Joking Around With Garfunkel And Oates

Comedy/folk duo discuss their origins and perform "The Fade Away" and "Self Esteem"
  • Garfunkel And Oates' Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome
November 12, 2012 -- 4:50 pm PST recently caught up with Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci, the singer/songwriters behind the musical comedy/folk duo Garfunkel And Oates, for an exclusive interview at Micucci's loft in Hollywood, Calif. The group performed new tracks "The Fade Away" and "Self Esteem," and discussed the origins of their partnership.

"Riki called me up and said, 'Would you want to help me write some songs for [her short film, Imaginary Larry],'" said Miccuci. "We sat on Riki's couch and wrote two songs in a day and we're like, 'This is so much fun' … I feel like it was the universe saying, 'Go do this'."

Garfunkel And Oates are the musical alter-egos of actresses Lindhome (Garfunkel) and Micucci (Oates) who have appeared on the shows "Enlightened" and "Raising Hope," respectively. The two met while preforming improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles and formed Garfunkel And Oates in 2007, lifting their name from artists Art Garfunkel and John Oates. In 2011 they released their debut album All Over Your Face, which featured tongue-in-cheek tracks such as "One Night Stand" and "Sex With Ducks." The album debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Comedy Albums chart. In 2012 they garnered another top spot on the iTunes chart as well as the Billboard Top Comedy Albums chart with their follow-up album, Slippery When Moist. Released in February, the album features 13 tracks co-written by Lindhome and Micucci, including "My Apartment’s Very Clean Without You."


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