Album, the artists who opened doors for him, his musical versatility and what he'll wear to the 2020 GRAMMYs

GRAMMYs/Jan 25, 2020 - 10:51 pm

The Maluma effect has taken over the world. The singer/songwriter began his career in his native Colombia as a teenager in the late 2000s, but now you'll find his name on the top of the charts as one of the most viewed/streamed artists on platforms like YouTube and Spotify where millions of people listen to his music.

Juan Luis Londoño, a.k.a Maluma, has wooed the globe with his sensual, romantic and at times risqué lyrics and music that encompasses an array of Latin sounds including salsa, pop and reggaeton. And it doesn't end there. The charming 25-year-old singer's on-stage energy is magnetic, drawing audiences in with his confidence, attractive looks and alluring dance moves. This all has caused him to become one of the most-followed people on Instagram, where he regularly flaunts his colorfully bold fashion sense. 

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Maluma's success is no doubt a result of this past decade's Latin Urban boom, which has also elevated other Colombian artists, such as J Balvin and Karol G. But you could also attribute his visibility to recent high-profile collabs with Ozuna, Madonna and most recently Steve Aoki. His staying power is thanks to his musical adaptability, Maluma exclusively tells the Recording Academy: "I love doing any kind of music."

Maluma's acclaim continues to grow with his first GRAMMY nomination. The "HP" singer is up for Best Latin Pop Album along with Luis Fonsi, Ricardo Montaner, Alejandro Sanz and one of his countrymen, Sebastian Yatra. His nominated album, 2019's 11:11, features Madonna, Latino trailblazer Ricky Martin and rising Latin urban star Sech, among others.

So what's next for Maluma? "I feel like these next five years [are] going to be important for me to grow in my personal life," he says. "It's amazing to having big songs, try and be the number one, it's nice to be a famous artist and all these things, but for me right now the most important thing is to keep growing as a human being." He also says that he wants to spend more time with his family, with whom he is quite close. This doesn't mean he'll slow down, however. "I'm going to keep touring and I'll keep making music, that's for sure. But the other thing is being good with myself," he says.

Below, the Colombian superstar goes deeper into what keeps him grounded, his dream of making an album with all Colombian artists, his fashion sense, what he's wearing to the GRAMMYs and what else he sees for his future. 

Last year was quite a year for you. It ended it with a GRAMMY nomination. How was that for you?

Oh, it was beautiful. It was an amazing surprise. It was something I always dreamt about, an amazing thing. I hope I can go [to Los Angeles] and take a GRAMMY home with me.

In interviews, you've said that you've always known music was for you. How did you begin making it?

When I was super young, I used to perform in everything that happened at my school, so that's when I knew that I was gifted. Then I started writing my own songs and went to the studio. But in the beginning, I wanted to be a soccer player, that was my dream. And then I started writing my own songs and everything was bubbling. I decided to go to the studio, so I went to the studio. My first producers, Kevin and Chan [the Rude Boyz], were the first to believe in me. We went there and I just fell in love, that's when I decided that I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. I was 16, 15 years old the first time I went to the studio I knew that was going to be what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Your GRAMMY-nominated album is called 11:11, the magical master number. Why did you decide to name it that?

That number was following me everywhere. Not just when I set my watch, but also when I stayed in hotels and everything. So I decided to, every time I saw the number, make a wish and all these wishes come true. That was very special to me. The number for sure marked my life. I want to show the world that dreams come true, so I wanted to show this energy and show them that they can actually do whatever they want.

The album features many amazing artists, in and out of Spanish language music. What do you enjoy about collaborating with other artists?

Well, I love learning. I love learning different things from English-language artists like when I worked with Ty Dolla $ign on a couple of songs in the studio. [I also love learning from] Latin artists, we are always learning something about them so yeah, it's great, just putting your knowledge in the studio with them and creating good music.

How was it working with Madonna? How did that collaboration come about?

