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Eclectic singer/songwriter visits The Recording Academy
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    Oh Land at The Recording Academy New York Chapter office
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    Oh Land
July 05, 2011 -- 12:59 pm PDT

Singer/songwriter Oh Land recently dropped by The Recording Academy New York Chapter office to participate in an installment of 5 Questions With … . She discussed her debut album, musical influences, songwriting process, advice for budding musicians, and her favorite GRAMMY moment, among other topics.

"My process of songwriting can be very different," said Oh Land. "But often it's inspired by a sound or a word, or conversation I've had with somebody or overheard on the subway. I always carry a recorder on me. Even just on my iPhone, I record little melodies that pop up and I just sing it in. I think I have a very sound-based start to songwriting. And then the words come from there."

Born Nanna Øland Fabricius in Copenhagen, Denmark, Oh Land was raised in a musical environment with her opera singer mother and church organist father. She initially had hopes of a career in dance, studying with the Royal Swedish Ballet in her teens. After suffering a major spine-related injury that ended her dance career, she turned her attention to music. Crafting a sound containing elements of dance, pop, rock, R&B, and electronica, she officially adopted Oh Land as her stage name and released an EP, Fauna, on the Danish label Fake Diamond Records in 2008. The following year, she signed a recording deal with Epic Records. Oh Land made her U.S. television debut on "The Late Show With David Letterman" on March 2, performing her debut single "Sun Of A Gun." On March 15 her full-length debut album, Oh Land, was released, reaching No. 43 on Billboard's Top Rock Albums chart. Oh Land will open select dates on Katy Perry's California Dreams tour this summer, in addition to playing other dates in the United States and UK.

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