meta-scriptAfter 9 Years, Ana Tijoux Returns With Songs At The BPM Of Life |
French Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux performs
Ana Tijoux performs during the opening ceremony of the Santiago 2023 Pan Am Games.

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After 9 Years, Ana Tijoux Returns With Songs At The BPM Of Life

Rapper Ana Tijoux experienced a series of devastating personal losses, but released a danceable album that's a tribute to life. Ahead of her first U.S. tour since 2018, Tijoux speaks about her new album 'Vida,' and creating the record she needed to hear.

GRAMMYs/Mar 12, 2024 - 01:25 pm

Ana Tijoux’s first album in almost a decade is titled Vida, but it began as a meditation on death. 

The French Chilean rapper began writing the songs for her fifth album following a series of personal losses, including a beloved sister. "I wanted to talk about the fragility of life. What I didn’t know when we began was that the name of the album would be ‘Life,’" Tijoux recalls, speaking from her home in Barcelona. "I wanted to call it, ‘Duelo,’ which is the complete opposite." Translated from Spanish, duelo means mourning. 

This concept for the album evolved as the writing progressed. The first shift occurred when the musician began to write "Tania," which honors the sister she lost to cancer in 2019. "When I was thinking about her, I was thinking in a very happy way. It was not only with sadness," she tells She couldn’t write a song, then, that was simply sad. "I think when you are confronted by death and someone’s passing, you are confronted by all that mixture of emotion and suddenly it moves, naturally," she theorizes. 

Tijoux let it move. Through such honest confrontations, Vida grew into an album full of complex emotions  about 10 years worth.

"Tania" is a profound and moving tribute that builds into a thumping dembow rhythm fit for the dancefloor. The song is all the more poignant for evoking a celebration. Dance was a vital part of grieving for Tijoux; to move from grief back toward life, she had to literally move. In connecting to her body, the most obvious reminder of being alive, the musician found a source of healing. 

"I feel I have this dissociation between my body, sometimes, and my brain," Tijoux muses. "I think we get this dissociation from our education, or perhaps we always feel that body movement is something superficial, but it’s interesting how the body responds to music, the tempo and the BPM."

This line of thinking — and Tijoux’s desire to dance — manifested on the album in a scintillating array of danceable sounds: tropical house, digital cumbia and Afro-Caribbean polyrhythms that interlock with boom-bap beats. 

The Spanish-language emcee's fifth full-length evolved through collaboration with her long-time producer Andrés Celis, as they wrote from their respective homes (Tijoux in Spain, where she relocated during the pandemic, and Celis in Santiago, Chile). "It was a dialogue. Sometimes, it was me bringing an idea and he was trying to translate that idea through melody. Other times, he had a melody and I would say, ‘Oh, this makes me feel like this, or that puts me in that mood," she says of the creative process. 

Through this back and forth during isolation, a lively, rhythmic album emerged from what was originally conceived of as a somber memorial. This is not to say that it’s a carefree album. In keeping with the rap pioneer’s previous work, Vida is driven by fight, in particular, the fight to preserve life and joy in the face of cruelty and death. 

Like Talib Kweli, who guests with De La Soul's Plug 1 on the album’s multilingual ode to hip-hop "Tue Sae," Tijoux has been a lyrical conscience in the world of rap since her debut. This album may be extremely personal, but it also finds her sharp as ever on political subjects, holding forth in her inimitable, rapid-fire flow. With "Óyeme," a song inspired by 2023 news reports that authorities in England planned to house hundreds of asylum seekers on a barge, Tijoux connects the racism that justified the transantlantic slave trade with the racism behind the violence inflicted on refugees and migrants. 

Because Tijoux’s new album is so emotionally intense, its moments of uplift and release hit with more power too. The title track, which features English soul singer Omar, is a funky jazz-hop love song to life itself and could not be more joyful. Its author is quick to point out that, even when the album is lighthearted, it isn’t meant to be escapist. 