It was great. The first time that I met her .. I don't know, we got that connection since the beginning. After that, one month later, she told me that she wanted to work with me, so I went to London and was spending a lot of time there in the studio. We did this song, "Medellin" and "Soltera," for my album. We made that one in L.A. two months after we recorded "Medellin" so it was great. She has a lot of experience. We all know that she's been in the industry for a long time and I feel very grateful to her for making me part of her life, her projects.

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That's amazing that she asked you to collab. Why do you think now is the time that people are paying more attention to Latin artists like yourself?

Well, I think because we, Latin artists, we're working very hard. I think, of course, we're talented and we have a gift, but more than that, we love working hard. And there is a generational gap, but now I feel like the global industry or the whole world is paying attention to our songs or our culture because we love working hard. So this moment that we're living right now, It's not only me. As I told you before, there is a big generation behind us that were doing it too. Ricky Martin, Shakira, Juanes, Carlos Vives. They've been doing it for a long time and they really opened the doors for this new generation, I feel actually honored to be part of it and show the world the Latin culture, and for sure the Colombian culture. Around the world, they have another way of seeing Colombia now. We're changing that because while they were talking about Pablo Escobar, they talk about Maluma, they talk about J Balvin, they talk about all these new artists that are trying to take the genre or the whole culture around the world, so I feel very proud.

Colombia definitely is leading a lot of the Latin movement now. Is it particularly special to you when you collaborate with another Colombian artist, like J Balvin, for example?

Yeah, there's this whole new generation going like crazy. There are a lot of artists, a lot of urban artists, but they're achieving it. Maybe my dream is doing an album with all of them. That would be something nice and that was something I had on my mind, working with all of them, and doing a whole Colombian collaboration album, I would love that.

On 11:11, there's salsa, there's a little bit of urban, there's pop. Do you feel like your adaptability helps your success?

Yeah, I think that's the key to my success, actually. I love doing any kind of music. I love good music, I don't have just one genre that I really like. I love salsa. I grew up listening to salsa music because of my grandparents, so that's the first genre that I listened to. Then I started listening to a lot of hip hop, then reggaeton, pop, ballad music, romantic music. I feel like that's for sure key to my career. Being versatile.

You're on magazine covers with the most amazing men's fashion. If you weren't in music, do you think you would do something in fashion?

I love it. [Laughs.] I've loved [fashion] since I was a child. My mom, she has a bunch of stories about it. I used to pick my own clothing [when I was little] and now that I'm an adult people can tell that I [love fashion]. I feel like it's a way to communicate my feelings, just how I feel. It's like the same thing with music. When I go to the studio, sometimes I decide I want to do a very heavy reggaeton song, and a sexy song. Then next day I want to do a romantic song. That's the way I feel with the way I dress myself.

With that said, is there anything you can tell us about what you're going to wear to the GRAMMYs?

[Laughs.] Oh, no, I can't. It will be a surprise. I hope you guys like it. It will be original.

I also know that you love animals. Your dog was sick not so long ago. How is she? Can you tell us one of your favorite things about your dogs?

Well, she's good. She's here in front of me. She's looking at me right now with her beautiful blue eyes, saying hello. And she's better right now. Actually she went to the vet this morning, and they told me that she was going to be amazing, so we're very happy. I think we're going to change her name. We're not going to call her Bonnie anymore. We're going to call her Miracle or something. She ate venom and she almost died, but now she's good.

What I like the most about [dogs] is they don't judge. They're there next to me every time I wake up, they're very grateful, and they're very loyal too.

Besides your dogs, is there anything else or anyone else that helps you stay grounded among all your success?

Oh, of course, my family, yeah. My family. They're my thing. We had an amazing holiday. That's how I keep grounded, every time. I'm going out and doing these crazy tours and everything but before I go on stage I have a phone call with my mom and she's everything to me, she gives me the motivation, she gives me the strength I need to keep doing this because we know this is not an easy career. Also my dad and my sister, they're always there for me. That's what matters, we're a team.

What do you see for yourself in the next five years?

