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The Roxy Still Rocks At 50: Why The Sunset Strip Staple Remains A Music Mecca
Outside The Roxy in 2022

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The Roxy Still Rocks At 50: Why The Sunset Strip Staple Remains A Music Mecca

Opening Sept. 18, the GRAMMY Museum's "Roxy: 50 and Still Rockin’" pays tribute to the club's legendary past and continued relevance. spoke with owner Lou Adler and some of the club's long-time supporters about the historic L.A. venue.

GRAMMYs/Sep 13, 2023 - 01:54 pm

A rite of passage for countless bands over the decades and a touchstone for myriad genres, Los Angeles venue The Roxy still rocks at 50. 

When the intimate club opened on Sept. 20, 1973 with a three-night stand by Neil Young and the Santa Monica Flyers (who had just finished recording Tonight’s the Night nearby at Studio Instrument Rentals), the sidewalk beneath the marquee was jammed with thousands of people hoping for a ticket. 

Neil and Crazy Horse baptized the venue with a blistering garage rock set, while Graham Nash and Cheech & Chong opened. (The Roxy appeared in the comedy duo’s debut movie, Up in Smoke, a few years later.) 

The Roxy Turns 50 opening night

The Roxy's opening day┃Mark Sullivan/Getty Images

In its first decade, a who’s who of legends played The Roxy, including: Billy Joel, Jimmy Cliff, the Ramones, Patti Smith, Ettta James, B.B. King, Prince, Herbie Hancock, and the late Jimmy Buffett. Fifty years since Lou Adler opened the doors at 9009 Sunset Boulevard, live music still reverberates inside its four walls.

The legendary venue survived while countless clubs shuttered, thanks to Adler’s passion. The astute entrepreneur and 2019 GRAMMY Trustee Award recepient eventually bought the building —  guaranteeing control and preventing a landlord from ever telling him to go.

The club is part of the cultural fabric of the Sunset Strip along with the Whisky A Go Go and the Troubadour. Today a mix of local acts, national touring artists and legends take the stage— earlier this year, two-time GRAMMY winner Shooter Jennings paid tribute to Warren Zevon with a set devoted to the LA songwriter. 

A new exhibit at the GRAMMY Museum will pay tribute to the club's legendary past and continued relevance. "Roxy: 50 and Still Rockin’" opens Sept. 18 and runs until Jan. 7, 2024. The exhibit includes behind-the-scenes photos of celebrities at On the Rox (the exclusive club above The Roxy), photos chronicling the original production of "The Rocky Horror Show," plus historic memorabilia from Lou Adler’s archives.      

Bringing The Roxy To The Sunset Strip

Catching up with Adler finds the octogenarian in good spirits. Sporting a white toque and white sunglasses that match his goatee, Adler reminisces about The Roxy’s early days, its rich history and its legacy. A framed promotional poster for Up in Smoke hangs on the wall behind the club owner, who discovered the comedic pair at the Troubadour and directed their screen debut. Cheech & Chong returned the favor in 2013 when they inducted Adler into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

These days, Adler leaves the running of The Roxy to his sons. At 89, he prefers to get his live music fix at Coachella. The impresario never imagined the club he opened along with Elmer Valentine (who founded the Whisky) — with additional financial help from a trio of original investors: David Geffen, Elliot Roberts and Peter Asher — would last 50 years. 

"I was just looking for next week!," Adler laughs when asked about The Roxy’s golden anniversary. "It is pretty amazing, but it does not feel like forever that I opened the doors. I just took it decade by decade. You put it all together and it adds up to 50." 

The Roxy Turns 50 lou adler

 Lou Adler┃Bezjian/WireImage

When Adler and his partners took over the lease at 9009 Sunset Boulevard, the building housed a strip club called Largo. Adler already co-owned, along with Valentine and Mario Maglieri, the Rainbow Bar & Grill next door. Opening a rock club next to the popular eatery frequented by rock stars and their groupies made sense. The Roxy never played favorites.

"It's based on music … and  the music is always evolving," says Lou’s eldest son Nic, who took over ownership of The Roxy in 2000. "We are agnostic when it comes to genre; it's a room that works great for jazz, comedy, hard rock or hip-hop. We are defined by a collection of history rather than by genre." 

And, if you attend an event at the storied club, you are a part of that history. "You are never at a show at the Roxy, you are part of the show," adds Nic, who was born the same year The Roxy opened.