"It’s not in a mood of ‘nothing is happening,’ because everything is happening right now. It’s because I feel that we need to continue to put hope in this world, because, if not, I don’t know how to raise my children," she explains.

Tijoux’s two children — Luciano, 18, and Emiliana, 10 — are present on the album in many ways. "Niñx" is a fiercely loving song expressing her aspirations for her daughter, mostly that she grows up brave and free, and never loses her laughter. Album opener "Millionaria" has a little bit of fun with the trope of the iced out rap star with stacks of money and designer clothes by rapping about how rich she is — in the love of friends and family. The song brings extreme mom energy in a way that the world badly needs right now. 

Ultimately, Tijoux made the album she herself needed to hear. "It was almost like an anthem for me to get my energy up and move, through vitality, through the BPM of life," she admits. That last phrase raises an interesting question: What is the BPM of life? Without having to think, Tijoux answers: "It’s every kind of BPM. It changes all the time. I guess it’s like emotion." Of course, it would be. Life’s tempo would be variable and elastic, like the breath, the heartbeat, or a J Dilla track. Varied as it is, Vida is a clear case of art imitating life. 

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15 Must-Hear Albums This November
(Clockwise) Chris Stapelton, Ana Tijoux, Steve Aoki, Dolly Parton, Jung Kook, Marshmello, Jimmy Buffett, AJR, Zoe Wees

Photos: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images; Pilar Castro Evensen; TAO Group; Mike Marsland/WireImages; Gotham WireImage; Ivan Apfel/Getty Images; Douglas Mason/Getty Images; AJR; Kristy Sparow/Getty Images


15 Must-Hear Albums This November: Dolly Parton, Jung Kook, Marshmello & More

Fill up on a bevy of releases from Chris Brown, Mon Laferte, and the late Jimmy Buffett — whose name reflects the collective musical appetite this month.

GRAMMYs/Nov 1, 2023 - 01:12 pm

November arrives with a cornucopia of new albums to fill your playlist and platters — from Latin American hip-hop, to DIY alt-pop, to classic rock 'n' roll.

Jung Kook, BTS’s youngest member, kicks off the month with his solo album debut, Golden while the posthumous Equal Strain on All Parts celebrates the life of Jimmy Buffett. Jason Aldean brings forth Highway Desperado for all country lovers, while British band the Struts maintain their stylish rock origins in Pretty Vicious

Later in November, Dolly Parton arrives with her first rock album, Chris Brown shares his mystical 11:11, and Chilean singer Ana Tijoux shares her first new album in nine years. 

Below, we compiled a handy guide to all the must-hear albums dropping November 2023 — from fresh names like Zoe Wees to resident hitmakers like Steve Aoki.

Espectro Caudillo - La Liturgia del Tigre Blanco

Release date: Nov. 2

Espectro Caudillo — the experimental electronic project of Reuben Torres — based their upcoming studio album, La Liturgia del Tigre Blanco, on Daniel Salinas Bavase’s book of the same name.

With Tigre Blanco, the Tijuana-raised producer and former member of Los Macuanos explores the life of the city’s former president and controversial figure, Jorge Hank Rhon, as well as the legacy of his father, politician Carlos Hank González.

The album also celebrates Tijuana’s vivid electronic scene. Hyperlocal genres such as Nortec (norteño techno) and ruidosón are heard  on singles "04’20″88" (which refers to the murder of journalist Hector "El Gato" Félix Miranda by two of Rhon’s guards) and "El Temible Grupo Jaguar."

Marshmello - Sugar Papi

Release date: Nov. 3

GRAMMY-nominated DJ and producer Marshmello is gearing up to release his first Latin album. After breaking into the mainstream with electronic hits such as "Wolves" with Selena Gomez and "Happier" with Bastille, the Philadelphia-born artist unveils Sugar Papi.

"I’ve had the pleasure of being able to perform all across the world and it’s hard to match the love and energy I’ve felt from the Latin community," he shared on Instagram. "Because of that I knew it was important for me to find a way to bring my audience into this world as much as I could."

