5 Questions With ... The Barr Brothers

Indie folk quartet visits The Recording Academy
  • Photo: Andre Guerette
    The Barr Brothers
December 19, 2011 -- 2:18 pm PST

Indie folk quartet the Barr Brothers were the recent guests for an installment of The Recording Academy's 5 Questions With … series. Held at The Academy's headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif., the group discussed how they formed, their songwriting process, self-titled debut album, and advice for aspiring artists, among other topics.

"What's worked well for me is having friends around that I trust; friends who are musicians [or] bandmates," said Brad Barr. "[It's helpful to link] up with people who you really respect and who push you."

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Brothers drummer Andrew Barr (drums) and Brad Barr (guitar) began performing live across North America in the mid-90s with the rock trio the Slip. In 2005 Andrew and Brad relocated to Montreal where they met classically trained harpist Sarah Page. The trio began performing shows throughout Montreal, subsequently adding multi-instrumentalist Andres Vial, who plays keyboards, bass, vibes, and percussion. The band subsequently changed their name to the Barr Brothers and in September 2011 released their self-titled debut. Produced by the Barr Brothers, the album features 10 tracks, nine of which were written by the Barr Brothers, and a cover of Blind Willie Johnson's "Lord, I Just Can't Keep From Crying." The Barr Brothers will be on tour throughout the United States and Canada beginning in February.

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