David Wild attests to The Roxy’s mojo. Born and raised on the East Coast, Manhattan’s Bottom Line was his touchstone when it came to live music. The music critic and author saw many historic shows at this now long-gone New York City venue before moving to Los Angeles in 1991 to cover the Sunset Strip music scene for Rolling Stone. Arriving in Hollywood, he was well aware of The Roxy’s reputation. Two of his first three dates with his wife happened at the club. The shows were Japanese pop-punk band Shonen Knife and San Francisco alt-rockers Wire Train. Local rock band the Eels were also Roxy regulars in the 1990s and lead singer E (Mark Oliver Everett) played the Wild’s wedding. 

In those days, the journalist was a club fixture and treated well. Except, for one strange night.  

"I arrived and the doorman said, ‘I’m sorry Mr. Wild, but you are already here," he recalls. "That’s the only time in my life that this has ever happened; there was a David Wild impersonator! They found the guy who had a fake press card and removed him."

To commemorate The Roxy’s 50th, Neil Young’s name returns to the marquee 50 years to the day he inaugurated the joint. On Sept. 20-21,  Neil and Crazy Horse will play a pair of sold-out benefit shows. Micah Nelson replaces longtime Crazy Horse member Nils Lofgren, who is currently on tour with Bruce Springsteen.  

Springsteen and the E Street Band also have a history with The Roxy. During the 1975 Born to Run tour, the songwriter did a four-night residency there. Three years later he returned for a three-hour set that KMET FM broadcast live. This concert was one of the most popular bootleg tapes Springsteen fans traded for decades until its official release in 2018. 

Asked to name a couple of his favorite nights at The Roxy, Lou Adler is quick to answer. "First, Bob Marley, mostly because you had heard about him, heard the music and read about the culture, but then all of a sudden there he was and he brought all of that to the stage. Second, The Clash at Midnight [April 27, 1980]. That was exceptional. Just shy of 500 [people] is what we are told we can put in that room. For The Clash at Midnight show there were 1,300!"  

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show": Born At The Roxy, Not In Transylvania 

From the outset The Roxy hosted a variety of entertainment, from stand-up comedy (it’s here back in 1981 where Paul Reubens introduced — and perfected — his Pee-wee Herman character) to live theater. "The Rocky Horror Show" opened its inaugural North American run at the club in 1974 before it was made into the cult classic movie. Adler was with his wife in London when she took him to see this off-the-wall musical. He fell in love with the story and songs and inked a deal backstage that same night with the producer to bring the satiric production to America.  

For The Roxy Theater one-year run, Tim Curry played the lead role. On opening night, an A-list of Hollywood celebrities attended, including Mick Jagger, Cher, and Jack Nicholson. "The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s" first North American run is also where a young pianist and composer named David Foster got his big break.

The Roxy Turns 50 rocky horror embed

Tim Curry performs in a stage production of "Rocky Horror"┃Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

"Everything I have today, really, came from that one year in that tight, little confined space in the Roxy’s balcony playing keyboards in the house band in 'Rocky Horror,'" says Foster in an original documentary short film made exclusively by the GRAMMY Museum to commemorate the Roxy at 50. "That’s where I met everybody. The balcony was probably supposed to sit four people and we were like eight. The two background singers had to stay in the hallway stairs right behind the balcony. That’s where they performed. Somehow we managed to get drums, bass, a saxophone, and two keyboards up there. 

"It was tight, but again, I didn’t care," he continues. "I was on my way. And Lou (Adler) probably doesn’t even know this, but he gave me the greatest break of my life when he suggested I be the piano player on the [Rocky Horror Picture Show] album. To my recollection, none of the other players in the band were asked to be on the album. Somehow, I’d managed to get his attention and playing on that album was the start of me doing sessions."

The Roxy Rocks On

Due to The Roxy’s incredible acoustics, dozens of live albums have been recorded there over the past half-century, including: Genesis, Social Distortion, Patti Smith, the Smithereens and Bob Marley and the Wailers. Besides the Neil Young and Crazy Horse 50th anniversary shows this fall, The Roxy will hosting other celebratory concerts including the Wallows and Ricky Lee Jones. Stephen Marley's performance will commemorate his father’s famous set there with the Wailers in 1976. 