Completed in less than two weeks, the album was crafted through a lot of "on the spot creation" in the studio, Marshmello told Billboard. Each of its 10 tracks features one Latin artist, including pre-release singles "El Merengue" with Manuel Turizo, "Tempo" featuring Young Miko, and "Como Yo :(" featuring Tiago PZK.

Zoe Wees - Therapy

Release date: Nov. 3

German newcomer Zoe Wees is ready to give fans a full treat with her debut studio album, Therapy. The much anticipated, 20-track effort has been "a long time in the making, and I have found writing it to be such a healing experience. I hope you feel the same comfort when you hear it," Wees shared on Instagram.

Since her 2020 hit "Control," the singer has proven an exceptional sensibility and a knack for supporting people — much like a therapist. Her soulful voice and resilient lyrics explore themes like self-discovery, self-esteem and healing. "When I’ve pushed through it all, I’ve found motivation that’s made me even stronger. Don’t ever doubt how powerful you can be," she shared in a statement about recent single "Lightning."

Therapy also features previously released tracks "Don’t Give Up," "Daddy’s Eyes," "Third Wheel," "Girls Like Us," and the aforementioned "Control."

Jimmy Buffett - Equal Strain on All Parts

Release date: Nov. 3

Despite battling skin cancer for years, Jimmy Buffett continued to sing and perform until died on Sept. 1 of this year. His diligence made it possible for Equal Strain on All Parts, the 32nd album in his impressive discography, to be completed and set to release next month.

According to Rolling Stone, the title refers to how Buffett’s grandfather would describe a good nap. With 14 tracks, the album features Paul McCartney, Angélique Kidjo, Emmylou Harris, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and two covers — "Mozambique" by Bob Dylan and "Like My Dog" by Billy Currigan.

Equal Strain is spearheaded by lead single "Bubbles Up," which McCartney described as "the best I’ve heard him sing ever." 

Jason Aldean -  Highway Desperado

Release date: Nov. 3

"I think when I look back on it, I built my career early on my live show, and have been on the road touring since I was 18 years old," said country star Jason Aldean in a recent statement about his forthcoming album, Highway Desperado.

These on-the-road experiences served as the main inspiration behind the record — his 11th studio LP. It’s the Nashville singer’s first effort since 2021 and 2022’s double album, Macon, Georgia, and features 14 tracks.

Ahead of the release, Aldean shared the lead single "Try That in a Small Town," as well as "Tough Crowd," "Let Your Boys Be Country," and "Whiskey Drink." 

Jung Kook - GOLDEN

Release date: Nov. 3

After a lengthy wait and a slew of singles and collaborations — including a performance of "Dreamers" at the opening ceremony of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar last year — BTS’ Jung Kook will finally release his first solo album, Golden.

The title comes from both the K-pop expression "golden maknae" (or "golden youngest" in Korean), for which he became known since his early days, and from Jung Kook’s own golden moments as a soloist, according to a press release.

Featuring 11 tracks, including the hit "3D" featuring Jack Harlow, Golden will come out on Nov. 3, alongside lead single "Standing Next to You."

The Struts - Pretty Vicious

Release date: Nov. 3

Following 2020’s Strange Days, British rock band the Struts will release their fourth studio LP, Pretty Vicious via Big Machine. It was produced by the quartet alongside Julian Raymond (Fleetwood Mac, Cheap Trick).

"This record showcases each individual member’s strengths," vocalist Luke Spiller shared in a statement. "It’s some of my favorite music, hands down, we’ve ever conjured up. It’s the record everyone’s been waiting for."

For a preview of what the 11 tracks in Pretty Vicious will sound like, the band shared the single and opening song "Too Good At Raising Hell." On Nov. 6, the Struts will begin their Remember the Name tour across the U.S.

