Beyoncé Performs A Touching Tribute At The Kobe Bryant Memorial In Los Angeles


Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for City of Hope


Beyoncé Performs A Touching Tribute At The Kobe Bryant Memorial In Los Angeles

The 24-time GRAMMY winner performed moving renditions of "XO" and "Halo" at Staples Center in Los Angeles

GRAMMYs/Feb 25, 2020 - 12:33 am

Music royalty and 24-time GRAMMY winner Beyoncé opened a memorial, held Monday, Feb. 24 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, honoring the late basketball hero Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, as well as seven other victims who died in a helicopter crash last month.

"I'm here because I love Kobe and this was one of his favorite songs," She said before singing a powerful version of "XO," from her 2013 self-titled album, alongside a choir and violinists.

Next, she delivered a moving rendition of "Halo," from her 2009 album I Am... Sasha Fierce.

"I want to start that over," Beyoncé said to the audience. "But I want us to do it all together, and I want you to sing it so loud that he hears your love." Watch the moving tribute below.

Alicia Keys & Boyz II Men Give A Moving Tribute To Kobe Bryant At The 2020 GRAMMY Awards

Watch The 2023 GRAMMYs Star-Studded Tribute To Lost Legends Loretta Lynn, Christine McVie & Takeoff | 2023 GRAMMYs
Kacey Musgraves paying tribute to Loretta Lynn during the 2023 GRAMMYs

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy


Watch The 2023 GRAMMYs Star-Studded Tribute To Lost Legends Loretta Lynn, Christine McVie & Takeoff | 2023 GRAMMYs

The moving GRAMMY Awards segment featured friends, family and bandmates honoring their departed loved ones in song — including tributes from Kacey Musgraves, Quavo, and Sheryl Crow, Mick Fleetwood, and Bonnie Raitt.

GRAMMYs/Feb 6, 2023 - 03:38 am

A moving 2023 GRAMMYs segment featured friends, family and bandmates honoring their departed loved ones in song — including tributes from Kacey Musgraves, Quavo, and Sheryl Crow, Mick Fleetwood, and Bonnie Raitt.

The GRAMMY Awards' annual tribute to music industry icons who passed in the preceding year is always a bittersweet highlight of the ceremony — and this year's moving edition was certainly no exception.

In addition to honoring the many artists, producers, executives, and more who we lost, three legendary musicians received individual recognition from their close friends, collaborators, and loved ones.

A longtime admirer of Loretta Lynn, Kacey Musgraves became friends with the late country legend after opening for Lynn's 2012 tour — and thus was the perfect person to honor the four-time GRAMMY-winner.

Surrounded by a spray of red flowers and wearing a red dress that would've suited the Songwriter Hall of Fame honoree, Musgraves delivered a sterling rendition of Lynn's autobiographical "Coal Miner's Daughter."

With each strum of her guitar — with Lynn’s name inlaid on the neck in enamel — Musgraves brought more of her hero's trademark warmth and country legacy into fuller bloom, the names and images of other lost legends materializing behind her.

The rap world was stunned when it lost Migos member Takeoff in a tragic shooting in November, and his uncle and bandmate Quavo paid tribute with the elegiac "Without You." The rapper's soulful delivery was rounded out by the rich harmonies of gospel group Maverick City Music, the pain evident in his face as he sat next to an empty stool, his nephew’s chain hanging from a tragically unused mic stand.

As the song concluded, Quavo rose, holding that chain up to the heavens, his hope to see Takeoff again ringing out.

While clips of heroes like Jeff Beck and David Crosby surely brought tears to many an eye, the heartfelt tributes were rounded out by the trio of Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt, and Fleetwood Mac's Mick Fleetwood. Together, they honored Christine McVie with a poignant rendition of Fleetwood Mac's "Songbird."

While Fleetwood stood with a resonant hand drum, Crow took to the piano with Raitt seated at her side. "And the songbirds are singing/ Like they know the score," they sang: "And I love you, I love you, I love you/ Like never before."