"The Roxy has had a rich history of legendary shows, including Bob and the Wailers," says the eight-time GRAMMY winner Marley. "I can remember hitting that stage two decades ago with The Melody Makers & The Ghetto Youths Crew. What a night! I am excited to come back and perform new songs from my forthcoming album ‘Old Soul,’ as well as some of my dad’s classics to commemorate 50 years of this iconic venue." 

The gravitas of The Roxy as an aspirational venue is not lost on expat Americans. Take musician Bill King. The conscientious objector to the Vietnam War arrived in Toronto in the early 1970s along with his young bride. Despite making his home in Canada for the past 50 years, King returned to the U.S. for many gigs. Playing The Roxy on his 30th birthday (Jan. 28, 1977) as the Pointer Sisters music director was one such show; it was also one of the most memorable moments of his life — and not just because he got to meet a pair of his professional basketball heroes: Julius "Dr. J" Irving and George McGinnis, who were in the crowd. 

For the two-night stand, King played grand piano and clavinet along with an all-star band that included James Jamerson (bass); David T. Walker (guitar) and James Gadson (drums). Sonny Burke, Smokey Robinson’s music director, also played the Fender Rhodes.     

"That gig was one momentous lesson about groove and pocket," King recalls. "As soon as the band hit the downbeat, I felt something different from the standard jam pocket. It was broader. Gadson played down front of the beat and Jamerson behind. As I’m adjusting to the beat, Jamerson says to me. ‘Gadson is out in front of the beat, and I’m back here — all the real estate in between belongs to you. Build wisely!’ I took a deep breath and searched for that comfort zone between greatness. A pocket so wide you could have a smoke and a beer before the next beat."

People love nostalgic tales like King’s story. This fall music fans, who never experienced the club in its first few decades, can feel what it was like in its heyday at the GRAMMY Museum's "Roxy: 50 and Still Rockin.’"      

"I think Lou has the ability to tap into the cultural zeitgeist by setting the right tone with that space," says Jasen Eamons, Chief Curator, Vice President of Curatorial Affairs, GRAMMY Museum. "What he and Elmer [Valentine] wanted from the beginning was to create an intimate space, but also treat the artist with respect by designing dressing rooms where they felt like they were valued." 

Many of the photos in the GRAMMY Museum exhibit take you backstage, including a shot of Ronnie Wood paying respect to Muddy Waters and Ringo Starr with his key in the door to On the Rox. 

"This is all about Elmer Valentine," comments Lou Adler. "Originally a cop from Chicago, he turned the lights on in L.A .when it came to music venues, starting with P.J.s, followed by the Whisky, the Rainbow and eventually the Roxy. He loved music and loved musicians. He is really responsible for everything that happened and continues to happen on the Sunset Strip. That should not be lost." 

As to what the next 50 years hold for The Roxy, it’s anyone’s guess, but as long as there is an Adler interested in the music and the business (Besides Nic, Lou has six other sons and seven grandchildren) the venue’s legacy will endure. 

"It’s a family business," Nic concludes. "As long as there is somebody in our family discovering music for the first time — and getting that feeling that you can only get from being five feet from your favorite band — there will always be an Adler to keep the club going."

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15 Must-Hear Albums This December: ATEEZ, Nicki Minaj, Neil Young & More
(Clockwise) Tate McRae, Pink, Peter Gabriel, Nicki Minaj, ATEEZ, Atmosphere, Alicia Keys, Chief Keef

Photos: Baeth; Jeff Hahne/Getty Images; Elena Di Vincenzo Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images; Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage; courtesy of KQ Entertainment; Dan Monick; Manny Carabel/WireImage; Prince Williams/WireImage


15 Must-Hear Albums This December: ATEEZ, Nicki Minaj, Neil Young & More

Just in time to soundtrack your festivities and welcome in an inspiring new year, press play on these 15 releases from Peter Gabriel, Tate McRae, Alicia Keys and others.

GRAMMYs/Dec 1, 2023 - 06:37 pm

December is a time for rejoicing and reflecting. How did this year go? And what will come next? As we look back on the meteoric 2023 and start planning for 2024, there’s a sundry of new music to usher in this journey.

This month, artists like Alicia Keys and the Killers will celebrate 20-year anniversaries with The Diary Of Alicia Keys 20 and Rebel Diamonds, respectively. Others will bring forth much-awaited sequels, like Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 and Chief Keef’s Almighty So 2. Adding to that, live performances by Pink and Khruangbin will get immortalized, while rising star Tate McRae will release her sophomore effort, Think Later, and Dove Cameron will debut Alchemical: Vol. 1.