Wow, that's a good question. I mean, I want to keep making music. But for sure I want to keep doing the things that I love: spending time with my family. I want to keep touring, and I want to keep singing and everything. But I feel like these next five years are going to be important for me to grow in my personal life. Because it's amazing to having big songs, try and be the number one, it's nice to be a famous artist and all these things, but for me right now the most important thing is to keep growing as a human being. I'm going to keep touring and I'll keep making music, that's for sure. But the other thing is being good with myself.

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Jungkook performing in New York City in 2023

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for TSX Entertainment


New Music Friday: Listen To Songs & Albums From Jungkook, Meghan Trainor, Peggy Gou, & More

Bask in the pre-summer magic with fresh musical offerings from acts as diverse as Ski Mask the Slump God, Kaytranada, Thomas Rhett, and more.

GRAMMYs/Jun 7, 2024 - 03:42 pm

We're still a couple of weeks away from the summer solstice, but the smell of cookouts and chlorine is already in the air. As parts of the country experience summer weather, there's plenty of musical delights ready to soundtrack the start of summer.

From pop to alt-country to rap, this New Music Friday sprouted sounds for listeners of all persuasions. Here's a cross-section of today's songs and albums to check out, from
Peggy Gou's debut album to the latest single from Jungkook.

Meghan Trainor — 'Timeless'

Just a few weeks before Meghan Trainor's breakthrough smash, "All About That Bass," turns 10, the GRAMMY winner rings in the anniversary in major fashion: a brand new album.

Trainor's sixth LP, Timeless, an irresistible split difference between bubblegum pop and woo-wop. Back in March, she released the lead single "Been Like This" with T-Pain; the "Buy U a Drank" star also appears on "Love on Hold."

"I cannot believe it has been 10 years since this all started. I have never been more grateful for this life that my incredible Megatronz have gifted me with," Trainor said in a statement — "Megatronz" referring to her rabid fanbase. "This new album and tour are all for them and my beautiful family."

Peggy Gou — 'I Hear You'

I Hear You might be South Korean DJ and singer Peggy Gou's debut album, but she declares it to be much more than that.

"It embodies countless hours of dedication in my journey to create something timeless, and is a testament to the power of listening, to ourselves and to each other," Gou said in a statement

And of the video to "1+1=11," in all of its shadowplay: "By bringing together dance — embodied exploration of space — with colorful shadows, lights, and mirrors, I was able to bring some of the key interests that have long shaped my art into an entirely new context."

If all this resonates with you, I Hear You is — well, a must-hear.

Listen: Leap Into AAPI Month 2024 With A Playlist Featuring Laufey, Diljit Dosanjh, & Peggy Gou

Orville Peck, Diplo & Kylie Minogue — "Midnight Ride"

As Pride Month kicked off, Kylie Minogue brought out two very special guests at Outloud Fest at West Hollywood Pride: her newest collaborators, Orville Peck and Diplo. The trio debuted the slinky, sparkling "Midnight Ride," a winning trifecta of their diverse talent pools.

Just a few days later, the studio version has arrived. In its full-fledged wonder, the track is just as much of a ride on record as it was on stage.

The single is the latest offering from Peck's forthcoming duets album, Stampede; though the full album's release date has yet to be announced, the alt-country star teased the exciting collabs to come with the seven-song Stampede, Vol. 1 on May 10, which featured Elton John and Bernie Taupin, Nathaniel Rateliff and more.

Glass Animals — "A Tear in Space (Airlock)"

On July 19, English indie favorites Glass Animals will declare I Love You So F***ing Much with their fourth album. They previously released the advance single "Creatures in Heaven." "A Tear in Space (Airlock)" arrives from smack in the middle of the forthcoming album.

A celestial, pulsing track replete with delicious production details, "A Tear in Space (Airlock)" marks another evolutionary step for the Oxford-rooted group. Their smash "Heat Waves" might be in the rearview, but they still know how to craft a song for just that.

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Jungkook — "Never Let Go"

Where would BTS be without its ARMY? It's an unthinkable prospect — and the boy band giants' beloved Jungkook has penned a worthy tribute to the fanbase that made them.