Chris Stapleton - Highеr

Release date: Nov. 10

Following his 2020 GRAMMY-winning LP, Starting Over, Chris Stapleton will release his fifth studio album, Higher. Produced by Stapleton, longtime collaborator Dave Cobb, and his wife, Morgane, Higher will feature 14 tracks that cross beyond his country leanings and dare to explore further genres.

Such experimentations can be seen in lead single "White Horse," which mixes soaring rock riffs with Stapleton’s thundering vocals, and in the funky bassline of "Think I’m in Love with You," raising expectations for the Nashville star’s latest reinvention.

AJR - The Maybe Man

Release date: Nov. 10

When life hit sibling trio AJR with the death of their father this year, they turned to what they do best: music. From their grief first came their upcoming fifth studio album, The Maybe Man.

According to a press release, the titular character is "a big sad superhero who is always questioning who he is," and whose "emotion hangs over his head, so it doesn’t have to hang over yours." Over Instagram, the New York alt-pop band said "We put absolutely everything we had into this album, visuals, and tour. Down to every little detail. Get ready to immerse yourself in this world."

This is AJR’s first release since 2021’s Ok Orchestra, and features 12 tracks. The album is preceded by singles "Yes I’m a Mess," "The Dumb Song," "The DJ Is Crying for Help," and "I Won’t."

Mon Laferte - Autopoiética

Release date: Nov. 10

"Our cells create themselves. In other words, life creates life. Everything in the end is cyclical," Mon Laferte said in an interview for Tótem magazine (via Rock&Pop Chile). She was explaining the title of her forthcoming ninth studio album, Autopoiética. "So, I loved that idea and I took it to a poetic sense: we are all autopoietic beings, I am autopoietic, I have the ability to recreate myself all the time, to create this universe, my personal mythology."

Following 2021’s GRAMMY-nominated 1940 Carmen, Laferte explained to Rock&Pop Chile that this album is "much deeper in the lyrics, much more reflexive as well. The sound is more electronic, I used a lot of samples. The idea was to make a record with the machine in my house."

Autopoiética is preceded by several singles that carry Laferte’s known eclecticism, such as "Te juro que volveré," "Tenochtitlán," "40 y MM," and "NO+SAD." In a statement, she shared that "I loved this new creative work, I wanted to try new things from previous albums. I'm really excited, I feel that this is my best album yet."

Chris Brown - 11:11

Release date: Nov. 11

For his upcoming 11th album, Chris Brown doubled down on a lucky number. Titled 11:11, his latest album will come out on Nov. 11, and features sides A and B, each containing 11 songs that will be released at 11 a.m. and 11 p.m., respectively.

Superstitions aside, the record was also supposed to be more concise than his previous works. On Instagram, the singer shared "I see some of my die hard fans wanting me to add more songs for the new project and I love y’all for that. But, I just feel I need you all to really miss me and take my art seriously." However, with 22 songs, 11:11 sits close to 2022’s Breezy and its 23 tracks now. 

Brown has shared two tracks off the project: the chill lead single "Summer Too Hot" and the sultry "Sensational," featuring Nigerian singers Lojay and Davido.

Dolly Parton - Rockstar

Release date: Nov. 17

Last year, the legendary Dolly Parton was inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. However, due to her country background, her first response was to politely decline. "I don’t feel that I have earned that right," she shared in a statement over social media. "This has, however, inspired me to put out a hopefully great rock n’ roll album at some point in the future, which I have always wanted to do!"

The world didn’t have to wait long, as Parton’s first foray into the genre, Rockstar, is due Nov. 17. The album features rock’s biggest stars — Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, Steven Tyler, Joan Jett, and more — through a whopping 30 tracks that vary from well-known covers to exclusive compositions, offering a panoply of styles and infusing them with Parton’s unique charm.

 "I am very honored and privileged to have worked with some of the greatest iconic singers and musicians of all time, and to be able to sing all the iconic songs throughout the album was a joy beyond measure," the 10-time GRAMMY winner shared in a statement.