Below is a guide to all the must-hear releases of December 2023, just in time to soundtrack your festivities and welcome in an inspiring new year. Read on for big releases from ATEEZ, Peter Gabriel, Neil Young, and more.

Dove Cameron - Alchemical: Vol. 1

Release date: Dec. 1

Following Dove Cameron's viral, platinum-certified 2022 hit "Boyfriend," expectations were high for the artist's first studio album. The singer and actress will release Alchemical: Vol. 1 at the top of the month.

"I wrote Volume 1 during a period of deep healing and space to process that I had never given myself. I hope you feel yourself in these songs as much as I do. Part 1: tear down. Part 2: rebuild," the singer shared on Instagram, teasing Vol. 2 of the collection (release date yet to be announced).

A follow-up to Cameron’s 2019 debut EP Bloodshot / Waste, Vol. 1 features eight tracks. Aside from "Boyfriend," she has revealed singles "Breakfast," "Lethal Woman," and "Sand," building up a sultry sound and an alluring mystique that prompt her as one to watch.

Dillon Francis - This Mixtape Is Fire TOO

Release date: Dec. 1

Eight years after This Mixtape Is Fire, Dillon Francis' latest "turned out better than I could have ever imagined," the DJ and producer shared on Instagram about his forthcoming album, This Mixtape Is Fire TOO.

"The whole goal of this album was to make amazing songs with artists I love and respect," he added. The 14-track record features several 2022 singles, such as "Free" with Alesso and Clementine Douglas, "LA On Acid" with Good Times Ahead, "Pretty People" with INJI, "Don't Let Me Let Go" with Illenium and Evan Giia and "buttons!" with Knock2.

Aside from collaborating with some of dance music’s biggest names, Francis seems intent on having fun. His latest single, "I’m My Only Friend" with Arden Jones, demonstrates that by pairing up his characteristic high-octane beats with an amusing music video featuring actor Billy Zane in an impromptu road trip adventure.


Release date: Dec. 1

K-pop’s favorite pirates ATEEZ are getting ready to release their second Korean full album: THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL. The record will conclude the trilogy that began with EPs The World EP.1: Movement and The World EP.2: Outlaw.

With a slew of teaser pictures and a mysterious black-and-white trailer, the eight-member boy band continues to further their lore and leave fans eager to decipher their next chapters. In addition, a tracklist and an instrumental preview of the album’s upcoming 12 songs, including title track "Crazy Form," were revealed, promising exciting twists to their thunderous beats.

EP.FIN: WILL also brings a surprise in its unit and solo songs, all with lyrics co-written by the members: Jongho brings his powerful vocals to "Everything," "Youth" is a duet by Mingi and Yunho, "It’s You" is performed by Yeosang, San, and Wooyoung, and "MATZ" is the long-awaited collaboration between the band’s two eldest members, Hongjoong and Seonghwa.

Khruangbin - Live at Sydney Opera House

Release date: Dec. 1

After a yearlong series of live albums in partnership with other artists (Toro y Moi, Men I Trust, Nubia Garcya and others), Khruangbin will close out 2023 with the upcoming Live at Sydney Opera House — this time on their own.

The double LP was recorded in November 2022, and compiles their three-night residency at one of Australia’s most prestigious venues. With the announcement, the Texas trio also shared a new version of their 2015 hit, "People Everywhere (Shifting Sands Remix)."

The setlist also includes classics like "So We Won’t Forget," "A Calf Born in Winter" and "Friday Morning," attesting to the band’s expertise in highlighting the best of their career while giving tracks a fresh, unexpected spin.

Alicia Keys - The Diary Of Alicia Keys 20

Release date: Dec. 1

The end-of-year celebrations will start early for Alicia Keys and her fans. On Dec. 1, the 15-time GRAMMY winner will release a special version of her multiplatinum sophomore album, The Diary of Alicia Keys, in order to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The 2023 LP will feature 24 tracks, including nine bonus songs including the previously unreleased "Golden Child." Keys also uprezzed four music videos from that era on YouTube: "Karma," "You Don’t Know My Name," "If I Ain’t Got You" and the live version of "Diary" with Tony! Toni! Toné! and Jermaine Paul.