Released for BTS' annual debut anniversary celebration, Festa, "Never Let Go" opens its heart completely. "Without your love, I'm nothing/ You mean more than you know/ And words escape me whenever you're close," he croons. "I tried to put it into words but it don't measure up/ My pen and paper could never do quite enough."

Believe us: the radiant "Never Let Go" is more than enough. "It's the truth, it's the truth," Jungkook concludes. "We got something rеal nothing could break."

Learn more: Breaking Down Every Solo Act From BTS: Singles, Debut Albums & What's Next For The Septet


The Haitian-Canadian producer, rapper, singer, and DJ born Louis Celestin has produced everyone from Anderson .Paak to Alicia Keys to Victoria Monét, but he's just as compelling when it's his name on the record sleeve.

The two-time GRAMMY winner proves just that with his third album,
TIMELESS. Of course, the producer recruited several collaborators for the project, and the list is a panoply of associates from across his career — not only .Paak, but Childish Gambino, Don Toliver, and more.

Maluma & Blessd — '1 of 1'

"A full production between two Colombian artists had never been done before," rapper and singer Maluma brassily proclaimed in a recent press statement. "If it's the first, it can't be done twice."

He's referring to the (aptly titled) 1 of 1, his new EP with fellow Colombian great Blessd. Co-produced by MadMuscik and the RudeBoyz, this six-pack is a reflection of the clear admiration and respect between the two reggaetón practitioners.

This pre-summer weekend, grab a bestie, hit the road, crank up tunes like "Call Me" and "Goyard/GTA," and let that feeling flow through you, too.

Ski Mask the Slump God — '11th Dimension'

Five years after his last LP, Floridan rap phenom Ski Mask the Slump God returns by taking listeners to the 11th Dimension.

If 11th Dimension's advance singles — the jovial "Ooga Booga!", the propulsive "Headrush" — whetted your thirst, get ready for the other 19 tracks, like head-spinning highlights "By Myself," "KillStreak" and "Him Jung Un."

And while Ski Mask the Slump God takes most of those tracks himself, the album's five features are equally as thrilling: Future and ATL Jacob, Skillibeng, Corbin, and two posthumous duets with late rap stars XXXTentacion and Juice Wrld.

Generally, when an artist has a blast making music, it seeps through the grooves — and Thomas Rhett had an absolute ball making his new album, About A Woman, out Aug. 23.

"I did this with a new batch of producers, a lot of different songwriters. This is the funnest album that I've made, I think," he told Backstage Country. "This is a very, very 'me' album. If you liked Tangled Up and Life Changes, Center Point Road, this album is sort of that on steroids."

He's already revealed the first single, "Beautiful as You"; its follow-up, "Gone Country," is a rough-hewn statement of down-home purpose. Every line and lick is true to his dictum that he "got back to the root of why I love to make music and put smiles on faces." 

Let that smile cross your face as you prepare for your summer adventures — and we'll see you on next week's New Music Friday!

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Shakira attends the Fendi Couture Fall/Winter 2023/2024 show in Paris, France.
Shakira attends the Fendi Couture Fall/Winter 2023/2024 show in Paris.

Photo: Pietro S. D'Aprano/Getty Images for Fendi


Shakira's Road To 'Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran': How Overcoming A Breakup Opened A New Chapter In Her Artistry

Shakira's first album in seven years is out March 22, and very much of the moment with glossy Latin pop, reggaeton, bachata and corrido. The GRAMMY winner's path to this new chapter was long, filled with professional changes and heartbreak.

GRAMMYs/Mar 22, 2024 - 01:08 pm

When Shakira’s "Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53" was released in January of 2023; its success seemed like a freak incident, explainable as a perfect but isolated storm. 

Their virulently catchy track — which happens to spill scalding tea on her breakup with retired Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué —  set streaming records and took home a Latin GRAMMY for Song Of The Year. Today, the song's success looks more like the first crashing wave of a massive comeback for Shakira

The three-time GRAMMY winner followed her Bzrp Session with another hit single, "TQG," collaborating with Karol G. That song went to No. 1 on the Billboard Global 200, and the duo cleaned up at the Latin GRAMMYs. 

