Herbal Tea & White Sofas: Larkin Poe On Their Love For Local Snacks On Tour

Larkin Poe

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Herbal Tea & White Sofas: Larkin Poe On Their Love For Local Snacks On Tour

Watch Rebecca and Megan Lovell, a.k.a. Larkin Poe, discuss their favorite parts of touring, which include trying local snacks and connecting with their fans

GRAMMYs/Sep 1, 2021 - 10:44 pm

You know when you're at a party and the food is so delicious, you wish you had a little more room in your stomach? And if the host gives you a little to-go container when you leave, it's the perfect chef's kiss moment.

For GRAMMY-nominated roots rock 'n roll sister duo Larkin Poe, touring with legendary British artist Elvis Costello was a bit like this. As they explain in the latest episode of's Herbal Tea & White Sofas, they loved the gourmet cheese he had backstage so much, they'd wrap up leftovers in napkins to snack on later.

In the video above, watch Rebecca and Megan Lovell, a.k.a. Larkin Poe, discuss their favorite parts of touring, which include trying local snacks and connecting with their fans.

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Herbal Tea & White Sofas: How Gnash Promotes Joy & Stays Healthy On Tour

Photo: Jimmy Fontaine


Herbal Tea & White Sofas: How Gnash Promotes Joy & Stays Healthy On Tour

Pop singer/songwriter gnash details the five things he always needs with him on the road — as well as the one thing he wishes he could always have before every show.

GRAMMYs/May 8, 2023 - 05:16 pm

When gnash is on tour, it's important for him to have items that will keep him in tip-top shape — and it's not much different than his daily routine on or off the road.

"My current tour rider is what I do on a daily basis here at home," he reveals in this episode of Herbal Tea & White Sofas

While four of the five items he mentions are food or beverages, gnash has one tour essential that helps him create and capture fond memories: a disposable camera. As he explains, not only are they simple, but they're more efficient — a win-win while traveling the world.

In gnash's eyes, shows are as much about sparking joy as they are about the music. That's why he wishes that he could also consume "a little bottle of pure love" before each show.

"When you're going out on stage — in person, in front of people — that's a really, really raw form of expression and joy," he adds. "There's a big obsession in the music world with things going viral, but music isn't a virus — it's meant to heal."

Press play on the video above to hear more about gnash's passion for music and tour diet, and check back to for more new episodes of Herbal Tea & White Sofas.

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Herbal Tea & White Sofas: Sofi Tukker Reveal How Their Keys To Staying Healthy On Tour
Sofi Tukker

Photo: Shervin Lainez


Herbal Tea & White Sofas: Sofi Tukker Reveal How Their Keys To Staying Healthy On Tour

The two members of EDM duo Sofi Tukker strive to stay in shape on tour — it's how they fuel their high-energy performances.

GRAMMYs/May 1, 2023 - 05:00 pm

After traveling the world together over the past decade, there's one thing EDM duo Sofi Tukker quickly agrees on: staying healthy is the top priority. That's why their tour rider primarily consists of fruits, vegetables and vegan snacks.

"Our rider is filled with things like kale, avocado and olive," Sophie Hawley-Weld explains in this episode of Herbal Tea & White Sofas. "We both have pretty restrictive diets. We're trying to be as healthy as we possibly can be because we want to give out the best energy every night, and traveling for a living is not easy."

Her bandmate Tucker Halpern emphasizes that they always request a trash bag full of ice — a surprisingly disputed item. "The most controversial thing, especially in Europe, is ice," Halpern says. "People will fight you about it!"

Hawley-Weld often opts for a cryo tank, a sensory deprivation tank filled with salt. "I find that to be one of the most recharging things I can do. I think it's polar opposite to what we do on stage."

The duo is also slated to appear at more than 10 music festivals this summer, including the Governors Ball, Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, Lollapalooza, and Osheaga. Sofi Tukker most recently returned to Coachella, where they live-debuted their latest single "Jacaré," a cheeky Portuguese-language single inspired by Hawley-Weld's longtime appreciation for Brazilian culture. 

Press play on the video above to learn how Sofi Tukker stays in shape while on tour, and check back to for more new episodes of Herbal Tea & White Sofas.

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Herbal Tea & White Sofas: Jay Pharoah Maintains A Healthy Lifestyle On Tour With These Essential Foods
Jay Pharoah

Photo: Matt Misisco


Herbal Tea & White Sofas: Jay Pharoah Maintains A Healthy Lifestyle On Tour With These Essential Foods

Comedian, actor and rapper Jay Pharoah shares the proteins, juices and veggies that are always on his tour rider — and as for the rest, he breaks out his signature impression of Barack Obama.

