The Week In Music: Legend Smash Not A Hit

John Legend's nephew breaks his GRAMMY
  • Photo: Steve Granitz/
    John Legend with two unbroken GRAMMYs at the 49th Annual GRAMMY Awards in 2007
August 06, 2010 -- 9:23 am PDT

GRAMMY Awards are truly prized hardware, but they certainly aren't toys for kids. John Legend learned this lesson the hard way when his nephew broke one of his six GRAMMY Awards during a recent trip to Uncle John's apartment. Legend tweeted about the incident, including a photo of the fractured statue. While some of his followers suggested disciplinary action for the guilty culprit, Legend calmly replied: "It was truly an accident. I'm just gonna have to nephew-proof my apt. a little better." A new nephew-proof GRAMMY design is pending.

Katy Perry is getting married and Morrissey doesn't like it. The former Smiths frontman has reportedly warned the singer against marrying comedian and actor Russell Brand saying, "Oh, left hand, third finger, don't do it." The California Gurl and her beau have still invited Morrissey to the wedding, but Katy may be having second thoughts. "It would be great to have him at the wedding but I told him, 'We can't have a Mr. Misery like you messing things up.'" Will Moz attend the wedding? Or perhaps a better question is, will Russell and Katy last? To that Moz would probably sing, "Stop me if you think you've heard this one before." In other Katy news, check out her new Rolling Stone photo shoot.

Huffington Post this week poses the always pertinent question: Whose celebrity weight loss is the most dramatic? Among the music people featured, we think Jennifer Hudson's move from a size 16 to size six is beautifully dramatic. We previously featured the pounds 50 Cent melted off for a film role playing a cancer victim. And Kelly Osbourne dropped 40 pounds thanks to her recent exercise routine: "Dancing With The Stars." But for sheer drama, we vote for Christian Bale. You'll see why.

Like anyone who has had a near-death experience, Bret Michaels immediately looked at the long list of things yet to be accomplished in his life. Apparently at the top of the list: hosting the Miss Universe Pageant. NBC will air the show from Las Vegas on Aug. 23. Few would be surprised to find Bret among beautiful women, and the fact that his "Celebrity Apprentice" boss Donald Trump runs the pageant probably didn't hurt. For someone recently in a life and death battle, this should give Bret something to believe in.

It would seem all Macca needs is "Glee." Show co-creator Ryan Murphy was surprised this past week when he received fan mail from none other than Sir Paul McCartney. The legend wrote that he is an admirer of the hit TV show and wants his music to be part of an upcoming episode, and even enclosed a mix of his songs, including "Michelle." "I was gobsmacked," said Murphy. In related news, a UK auction house is offering for sale a piano from Abbey Road Studios. The piano was used on Beatles classics such as "Tomorrow Never Knows" and "Paperback Writer," and songs from Pink Floyd's monumental Dark Side Of The Moon. Though the piano shows some wear, marked by coffee stains and cigarette burns, it is expected to fetch a gobsmacking $230,000.

Roll out the red carpet, Justin Bieber is coming to the big screen. The 16-year-old baby, baby, baby will reportedly star in a 3-D autobiographical film featuring footage from his current tour. With a release date set for some time around Valentine's Day weekend in 2011, Bieber hopes to spread a little love and "give something very special back to all the fans who have been a huge source of inspiration and support." 

Is your summer romance fading like an August sunset? Has your five-year relationship hit the skids? Has your "Magic Man" turned into a "Barracuda"? Or do you find yourself simply asking, "What About Love?" Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in luck. Heart's reigning rock queens, Ann and Nancy Wilson, are taking time out from their busy schedule to offer their services as love experts/advisors. All you have to do is submit your love-related questions (music questions are welcome too) and they will draw upon their collective wisdom and experience to help make sure you aren't left "Alone."

So, it looks like we know one expected guest at the MusiCares Person of the Year celebration honoring Barbra Streisand on Feb. 11, 2011. Jennifer Aniston poses as La Streisand on the cover of the September Harper's Bazaar and inside says she's been a fan for years, recalling their first meeting at a New Year's Eve party: "You know when you meet people you idolize and then you walk away from the conversation thinking, 'Well, that was a disappointment; they were kinder and more fabulous in my mind?' Well, she was wonderful…." Check out Jennifer's '60s-inspired Barbra 'do.

In the words of Right Said Fred, have you ever felt too sexy for your shirt? Maybe you need a new shirt. And now you can have shirts, and a variety of other clothing items, inspired by Liam Gallagher, Madonna and Justin Timberlake. You'll have to visit 57 Carnaby Street in London to purchase high-end, limited-edition wear from Gallagher, but it might be worth the trip to see the basement that reportedly features a panoramic image of Noel's former bandmate/brother on Brighton Beach with a scooter. If the thought of that image is too much to bear, you can also view Gallagher's Pretty Green line on the Web. If you're looking to bring sexy back with denim and leather jackets, inspired by Timberlake, you won't have to look much further than Target this December. William Rast, the fashion line by Timberlake and childhood friend Trace Ayala, has struck a deal with everyone's favorite bull's-eye mascot. And who can resist digs inspired by the original "Material Girl" herself? Madonna and daughter Lourdes' clothing line, Material Girl, hit stores Aug. 3.

Eminem's "Love The Way You Lie," featuring Rihanna, is No. 1 for a third consecutive week, while Taylor Swift's new single, "Mine," claims the top spot on the iTunes singles chart.

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