In hindsight, all of this was a mere preamble to the announcement of Shakira's Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran (Women Don't Cry Anymore), due March 22. The album will be her first in seven years, but the sound is very much of the moment, leaning into a high-gloss urban Latin pop sound that delves in reggaeton, bachata and corrido. 

The album is no comeback. With a star as big as Shakira — one who performed at the Super Bowl in 2020 and had her own exhibit at the GRAMMY Museum — it's hard to make the case that she ever left the public eye. Yet the Colombian superstar has put out only a trickle of singles since 2017, when she released her GRAMMY-winning album El Dorado. Prior to the BZRP session, her last major hits were in 2016 with "La Bicicleta," a collaboration with Carlos Vives, and "Chantaje," featuring Maluma, which went to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs. 

It’s impossible to talk about this period of retreat, or her new album, without talking about the personal upheavals Shakira has gone through in recent years. In June of 2022, Shakira and Gerard Piqué, with whom she has two sons, publicly announced the end of their 11 year relationship. Starting with 2022’s "Monotonía," featuring Ozuna, nearly every song she has released  since then deals directly with the split and the emotional turmoil she has felt because of it. 

The singer and songwriter herself is not shying away from the fact that her music has been a therapeutic outlet. "I feel like in this moment of my life, which is probably one of the most difficult, darkest hours of my life, music has brought light," she told Elle in 2022. 

Case in point: her Bizarrap session. "Someone should have taken my photo the day I worked on the 'Bizarrap Session 53,' a before and after. Because I went into the studio one way and left in a completely different way," Shakira told Mexican television channel Televisa. "He gave me this space, this opportunity to let it out and it really was a huge release, necessary for my own healing, for my own recovery process."

That feeling of catharsis continued in her work on Las Mujeres. "Making this body of work has been an alchemical process. While writing each song I was rebuilding myself. While singing them, my tears transformed into diamonds, and my vulnerability into strength," the artist said in a statement on Instagram.

Shakira is styling the album as a testament to resilience in the face of adversity, tapping into an understanding that her experiences have a broad resonance. While accepting Billboard’s 2023 Woman Of The Year award, Shakira discussed her "year of seismic change."

"I've felt more than ever — and very personally — what it is to be a woman," she said. "It's been a year where I've realized we women are stronger than we think, braver than we believed, more independent than we were taught to be." 

Indeed, with strength and bravery, Shakira proceeded to channel her individual hurt into a message of universal empowerment. Ahead of her album release, she’s even more explicit about the details of her separation and the impact the relationship had on her career. "For a long time I put my career on hold, to be next to Gerard, so he could play football. There was a lot of sacrifice for love," recently told The Sunday Times.

As she told Billboard for her 2023 cover story, settling down in Barcelona with Piqué and their two children, far from music industry centers, made it difficult for her to work. "It was complicated logistically to get a collaborator there. I had to wait for agendas to coincide or for someone to deign to come," she explained. 

Shakira has since relocated to Miami, a location that played a major role in making her new album possible.

One of the hallmarks of a true pop star is the ability to evolve with the culture without losing their identity. Over decades, and with each release, Shakira has broken a barrier or risen above an obstacle to succeed beyond expectations – whether it’s leading the first Spanish-language broadcast on MTV with her 2000 "Unplugged" concert, or learning English to write her own crossover pop debut. Each move has felt authentic.

It is not an easy task, but Shakira accomplishes this alchemy beautifully every few album cycles, starting with her debut as an alt-leaning, brunette singer/songwriter in the mid '90s. At the turn of the millennium, she made the jump to international fame with a cascade of golden curls and Laundry Service, the English-language album that capitalized on the first wave of crossover Latin pop. She closed out the decade in a whirl of high-gloss dance pop with the Pharell produced She Wolf. Along the way, there was one platinum selling album after another and the No. 1 hit "Hips Don’t Lie," among several Top 10 singles, setting the stage for her to blaze through much of the 2010s. 