GRAMMYs/Apr 24, 2023 - 05:02 pm

While traveling the world as a comedian, actor, and rapper, Jay Pharoah's top priority is maintaining a healthy lifestyle — mainly with a diet of baked chicken, broccoli, gin, grapefruit juice, and beet juice.

"I'm all about health, man. I was an overweight kid, so I'm pretty much scarred," Pharoah explains in this episode of Herbal Tea & White Sofas.

One thing Pharoah emphasizes will never be a part of his tour rider are anchovies due to his severe allergies. "If I have them, I will puff up like Will Smith in Hitch. Or, I would look like a blowfish… after you aggravate the blowfish," he jokes.

He also enjoys an assortment of wasabi almonds and shelled pistachios. "When you eat spicy things, they really do make your metabolism quicker — along with exercise. Don't think you're just going to sit around and watch 'Euphoria,' and then you'll lose weight!" Pharoah laughs.

Pharoah closes this episode with an impression of former president Barack Obama discussing his hypothetical tour rider, which includes cigarillos, his wife's memoir and his daughters' whereabouts.

Press play on the video above to watch Jay Pharoah's hilarious explanation of his tour rider, and check back to for more new episodes of Herbal Tea & White Sofas.

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6 Female-Fronted Acts Reviving Rock: Wet Leg, Larkin Poe, Gretel Hänlyn & More
(Clockwise from left) Larkin Poe, Gretel Hänlyn, BRATTY, Olivia Jean, Dutch Mustard

Photos: Jason Stoltzfus; Jasper Cable-Alexander; Christian Alanis; Jada + David; Courtesy of artist 


6 Female-Fronted Acts Reviving Rock: Wet Leg, Larkin Poe, Gretel Hänlyn & More

Long a staple of the form, 2023 sees even more women leading the hell out of rock bands. Read on for six rising acts whose bold sound and brash energy are taking rock to new heights.

GRAMMYs/Apr 21, 2023 - 01:54 pm

Neil Young once proclaimed that "rock and roll can never die," and while the genre isn't necessarily topping charts or playlists today, there are signs that rock music is coming back in a big way. In 2023, Neil's truth is being upheld by female rockers.  

Long a staple of the form — rock was pioneered by a woman, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, iterated on by female-led groups like Heart and Jefferson Airplane, revived and reformed by the likes of Bikini Kill, and onward to Paramore — women's contributions to rock remain less feted than those of their male counterparts. 

Yet female rockers and female-led bands are resonating with today’s younger audiences in big ways, following a culture shift that has resulted in more space for young women to express themselves. Gen-Z and younger millennial artists such as Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo and boygenius are known for their honest lyricism; it’s only natural that they’ve gravitated toward the fiery release of rock to further reflect their own individual experience.

Eilish’s GRAMMY-nominated breakup anthem "Happier Than Ever" invokes the classic rock format of beginning acoustic and swelling into an epic band finish complete with a guitar solo and a final 20 seconds of feedback-driven noise. Rodrigo has several rock songs on her smash hit debut album SOUR including "good 4 u," another enraged breakup song with emo tinges that is currently sitting at 1.7 billion streams on Spotify. 

Finally, while the debut album from boygenius, the record, is mostly in the indie wheelhouse of members Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and Lucy Dacus, the single "$20" is an alt-meter rock song. The trio details the stories of early youth wherein all it takes to avoid responsibility is $20; Bridgers literally screams her request for money at the song's close.

But how to define rock —  is it a feeling or an attitude? A sound or a set of instruments? For the purposes of this list, rock is categorized as guitar-forward and band-based. First and foremost, guitar is at the forefront — generally distorted, though an acoustic or clean sound can lend an upbeat energy or psychedelic quality. Second, rock is a band genre, even if a group is named after one person, the band creates real cohesion (e.g. the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Steve Miller Band).  In 2023, women are leading the hell out of these bands.

Read on for a list of rising artists whose sound and spirit rock.

Wet Leg

As Wet Leg, Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers took home a number of golden gramophones at the 2023 GRAMMYs: Best Alternative Music Album for their self-titled debut, and Best Alternative Music Performance for "Chaise Longue." 

Although they didn’t win in the "rock" categories, their guitar-driven success defines the current generation of rock music (to the point that they even beat out well-established acts like Arctic Monkeys and Yeah Yeah Yeahs).