To make the milestone even more special, Keys will perform the full album in an intimate, one-night-only concert at New York’s Webster Hall on the day of release. A portion of the earnings will be donated to the nonprofit organization she co-founded in 2003, Keep a Child Alive.

Peter Gabriel - i/o

Release date: Dec. 1

During every full moon this year, Peter Gabriel unveiled a new track off his upcoming studio album, i/o. It was a clever way to compensate fans for a lengthy wait. i/o is Gabriel’s first LP of new and original content since 2002’s Up, and has been in the works for almost three decades.

"I’m very happy to see all these new songs back together on the good ship i/o and ready for their journey out into the world," the British singer said in a press release. With 12 tracks "of grace, gravity and great beauty," the album tackles themes like the passage of time, grief and injustice, but never gives up on hope. Each track comes in three versions: the Bright-Side Mix by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent, the Dark-Side Mix by Tchad Blake, and the In-Side Mix by Hans-Martin Buff.

Gabriel also spent a good part of 2023 on the i/o Tour across Europe and North America. Attendees were lucky to witness the album played in full and some of the singer’s biggest hits, as well as the unreleased track "What Lies Ahead."

Atmosphere - Talk Talk EP

Release date: Dec. 1

From "Talk Talk (feat. Bat Flower)," a track off Atmosphere’s May album So Many Other Realities Exist Simultaneously, comes Talk Talk EP. According to a press release, the Minneapolis duo was so captivated by that song’s "vaguely alien and deeply human" sounds that they had to develop it into a ten-track deep dive.

In the album, rapper Slug and DJ/producer Ant "dart across threads of space-time" and become "titans of the electro-rap that was foundational to their youths," citing names like Kraftwerk and Egyptian Lover as inspirations. The press release also mentions that Talk Talk EP is a testament to rap’s connection to electronic music of the ‘70s and ‘80s.

That statement rings true, for instance, in the two singles they have released so far, aside from "Talk Talk": the sparkly "Rotary Telephone," and the haunting album closer, "Traveling Forever."

Pink - Trustfall Tour Deluxe Edition

Release date: Dec. 1

Following the smashing success of her ninth studio album, February’s Trustfall, and of her back-to-back Summer Carnival stadium tour and Trustfall arena tour this year, pop giant Pink will wrap it all up with the release of Trustfall Tour Deluxe Edition on Dec. 1.

The special record features six live recordings (from Summer Carnival), including "Cover Me in Sunshine" with her daughter Willow Sage Hart, as well as covers of Sade’s "No Ordinary Love" and Sinead O’Connor’s "Nothing Compares 2 U," with Brandi Carlile. It also includes July’s protest song "Irrelevant" and two new singles: "Dreaming" with Marshmello and Sting and "All Out of Fight."

As the unstoppable artist that she is, Pink has already announced a slew of 2024 Summer Carnival tour dates for Oceania in February and March, and the U.K. and Europe throughout June and July.

Tate McRae - Think Later

Release date: Dec. 8

"Here’s to 20 years old and figuring who the f[—] i am," celebrated rising sensation Tate McRae wrote on Instagram. Writing her sophomore album, Think Later, was "one of the most stressful, exciting, nerve racking, and fun things I’ve ever gone through. For the first time in my life I lived this year a little less with my head and a little more with my intuition — and I [really] hope [you] guys can feel that through the music," she added.

Produced by Ryan Tedder, the album dives into "the all-too-relatable feelings of falling in love and embracing the raw emotions that you experience as a result of leading with your intuition and heart," according to a press release. It is preceded by singles "Greedy" — of recent TikTok fame — and "Exes."

The Canadian singer has also announced an eponymous tour in support of the new album. McRae will visit Europe and North America from April to August 2024, bringing it to a close in Oceania throughout November.

Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday 2

Release date: Dec. 8

After several postponements, rap superstar Nicki Minaj is celebrating her birthday by bringing Pink Friday 2 to the world. The much-expected release marks Minaj’s first studio album since 2018’s Queen.

The album is a sequel to her acclaimed debut, 2010’s Pink Friday, and is supported by two singles, "Super Freaky Girl" and "Last Time I Saw You." During an Instagram Live on Oct. 24, as reported by People, Minaj shared that "this entire album will be the biggest gift I have ever given humanity thus far. I can stand by that. I will bet any amount of money that Pink Friday 2, the album, is going to make people fall in love immediately."