Shakira is well-aware of how hard she has had to work even after crossover success. 

In 2019, she told Billboard, "This whole new world had opened up to me, and with it came so many great opportunities, but I continued to pursue impossible goals such as making a song like 'Hips Don’t Lie,' for example—that had a Colombian cumbia and a mention of Barranquilla in the middle of it—play on American radio. I remember I said to [then Sony Music Chairman] Donny Ienner, ‘You have to trust me on this one. This is going to happen, this song is going to blow up.’" 

With El Dorado, she caught the second wave of Latin pop crossover, the one tipped off by Luis Fonsi’s now-infamous 2017 earworm "Despacito." El Dorado, is one of Shakira’s more Latin leaning albums in the long history of her bicultural and bilingual music career. The songs are sung largely in Spanish and her choice of features on the album are almost entirely Latin pop and reggaeton artists: Maluma, Nicky Jam, Prince Royce and Carlos Vives. The album's May 2017 release coincided with a rising global interest in reggaeton.

Shakira wasn’t following a trend; she was just in touch with the moment as usual. She released "Chantaje" months before "Despacito," and "Bicicleta," her song with Carlos Vives, which combines elements of reggaeton and vallenato, came out in 2016. 

With the continued mainstream global success of Latin artists, Shakira may no longer see a need to release an English-language album for every album in her mother tongue. Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran breaks with tradition in that it is her second Spanish-language album in a row. It's also loaded with features from the world of Latin music, including Ozuna, Rauw Alejandro, Manuel Turizo, and Karol G. The moment could not be better for an album that explores forward looking pop reggaeton, assisted by some of the brightest young stars in the genre.

If the past is any indicator, this era is going to be another step up for the artist. Beyond the album release, Shakira is teasing another tour. As she told Billboard, "I think this will be the tour of my life. I’m very excited. Just think, I had my foot on the brakes. Now I’m pressing on the accelerator­ — hard."

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(Clockwise, L-R) Christina Aguilera, Lenny Kravitz, Lionel Richie, Mark Ronson, Maluma, Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Tomlinson, Samara Joy, Oprah Winfrey, and Meryl Streep will be presenters at the 2024 GRAMMYs
(Clockwise, L-R) Christina Aguilera, Lenny Kravitz, Lionel Richie, Mark Ronson, Maluma, Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Tomlinson, Samara Joy, Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep

Photos courtesy of the artists


2024 GRAMMYs Presenters Announced: Christina Aguilera, Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, Kacey Musgraves, Maluma, Taylor Tomlinson & More

Additional presenters for the 2024 GRAMMYs include Lenny Kravitz, Lionel Richie, Mark Ronson, and Samara Joy. The 2024 GRAMMYs will broadcast live from Arena in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 4.

GRAMMYs/Jan 31, 2024 - 03:00 pm

Updated Friday, Feb. 2, to add Kacey Musgraves as a presenter.

Presenters for the 2024 GRAMMYs have been announced: Christina Aguilera, Lenny Kravitz, Lionel Richie, Mark Ronson, Maluma, Kacey Musgraves, Meryl Streep, Samara Joy, Taylor Tomlinson, and Oprah Winfrey are all confirmed to take the GRAMMY stage on Music's Biggest Night this weekend, Sunday, Feb. 4. Of course, it wouldn't be a proper GRAMMY night without a few surprise guests, so make sure to tune in to find out who you'll see on GRAMMY Sunday.

In addition to the star-studded presenter lineup, the 2024 GRAMMYs will feature breathtaking performances from the leading artists in music today. Performers at the 2024 GRAMMYs include Billie Eilish, Billy Joel, Burna Boy, Dua Lipa, Joni Mitchell, Luke Combs, Olivia Rodrigo, SZA, Travis Scott, and U2. Several confirmed GRAMMY performers will make GRAMMY history at the 2024 GRAMMYs this weekend: Mitchell will make her GRAMMY performance debut, while U2 will deliver the first-ever broadcast performance from Sphere in Las Vegas. Additional performers will be announced in the coming days. See the full list of performers, presenters and host at the 2024 GRAMMYs to date.