The crystalline performance immaculately suited the songwriter's immense spirit and unparalleled writing, with Fleetwood’s somber hand drum lending a beautiful final note.

Check out the complete list of winners and nominees at the 2023 GRAMMYs.

Beyoncé Breaks Record For Most GRAMMY Wins In History | 2023 GRAMMYs
Beyonce at the 2023 GRAMMYs.

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Beyoncé Breaks Record For Most GRAMMY Wins In History | 2023 GRAMMYs

It's official: Beyoncé has made GRAMMY history. Her win for Best Dance/Electronic Album for 'RENAISSANCE' put her GRAMMY total at 33, the most of all time.

GRAMMYs/Feb 6, 2023 - 02:53 am

After winning the award for Best Dance/Electronic Music Album, Beyoncé now holds the all-time record for most GRAMMY wins. While George Solti had previously held that incredible honor, Queen Bey has now overtaken the classical conductor thanks in part to her powerful 2022 record, RENAISSANCE. With 32 GRAMMY awards now in her trophy case — and the potential to add even more still to come this evening — the mega-star produced yet another unequaled GRAMMYs moment.

The record-tying award came early in the ceremony — so early in fact that Beyoncé had yet to arrive. The GRAMMY for Best R&B Song was instead accepted on her behalf, the legendary Nile Rodgers sharing his story of "CUFF IT" and offering words of thanks. In fact, prior to this year's ceremony even beginning, Beyoncé had already marked another record: tying her own husband, Jay-Z, as the most nominated artists in GRAMMY history.

Read More: A Timeline Of Beyoncé's GRAMMY Moments, From Her First Win With Destiny's Child to Making History With 'Renaissance'

When time came for the record-setting GRAMMY win, Beyoncé herself was present, arriving to the stage to a standing ovation and an immeasurable wash of applause. After thanking God and her family, she was sure to highlight a group that made a special impact on this record.

"I'd like to thank the queer community," she smiled, crediting the early voices in the dance and electronic realm as well as her uncle Jonny, who inspired RENAISSANCE. In host Trevor Noah’s eyes, the conversation about who is considered the GOAT to be over, Beyoncé's legacy is far from finished.

Check out the complete list of winners and nominees at the 2023 GRAMMYs.

The Recording Academy Remembers The Music People We've Lost | GRAMMY In Memoriam (2022)
Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac

Photo: Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images


The Recording Academy Remembers The Music People We've Lost | GRAMMY In Memoriam (2022)

Take a moment to reflect on and salute the members of the music community we lost.

GRAMMYs/Feb 5, 2023 - 07:15 pm

The following is a list of artists and industry professionals the music community lost from Jan. 1, 2022 to Dec. 6, 2022.

The 2022 GRAMMYs telecast on CBS featured an In Memoriam segment highlighting some of these individuals via a video tribute, and all of these individuals who died prior to its print date are included in the official 2023 GRAMMYs program book.

The Recording Academy salutes each individual for their respective talents and contributions to our culture and community.

Jody Abbot

Juan Alfonso Abreu (Xtassy)

Ernest Abuba

Bobbe "Beegie" Long Adair

Patrick Adams

Cynthia Albritton

Yuz Aleshkovsky

Clive "Zanda" Alexander

Drew Alexander

Silas "SiMan Baby" Alexander

Ian Alexander jr.

Mary Alice

Stu Allan

Jerry Ivan Allison

George al-Rassi

Ahmed Alshaiba

Lalith Anand

David Andersson

Ernie Andrews

Reggie Andrews

Nicholas Angelich

Stuart Anstis

Jon Appleton

Steve Arkin

Brooks Arthur

Maureen Arthur

Ibrahim Ashk

Bobby Atkins

Barry Bailey

Chris Bailey

Bamba Bakya

Silvia Baleani

Classie Ballou, Sr.