The Trinidadian American icon recently announced a 2024 tour in North America and Europe. Exact dates are yet to be announced, but the commotion was such that Minaj’s fandom, Barbz, crashed her website upon hearing the news.

The Killers - Rebel Diamonds

Release date: Dec. 8

It’s been almost 20 years since the Killers burst into the rock scene with their 2004 debut Hot Fuss. To honor that achievement, the Las Vegas band will release Rebel Diamonds, a compilation of 20 hits encompassing all their seven LPs, plus new track "Spirit."

In the tracklist, fans will be able to take a trip down memory lane with singles like "Mr. Brightside," "When You Were Young," and "Human," among other classics. "See, it’s been said that what’s remembered, lives," frontman Brandon Flowers said in a trailer for the album. "And we’ve racked up stadiums full of memories the past 20 years, enough to fill lifetimes." 

Flowers continued: "It sounds a bit like Bowie. Or is it Brando? Or maybe it's somewhere in between? It always is with us. And to our legion of victims, thank you, thank you, thank you. And do not fear. There is more mining to be done." The Killers released another best of in 2013, Direct Hits.

Neil Young - Before and After

Release date: Dec. 8

"Songs from my life, recently recorded, create a music montage with no beginnings or endings." That’s how folk legend Neil Young described his upcoming 45th studio album, Before and After, in a press statement.

The record spans a collection of 13 solo acoustic re-recordings among Young’s favorites in his catalog. The statement adds that "each of the songs blend and create one continuous flow, clocking in at a 48-minute pure and intimate listening experience," with Young summarizing it as an experience where "the feeling is captured, not in pieces, but as a whole piece — designed to be listened to that way."

Young also co-produced and co-mixed the record, which includes the previously-unreleased track "If You Got Love," among classics such as 1966’s "Burned," 1970’s "Birds" and 1994’s "A Dream That Can Last." Before and After is the latest in a series of archival releases by Young, arriving just a few months after "lost" album Chrome Dreams

Car Seat Headrest - Faces From the Masquerade

Release date: Dec. 8

In March 2022, indie band Car Seat Headrest was playing a three-night residency at New York’s Brooklyn Steel. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they asked the audience to mask up, but also to "accoutre yourself in whatever further costumery you please" for an evening of "music, dancing, and identity loss," according to a press release.

The result of that experience is Faces From the Masquerade, CSH’s upcoming double album that will bring the magic of those nights to the world. "The 2022 Masquerade was a crazy tour that ignited with a particular ferocity once we touched ground on the east coast," said vocalist Will Toledo in a statement. "Our time in New York captures that momentary magic where we’re playing at our peak and the crowd is responding as one giant body."

Faces From the Masquerade features 14 of the band’s best tracks as rearranged, revamped live versions — for example, "Deadlines" went through adjustments "to turn it into the climactic dance monster it always wanted to be," added Toledo. The record has been described as "simultaneously a joyride through the greatest hits and a conversation with the devoted and ever-growing following that has formed around the band, their songs and live communions."

Michael Nau - Accompany

Release date: Dec. 8

Multihyphenate Michael Nau has been building an extensive indie discography since the mid-’00s, both as the frontman of bands Cotton Jones and Page France and as a soloist. Next month, he will add on to that by releasing his fifth studio album, Accompany.

The album came to be when producer Adrien Olsen (the Killers, Lucy Dacus) invited Nau to record at his Richmond, Virginia studio. "I didn’t have much of a plan before Adrien reached out, so I wrote some songs specifically for the session," Nau explained in a release. "It had been a while since I’d made music in a room with other people. We just sort of started playing and didn’t really talk about what was happening."

The record's 11 tracks "come together to paint a beautiful picture" with imaginative lyrics that manage to be "introspective, but vague and open-ended. Nau recently announced tour dates across the U.S. from February to April 2024.

Chief Keef - Almighty So 2

Release date: Dec. 15

Rumors about Almighty So 2, the sequel to Chief Keef’s revered 2013 mixtape of the same name, have been going on since 2018. The Chicago drill pioneer went as far as teasing the cover art on Instagram in 2019 — only to spend years without further updates. In any case, it seems like the wait is finally over: Almighty So 2 is scheduled to drop on Dec. 15.