Utterly simple in its song form, "Chaise Lounge"  captures Gen Z's disillusionment about college, viewing it as more of a gateway to light-hearted debauchery than a path to vocational freedom. Then they tear through the disillusionment with a high-energy, limb-shaking guitar riff.

Gretel Hänlyn

Rock and roll was certainly invented by Black American artists, but British musicians have consistently innovated and expanded the genre —  from the Beatles launching the British invasion, to Sabbath morphing rock into heavy metal, to Pink Floyd’s exploration of progressive psychedelia. Coming out of London, Gretel Hänlyn (pronounced hen-line) is upholding all the best traditions of British rock. 

Hänlyn explores every current corner of rock on her recently released EP, Head of the Love Club, and her previous, Slugeye

With a uniquely deep and resonant tone, Hänlyn has the power and versatility of a crooner. That ability defines the sound of "Dry Me" and other works throughout Hänlyn's catalog. She alters her delivery to befit the yelping and joyful side of rock on "King of Nothing" as well as the seething and scary side on "Drive." 


Coming out of Sinaloa Mexico, BRATTY is one of the female rock artists playing Coachella 2023, sharing her invigorated brand of the languorous sound of surf rock.

BRATTY's seaside exploits surely influenced the loungey and chilled-out feel of songs like "Honey, No Estás" and "tarde." With swells and sustains that are reminiscent of ocean sounds, BRATTY’s music transcends language barriers. 

Given that the festival has been without a major rock headliner since Guns ‘N Roses in 2016, the rock artists on the lineup this year are there to demonstrate the lifeblood of the genre. BRATTY’s contribution demonstrates that rock can be slower, softer, and just as effective. 

Olivia Jean

Olivia Jean isn’t just a former member of Jack White’s touring band. She’s not just his wife, either. She’s an artist all on her own, and she rocks hard

As a solo artist, Jean has released two albums, an EP, and a single on White's Third Man Records. Prior to that, she was releasing on the label via The Black Belles, her all-female garage-goth project, which put out a self-titled album in 2011 along with four singles.

Jean’s fingerprints go even deeper into the Third Man archives via her session contributions to different releases like Tom Brosseau and John C. Reilly’s seven-inch single, Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar.

No matter where she’s lent her vocal and instrumental talent, her loud yet bubbly sound is a welcome addition to the catalog.

Jean’s forthcoming album, Raving Ghost, (out May 5 on Third Man), and its first single, "Trouble," touches on all the traditional rock favorites like pentatonic power chords and call-and-response guitar squeals. You can check out Oliva Jean's rock on her American tour in May and June.  

Larkin Poe

Fun fact about the sisters Megan and Rebecca Lovell of Larkin Poe: They are distantly related to Edgar Allen Poe. With that kind of connection, it’s only natural their rendition of rock carries a certain connection to the sounds of generations past. Many of those older sounds of rock and roll stem from their native American South, and manifest in influences of blues and Americana that were born of the same region.

Larkin Poe's Venom & Faith was nominated for Best Contemporary Blues Album at the 2019 GRAMMYs. Grounded in swinging rhythms and twangy notes that have hallmarked the blues since its inception, the Lovells demonstrate their understanding of the music’s roots on a technical and emotional level, alongside their ability to carry the genre into the present.

Their latest album, Blood Harmony, follows the hereditary thread of blues giving birth to rock and roll. Larkin Poe dial back the swing just a bit and turn it up to 11 for hot and distorted tracks like  "Bad Spell," which features guitar breaks that will have Stevie Ray Vaughn jamming along in his grave.

Dutch Mustard

Another product of London, Sarah-Jayne Riedel fronts the just-out-of-the-gate alternative rock band, Dutch Mustard. Last year Dutch Mustard released their debut EP An Interpretation of Depersonalisation, and was quickly featured on BBC, getting airplay on Radio 1’s Future Artists and being selected by none other than rock's enduring sage Iggy Pop on 6 Music.

Dutch Mustard produces a sound that is as dreamy as it is heavy, finding that middle ground in guitar tone between fuzzy and pristine. Then on songs like "Something To You," vocal layering adds a hopeful flavor. Dutch Mustard, like the other artists on this list, make listeners feel hope not just for the band, but for the future of rock.

That future is especially bright considering Riedel wrote all the songs and demoed all the instruments herself in her bedroom before bringing in other musicians. The first EP was written entirely during the first COVID lockdown as well.

With that kind of creativity and versatility coming from her, there is no telling where she’ll take her music as her career moves forward into an open industry.

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