A couple of days before the release, Dolly Parton Rockstar: The Global First Listen Event will hit select movie theaters around the globe, offering fans a sneak peek of the album, behind-the-scenes footage, and exclusive performances. Parton has already released six singles off the project: "World on Fire," "Magic Man" featuring Ann Wilson, "Bygones" featuring Rob Halford, Nikki Sixx, and John5, "We Are the Champions"/"We Will Rock You," "Let It Be" featuring McCartney and Starr, and "What’s Up?" featuring Linda Perry.

Steve Aoki - HiROQUEST: Double Helix

Release date: Nov. 17

In 2022’s HiROQUEST: Genesis, DJ and producer Steve Aoki crafted an entire sonic world for the adventures of a puzzling character named HiRO. Next month, Aoki and HiRO return for a brand new journey on HiROQUEST: Double Helix.

"Part I was largely driven by my alt-music roots in hardcore punk bands," Aoki shared in a statement. "Now, the story continues on Double Helix, which embraces dance culture while intertwining the pulse of contemporary Latin music." He also added that the album "harmonizes nostalgia and contemporary sounds, placing collaboration at its core."

Double Helix features Galantis and Hayley Kiyoko, as well as singles "Invítame A Un Café" with Ángela Aguilar, "Diferente" with CNCO, "The Show" with JJ Lin, "Muñecas" with TINI and La Joaqui, "Lighter" featuring Paris Hilton, and a remake of Akon’s 2003 hit, "Locked Up," with duo TRINIX.

Plain White T's - Plain White T's

Release date: Nov. 17

Five years have passed since the Plain White T’s latest record, Parallel Universe, but they are finally ready for a new era to begin. On their upcoming self-titled album, the Illinois rockers are "trying to hark back to sounds we’ve used in the past with a freshness," frontman Tom Higgenson said in a press release.

"This one came from a really authentic place of understanding who we are and what we do," he added. "I’m more excited than I’ve been in a long time. As musicians, we’re always trying to outdo ourselves or go somewhere we haven’t gone before. Somehow, we figured out how to go to a fresh spot and still sound like Plain White T’s."

A preview of the band’s newfound freshness can be seen through six unveiled singles: "Would You Even," "Happy," "Spaghetti Tattoo," "Red Flags," "You Plus Me," and "Fired Up." The album features 13 tracks in total.

Ana Tijoux - VIDA

Release date: TBD

[Editor’s note: Since publication, Ana Tijoux has delayed this release until the new year.]

To announce her first album in nine years, VIDA, Ana Tijoux released the single "Niñx." The hip-hop and reggaeton fusion track is "born as a manifesto to the child we all have inside of us," Tijoux explained in a press release. "That living being that is capable of dreaming and building infinite castles of humanity and love."

More recently, she also unveiled second single "Tania," which pays homage to her late sister. Both songs were produced by longtime collaborator Andrés Celis, and foreshadow how the Chilean veteran has grown and why she continues to be one of Latin American hip hop’s most important voices.

Recently, Tijoux also published the memoir Sacar La Voz, and was invited by Alicia Keys to perform her hit "1977" during the latter’s Chile arena tour in May.

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Michael Diamond (L) and Adam Horovitz (Center) of Beastie Boys speak at SXSW 2019

Michael Diamond (L) and Adam Horovitz (Center) of Beastie Boys speak at SXSW 2019

Photo: Mike Jordan/Getty Images for SXSW


Learning In Quarantine: 5 Virtual Music Industry Conferences To Enhance Your Career

The Recording Academy has compiled some of the free and low-cost online music industry conferences worth attending to help elevate your career and craft in 2020

GRAMMYs/May 25, 2020 - 01:19 am

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to halt the global live music industry, the concert business and artist community have shifted toward a novel online business model via livestreaming and digital concerts. Music industry conferences, too, have had to rethink their approach in the era of quarantine and stay-at-home orders. 

Luckily for aspiring music industry heads and artists alike, many conferences are going fully digital this year. 