In the beginning of November, Keef shared two new cover arts for the album on Instagram, under the caption "2 real soon." While there’s no further info, the album will feature 17 tracks, including 2022 singles "Tony Montana Flow" and "Racks Stuffed Inna Couch," according to Apple Music.

Almighty So 2 is Chief Keef’s fifth studio album, arriving after 2021’s 4NEM. Recently, the rapper was featured on the track "All The Parties" off Drake’s latest album, For All The Dogs. This collaboration increased speculations about a possible Drake feature on Keef’s album as well — the latter commented "Don’t forget them vocals, crody" on Drake’s Instagram back in August.

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New Music Friday: Listen To Releases From Beyoncé, Lana Del Rey, ATEEZ & More
ATEEZ perform during their Fellowship: Break The Wall tour

Photo: Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images


New Music Friday: Listen To Releases From Beyoncé, Lana Del Rey, ATEEZ & More

December begins with a blast of new music from some of music's biggest stars. Press play on five new releases Jung Kook & Usher, Tyla and others, out on Dec. 1.

GRAMMYs/Dec 1, 2023 - 06:09 pm

While 2023 may be coming to an end, the first releases of December prove that it's far from time to wind down.

From Taylor Swift — who released "You’re Losing Me," a song originally recorded for her 2022 smash album — to Dua Lipa’s extended edit of her single "Houdini," and Lana Del Rey's cover of "Take Me Home, Country Roads," listeners are being treated to new tracks from familiar favorites today.

But surprise releases were the theme of the day as Beyoncé dropped "MY HOUSE," a single accompanying her Renaissance concert film.

Dec. 1 also sees a bevy of reissue and archival releases, exciting new projects from artists like singer/songwriter Dove Cameron, and the second studio album from K-pop group ATEEZ

Start off your month by listening to these tracks and albums from seven artists that will jumpstart your month.

Beyoncé - "MY HOUSE"

Queen Bey surprised fans with an early Christmas present by dropping "MY HOUSE," her first single since 2022’s Renaissance. This track was featured during the credits of her new Renaissance concert film.

Written and produced by The-Dream, this song showcases Beyoncé’s rapping skills, as she effortlessly weaves verses over a powerful horn melody. There's a vibe check in the song's second half, where the music becomes a smooth, electronic dance groove reminiscent of Renaissance’s ballroom vibe. 

Jung Kook & Usher - "Standing Next To You (Remix)"

BTS' pop singer Jung Kook is back with a remix to his track "Standing Next To You," this time joined by an R&B sensation. The remix features a new verse from  Usher, who adds a delicate touch to the vibrant, high-paced song.

The original track was released last month as a single on Jung Kook’s debut album, GOLDEN. This could be fans' last time hearing Jung Kook's music for a while — the "golden maknae" of BTS announced he’s enlisting for mandatory military service this month.

Tyla - "Truth or Dare"

GRAMMY-nominated Afrobeats star Tyla is closing the year with a sneak peek of her upcoming self-titled album. The hypotonic single "Truth or Dare," following the success of her GRAMMY-nominated song "Water" (the song is nominated for Best African Music Performance at the 2024 GRAMMYs alongside "Amapiano" by ASAKE & Olamide, "City Boys" by Burna Boy, Davido's "UNAVAILABLE" feat. Musa Keys, and "Rush" by Ayra Starr).

In this new song, Tyla revisits an old flame — this time with newfound wisdom and assurance that she won’t fall for his charm anymore: "So let's play truth or dare, dare you to forget / That you used to treat me just like anyone."

Tyla announced her upcoming self-titled album on social media, captioning, "African music is going global and I’m so blessed to be one of the artists pushing the culture. I’ve been working on my sound for 2 years now and I’m so ready for the world to hear it."

Lana Del Rey - "Take Me Home, Country Roads"

After performing during "Christmas At Graceland," a televised tribute to Elvis Presley, Lana Del Rey dropped a surprise cover of John Denver’s 1971 hit "Take Me Home, Country Roads."

This cover might not come as a shock for fans after she referenced a line from Denver’s 1972 "Rocky Mountain High" on her track "The Grants" from GRAMMY-nominated album Did You Know There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd. (At the 2024 GRAMMYs, Did You Know is nominated for Album Of The Year alongside Jon Batiste's World Music Radio, Olivia Rodrigo's Guts, Swift's Midnights, Janelle Monae's The Age Of Pleasure, SZA's SOS, Miley Cyrus' Endless Summer Vacation and the record by boygenius. Did You Know is also nominated for Best Alternative Music Album alongside The Car by Arctic Monkeys, PJ Harvey's I Inside The Old Year Dying, Gorillaz's Cracker Island and boygenius' album.)

