5 Questions With ... Redlight King

Singer/songwriter visits The Recording Academy to talk fast cars and music
  • Mark Kasprzyk of Redlight King
July 11, 2011 -- 1:54 pm PDT

Alternative rock/rap singer/songwriter Mark Kasprzyk of Redlight King was the recent guest for an installment of 5 Questions With … at The Recording Academy's headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif. Kasprzyk discussed Redlight King's debut album Something For The Pain, advice for aspiring musicians, his passion for music and cars, and his favorite GRAMMY moment, among others topics.

"I was born with a wrench in my hand," said Kasprzyk, whose father was a race car driver. "When I'm creating a song I look at it as if I'm building a hot rod. That's the great part about hot rodding — taking nothing and making something out of it. You can build it any way you want. When you lay out the pieces and parts it can be guitar parts, it can be a drum beat — I put it all together. I love the creative process."

Redlight King is the songwriting project of Ontario, Canada, native Kasprzyk, who started recording music at age 16 and crafting his style based on influences such as A Tribe Called Quest, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young. As an athlete practicing judo, Kasprzyk gained admittance into Canada's Olympic training center in preparation for the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. When he didn't make the Canadian team, Kasprzyk headed to Los Angeles where he began writing the songs that would make up Something For The Pain. Released in 2011, the album features "Old Man," a song paying tribute to his father that includes a sample of Young's 1972 hit of the same name.

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