Below, we've compiled some of the free and low-cost virtual music industry conferences worth attending to enhance your career and craft in 2020.

ASCAP Experience: Home Edition

When: Beginning May 28, every Thursday from 3-6 p.m. EST through the end of July

Cost: Registration is free and open to the public

Where: ASCAP Experience: Home Edition website

ASCAP, one of the leading performance-rights organizations (PRO) in the U.S., this month launches ASCAP Experience: Home Edition, a virtual version of their premier music industry conference, ASCAP Experience. The newly announced long-term digital initiative brings the best of ASCAP Experience—industry insight and firsthand know-how from executives and thought-leaders across all sectors of the music biz—directly to your home. Each week, the digital conference will tackle real-time industry topics, including monetization, music publishing and mental and physical wellness, and will feature leading songwriters, producers, music publishers and members of the ASCAP team.

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The inaugural ASCAP Experience: Home Edition kicks off next week (May 28) with a stacked guest lineup featuring: two-time GRAMMY winner Shaggy alongside his manager and Cherrytree Records founder Martin Kierszenbaum; songwriters Whitney Phillips and Gian Stone, who will discuss "Stuck With U," the chart-topping super-collaboration from Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber; hit songwriter Priscilla Renea; and others.

Most programming will be available on-demand after each session for those unavailable to attend the live webcast.

Success With Music Virtual Music Conference 

When: May 29-31

Cost: Free

Where: Modern Musician website

Presented by music industry resource website Modern Musician, this three-day online conference is inviting 15 experts who'll discuss a wide range of topics geared toward artists looking to attract and grow their fan base and make a sustainable living out of their art.

Billed as "the biggest online music conference in the world," the 2020 Success With Music Virtual Music Conference will feature Taylor Swift's former manager Rick Barker and Bandsintown CEO Fabrice Sergent, as well as multiplatinum songwriters, producers and more. 

Topics will include music licensing, content marketing, social media, email marketing, brand marketing and more. 

Virtual Music Conference

When: June 4

Cost: £20 per ticket (approximately $24)

Where: Virtual Music Conference website

Billed as the "world's first online dance music conference," the aptly titled Virtual Music Conference is a brand-new online event focusing on the issues and topics affecting the global electronic and dance music world. Geared toward music biz newcomers and those looking to advance their careers, the one-day interactive event will comprise live and archived keynote speeches, panels and discussions with some of the leading artists and industry figures within the genre. 

Topics at the inaugural Virtual Music Conference will include live touring, monetization, social media, music rights, promotion, record labels and more. Confirmed speakers and guests include artists like Louie Vega, Mark Knight, Sacha Robotti and Judge Jules, as well as representatives from labels and companies like SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Beatport, Toolroom, Anjunabeats, BBC Radio 1 and Defected, among many others. 

Read: How Will Coronavirus Shift Electronic Music? Maceo Plex, Paul Van Dyk, Luttrell, Mikey Lion & DJ Manager Max Leader Weigh In

Virtual Music Conference, presented by house and techno imprint Toolroom Records and digital label services company Label Worx, will donate all profits from ticket sales to charities supporting the music industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All sessions will be recorded and made available for online viewing for those unable to attend the live webcast. 

Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC)

When: June 9-13

Cost: Free

Where: LAMC website

As the leading music conference specializing in Latin music and culture, Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) has helped elevate the genre from a once-alternative scene to a global mainstream movement. Originally scheduled for July, LAMC 2020, which marks the conference's 21st annual installment, is going fully digital next month due to the coronavirus pandemic

This year's panel discussions will explore a number of pressing topics impacting the Latin music industry and artist community, including mental health for artists and creators, playlisting, music publishing, finance for musicians and entertainment companies and more. LAMC 2020 will also feature a special conversation with and celebration of the women making a difference in the Latin music industry.

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In addition to the panels, LAMC 2020 will also feature workshops, showcases and networking opportunities. While no artists have been announced yet, past performers include Julieta Venegas, Natalia Lafourcade, Ana Tijoux, Mon Laferte and others. 