The track features Del Rey’s signature soothing vocals, as a Western-style melody balances the instrumentation. She brings her own sultry style to this '70s country classic, while continuing to show her musical versatility.


Five years after their debut album, K-pop group ATEEZ  have returned with The World EP:FIN:WILL. The 12-track album is led by "Crazy Form," an Afrobeats/dancehall-influenced track, and also features many solo and unit tracks from the group.

Members Hong Joong and Seonghwa took the reins on "Matz," a dynamic hip-hop track, while Yeosang, San and Wooyoung collaborated for the R&B-influenced "It’s You." 

During a Seoul press conference, Lead Hong Joong spoke about the group’s evolution and how fans should look forward to future releases. 

"This year marks our fifth debut anniversary and so far, our greatest achievement has been establishing a strong relationship with our fans around the world. We hope to continue presenting music that can make our fans proud of us," he said. 

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GRAMMY Rewind: Michael Jackson Wins Best Recording For Children, The Award He Was "Most Proud Of" At The 1984 GRAMMYs
(L-R) Michael Jackson & Quincy Jones at the 1984 GRAMMYs.

Photo: Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images


GRAMMY Rewind: Michael Jackson Wins Best Recording For Children, The Award He Was "Most Proud Of" At The 1984 GRAMMYs

Michael Jackson took home eight golden gramophones at the 1984 GRAMMYs, but felt most rewarded by his win for his audiobook and soundtrack companion album for 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.'

GRAMMYs/Dec 1, 2023 - 06:00 pm

Michael Jackson made history with his groundbreaking album Thriller in 1982. But while the icon was smashing pop records, he was also venturing into a new avenue: narration.

Jackson was the voice of the audiobook and soundtrack companion album for Steven Spielberg's groundbreaking 1982 classic, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. The album won the King of Pop one of his eight GRAMMYs in 1984 – and it may have been the most important win of his career. 

In this episode of GRAMMY Rewind, relive the night Jackson won Best Recording for Children with Quincy Jones, who produced the LP, at the 26th Annual GRAMMY Awards.

"One of the most dangerous joint decisions Michael and I made was to accept to do an album for Steven Spielberg," Jones explained at the beginning of their acceptance speech before expressing gratitude for the film's cast and crew.

"I don't thank the people who stopped this record from coming out," Jones said, alluding to the backlash MCA Records received from Epic for releasing the project at the same time as Thriller.

"Of all the awards I've gotten, I'm most proud of this one," Jackson revealed. "I think children are a great inspiration, and this album is not for children. It's for everyone. I'm so happy, and I'm so proud. Thank you so much."

Press play on the video above to hear Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones's complete acceptance speech for Best Recording for Children at the 1984 GRAMMY Awards, and check back to for more new episodes of GRAMMY Rewind.

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Listen: Beyoncé Releases "My House," Her First New Song Post-'Renaissance'
Beyoncé performing during the Renaissance World Tour in 2023

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Parkwood


Listen: Beyoncé Releases "My House," Her First New Song Post-'Renaissance'

The first taste of new Beyoncé music after her 'Renaissance' era is here. "My House" stems from the end credits of her 'Renaissance' film, and was co-produced by The Dream.

GRAMMYs/Dec 1, 2023 - 04:41 pm

Between four GRAMMYs and a massive stadium tour, 2023 was the year of Beyoncé's Renaissance. And just as the last month of the year began, Bey decided the dance party wasn't over.

On Dec. 1, the 32-time GRAMMY winner released "My House." Co-produced by The-Dream — who co-produced 10 of Renaissance's 16 tracks — "My House" is another club banger that works as both a coda to the Renaissance epoch, and a bridge to an altogether new one.

"Don't give a f— about my house/ Then get the f— up out my house," Beyoncé threatens, as the throbbing chorus swells with intensity. The song is featured in the end credits of Beyoncé's Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé, which also dropped today.

"Be careful what you ask for, 'cause I just might comply," Bey said on Instagram when revealing the trailer — and by the merits of "My House" alone, she followed through. Check out the new song below, and keep checking for more on Beyoncé's constant creative evolution.