Learn More: 2024 GRAMMY Nominations: See The Full Nominees List

2024 GRAMMYs: Explore More & Meet The Nominees

The 2024 GRAMMYs, officially known as the 66th GRAMMY Awards, will broadcast live from Arena in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 4, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on the CBS Television Network and will be available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.^ Prior to the Telecast, the 2024 GRAMMYs Premiere Ceremony will broadcast live from the Peacock Theater at 12:30 p.m. PT/3:30 p.m. ET and will be streamed live on On GRAMMY Sunday, fans can access exclusive behind-the-scenes GRAMMY Awards content, including performances, acceptance speeches, interviews from the GRAMMY Live red-carpet special, and more via the Recording Academy's digital experience on

Trevor Noah, the two-time GRAMMY-nominated comedian, actor, author, podcast host, and former "The Daily Show" host, returns to host the 2024 GRAMMYs for the fourth consecutive year; he is currently nominated at the 2024 GRAMMYs in the Best Comedy Album Category for his 2022 Netflix comedy special, I Wish You Would.

The 66th GRAMMY Awards are produced by Fulwell 73 Productions for the Recording Academy for the fourth consecutive year. Ben Winston, Raj Kapoor and Jesse Collins are executive producers.

^Paramount+ with SHOWTIME subscribers will have access to stream live via the live feed of their local CBS affiliate on the service, as well as on demand in the United States. Paramount+ Essential subscribers will not have the option to stream live but will have access to on-demand the day after the special airs in the U.S. only.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach Music's Biggest Night!

How To Watch The 2024 GRAMMYs Live: GRAMMY Nominations Announcement, Air Date, Red Carpet, Streaming Channel & More

(L-R) Carin León and Maluma perform at the 2023 Latin GRAMMYs on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2023 in Seville, Spain
(L-R) Carin León and Maluma perform at the 2023 Latin GRAMMYs on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2023 in Seville, Spain

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Latin Recording Academy


Watch: Maluma & Carín León Unite To Perform Their Next-Gen Norteño Hit "Según Quien" At The 2023 GRAMMYs

Latin pop met regional Mexican flavor during the swaggering performance of the Colombian and Mexican stars' cross-genre collaboration. The 2023 Latin GRAMMYs performance featured a medley of "Según Quien," "Procura" and "La Fórmula."

GRAMMYs/Nov 16, 2023 - 11:49 pm

Three months after Colombia's Maluma and Mexico's Carín León teamed up for "Según Quien," the duo reconnected onstage for a performance of their tears-and-beer-soaked hit. 

Maluma delivered a medley of his hits from his album Don Juan starting with "Según Quien." Looking sharp in matching black cowboy hats and dark shades, the duo kicked things off with a quick but heady taste of their corrido. León then left Maluma onstage for the more upbeat "Procura," a bachata, and the swinging salsa of "La Fórmula." Maluma had no problems bringing the firepower solo, but made sure to take a moment during his performance to leave the stage and kiss his partner, Susana Gomez.

"Según Quien" is a hit single from Don Juan, which dropped in August. Sharing songwriting duties with León, Maluma made a graceful and successful first foray into the increasingly hot world of música Mexicana with the song, adding a rhythmic touch of Latin pop in the process. The ballad's distinctive beat inspired a TikTok trend that, no doubt, contributed to its success.

Don Juan helped Maluma earn two nominations at the 2023 Latin GRAMMYs, as his salsa single with Marc Anthony, "La Fórmula," is up for Record Of The Year and Best Tropical Song.

A leading light in his generation of regional Mexican music, León released his third studio album, Colmillo de Leche, in May. The 18-track project, which earned a 2023 Latin GRAMMYs nomination for Best Norteño Album, is a sweeping waltz through the sounds of banda, Norteño, and mariachi with flourishes of country and blues. Last year, the singer/songwriter won his first Latin GRAMMY for Best Regional Mexican Song for "Como lo Hice Yo," his collaboration with Matisse. 

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