International Music Education Summit

When: June 11-13

Cost: $97

Where: International Music Education Summit website

<style>.embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }</style><div class='embed-container'><iframe src='' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

This three-day online conference and clinic is geared toward practical learning and applicable professional development for music educators and K-12 teachers. International Music Education Summit (IMES) livestreams workshops, clinics, performances, presentations and product demonstrations from music education experts from around the world. 

Read: How The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation Has Been Quietly Helping Schools By Donating Musical Instruments

Topics will include copyright, adaptive music instruction for learners with disabilities, educational and music technology, ensemble recording and much more. The conference will also include livestreamed performances, including student performances and student ensembles.

IMES offers on-demand viewing of all the 2020 sessions for at least one year after the event as well as networking opportunities with other attendees via a private Facebook group. All attendees will also receive a professional development completion certificate after finishing the conference. 

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The Ultimate GRAMMY Viewer's Guide

Get ready for Music's Biggest Night with this handy guide to all the action taking place at

GRAMMYs/Feb 3, 2015 - 01:13 am

Each year the GRAMMY Awards telecast delivers iconic music moments that ripple through all parts of popular culture. More than just an awards show, the GRAMMYs has the power to influence fans (engaging in a game of Lorde karaoke), artists, fashion (Pharrell Williams' hat), social media, and music sales. This is what we call "The GRAMMY Effect," and it can even manifest itself in a metal fan headbanging to Taylor Swift.

What happens on the GRAMMY stage transcends the show itself, and music fans everywhere are looking forward to seeing what the 57th GRAMMY telecast brings on Feb. 8.

With GRAMMY Week in full force, we want to make sure you experience the full Effect too. So, we've created this Ultimate GRAMMY Viewer's Guide to ensure you don't miss a thing, without even leaving your couch.

GRAMMY Live-Blog
Beginning Monday, Feb. 2, the GRAMMY live-blog will be your one-stop destination for breaking GRAMMY Week news, photos and more. Then on Feb. 8 it will segue into the only official live-blog complement to Music's Biggest Night. Beginning at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT, join us for exclusive coverage of the GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony before we dive into one hour of exclusive red-carpet coverage as the stars arrive in style. Then, as you tune in to the telecast beginning at 8 p.m. ET on CBS, join us for up-to-the-minute commentary on the telecast, breaking news and reactions on this year's GRAMMY winners, the only live updates you'll find anywhere from the GRAMMY "mosh pit." And, of course, to share your thoughts during the performances and as winners are announced.

Beginning at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT on Feb. 8, GRAMMY Live will deliver exclusive GRAMMY coverage you won't want to miss. From the only place to view the GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony (see below) and live interviews from the red carpet, to the backstage action at the 57th GRAMMY Awards and the official GRAMMY wrap-up show, GRAMMY Live is the best second screen in the biz.

GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony Live Stream
Tune in to beginning at 3:30 p.m. ET/12:30 p.m. PT to watch current GRAMMY nominee Hunter Hayes host the event that will reveal the first GRAMMY Awards of the day. Approximately 70 GRAMMY categories will be announced during the Premiere Ceremony, which will also feature performances by current nominees Angie Fisher, Cheyenne Jackson & Alexandra Silber, Old Crow Medicine Show, Ana Tijoux, and an all-star jazz quartet featuring Nathan East, Robert Glasper, Billy Hart, and Joe Lovano.

If it's true that a picture is worth 1,000 words, you'll have a lot to say about our one-of-a-kind GRAMMY photo galleries. Beginning Wednesday, Feb. 4, visit the Photos section of for exclusive snapshots from GRAMMY Week events, including the star-studded Producers & Engineers Wing event honoring Nile Rodgers, the MusiCares Person of the Year tribute to Bob Dylan, Clive Davis' and The Recording Academy's Pre-GRAMMY Gala, and more. Then, on Sunday we'll bring you up-to-the-minute photos from the red-carpet arrivals to GRAMMY performances and backstage as winners embrace their GRAMMY gold. 

We'll be on the ground with our cameras in hand during GRAMMY Week, so keep checking the Video section of for interviews and other footage from GRAMMY Week events.

Ariana Grande, Madonna, Sam Smith, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, and Pharrell Williams are among the performers for the 57th GRAMMY Awards. Check back as we announce more GRAMMY performers and special segments. Also, stay here for all the GRAMMY winners news after the telecast on Sunday.

Who do you think GRAMMY voters are going to choose in categories such as Song Of The Year, Album Of The Year and Best New Artist, among others? Cast your votes and tell us what you think.

With the latest news, photos, video, the ability to stream GRAMMY Live, and more, the GRAMMY App is your perfect on-the-go mobile companion. Download the app for Apple or Android platforms. 

Winners List
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Don't forget: The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards will take place live on Sunday, Feb. 8 at Staples Center in Los Angeles and will be broadcast in high-definition TV and 5.1 surround sound on the CBS Television Network from 8–11:30 p.m. (ET/PT).

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GRAMMY Premiere Ceremony Performers, Presenters Announced

Hosted by Hunter Hayes, Premiere Ceremony to present awards in approximately 70 GRAMMY categories; ceremony to stream live at

GRAMMYs/Jan 29, 2015 - 08:00 pm

The GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony will take place at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Sunday, Feb. 8, from 12:30–3:30 p.m. PT, and present the first GRAMMY Awards of the day in approximately 70 categories. The ceremony will be hosted by current GRAMMY nominee Hunter Hayes and will stream live internationally at

Attended by nominees and industry VIPs, the star-studded ceremony will feature performances by current nominees Angie Fisher, Cheyenne Jackson & Alexandra Silber, Old Crow Medicine Show, Ana Tijoux, and an all-star jazz quartet featuring Nathan East, Robert Glasper, Billy Hart, and Joe Lovano. Presenting the first GRAMMY Awards of the day in approximately 70 categories will be current nominees Rosanne Cash, Gloria Gaynor, Hilary Hahn, Smokie Norful, and John Waters as well as five-time GRAMMY-winning producer Jimmy Jam.

Hayes is nominated for Best Country Solo Performance for "Invisible." He has received four previous GRAMMY nominations.

East, Fisher, Hart, Jackson & Silber, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Tijoux each have one nod: East for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album for Nathan East; Fisher for Best Traditional R&B Performance for "I.R.S."; Hart for Best Jazz Instrumental Album for Enjoy The View; Jackson & Silber for Best Musical Theater Album for West Side Story; Old Crow Medicine Show for Best Folk Album for Remedy; and Tijoux for Best Latin Rock, Urban Or Alternative Album for Vengo.

Glasper and Lovano have two nominations each: Glasper for Best Traditional R&B Performance for "Jesus Children" and Best R&B Album for Black Radio 2; Lovano for Best Improvised Jazz Solo for "Recorda Me" and Best Latin Jazz Album for The Latin Side Of Joe Henderson.

Hahn, Gaynor and Waters each have one nomination: Hahn for Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance for In 27 Pieces The Hilary Hahn Encores; Gaynor for Best Spoken Word Album (Includes Poetry, Audio Books & Storytelling) for We Will Survive: True Stories Of Encouragement, Inspiration, And The Power Of Song; and Waters for Best Spoken Word Album for Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America.

Norful has two nominations: Best Gospel Performance/Song for "No Greater Love" and Best Gospel Album for Forever Yours.

Cash has three nominations: Best American Roots Performance and Best American Roots Song for "A Feather's Not A Bird," and Best Americana Album for The River & The Thread.

The live stream of the Premiere Ceremony will remain on as video on demand for 30 days following the event. Following the ceremony, the 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards will be broadcast live on the CBS Television Network from 8–11:30 p.m. ET/PT. For GRAMMY coverage, updates and breaking news, visit The Recording Academy's social networks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.