Gabe Baltazar

Alain Bancquart

Abhijit Bandyopadhyay

Sultan "Traxamillion" Banks

King Louie Bankston

Joseph Banowetz

Carlos Barbosa-Lima

Daniele Barioni

John Barnes

Scott Barnes

Walter Barylli

Edava Basheer

Eddie Basinski

Jules Bass

Shandler "Wavy Navy Pooh" Beaubien

Rose Beauchamp

Ana Bejerano

Daniel Belardinelli

Jerry Bentley

Teresa Berganza

Marilyn Bergman

John Beug

Guillame Bideau

Ryan Biggs

Yam Bing-yee

Bayron Binkley

Ali Birra

Harrison Birtwistle

Alan Blaikley

Lilian Blankson

Stéphane Blet

Philippe Boesmans

Peter Bogdanovich

Rolando Boldrin

Bill Bourne

Donald Brady

Jaimie Branch

Traci Braxton

Thom Bresh

Todd Brodginski

Peter Brook

Gary Brooker

Steve Broughton

Harpdog Brown

Johnny Brown

Julia Buciuceanu

Kai Bumann

Roman Bunka

Bruce Burch

Sonny Burke

Billie Burton

Joe Bussard

Nigel Butterley

Hal Bynum

Shorty Byrd

James Caan

Dennis Cahill

Eison Cai

Mickey Calin

Mira Calix

Sudie Callaway

Darius Campbell

Pat Campbell

Marciano Cantero

María José Cantilo

Allison Canzanella

Irene Cara

Giancarlo Cardini

Erasmo Carlos

Jo Carol Ann

Carleton Carpenter

Martín Carrizo

Pat Carroll

Jeff Carson

Aaron Carter

Darryl Caseine

Fred Catero

Guayo Cedeño

Jordi Cervello

Koady Chaisson

Heo Cham

Joe Chambers

Norm Chambers

Manny Charlton

Kerry Chater

Subhomoy Chatterjee

Levon Chaushian

Roland Anthony Chirico

Terry Choate

Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury

Miu Chu

Gene Cipriano

Roderick 'Pooh' Clark

Sammy Clark

Mike Clement

Dale Clevenger

Con Cluskey

Bob "Dr. Jazz" Cohen

Nick Colionne

"Chubby" Conine

Jeff Cook

Al Cooley

Tommy Cordell

Azio Corghi

Carmela Corren

José Luis Cortés

Gal Costa

Warren "Waz" Costello

Cathal Coughlan

Morty Craft

Zuri Craig

AB Crentsil

Lyell Cresswell

Bernard Cribbins

Charles Criss

Mike Cross

J.D. Crowe

Julee Cruise

George Crumb

Bettye Crutcher

Jerry Crutchfield

Ronnie Cuber

Scott Dachroeden

David Dalton

"Jessie D" Lee Daniels

Kal David

Betty Davis

Rosa de Castilla

Marc Lee Dé Hugar

Aurelio De La Vega

Paulino Deanda Bernal

Joey DeFrancesco

Mike Dekle

Emilio Delgado

Garth Dennis

Alex DePue

Bunny Diamond

Tabby Diamond

Don Dilling

Paulo Diniz

Jerry Doucette

Jane Dowden

Tyrone Downie

Lamont Dozier

Frank Drake

Martin C. Dreiwitz

Eddie Edwards Drennan

Paul Dufour

Noel Duggan

Shonka Dukureh

Howard Alexander Dumble

Brian Dunning

Jim Duty

Dennis East

John L. Eastman

Ray Edenton

Iwan Edwards

Jamal Edwards

Vince "CPO Boss Hogg" Edwards

Mickey Eichner

Dan Einstein

Mary Ellin Barrett

Kenward Elmslie

Ralph Emery

Greg Epler

Ernesto Cavour

Flavio Etcheto

Archie Eversole

Maria Ewing

Ulises Eyherabide

Doug Eyink

Muvaffak "Maffy" Falay

Xue Fan

Dewey Farmer

Christine Farnon

Ben Farrell

Mitch Faulkner

Nolan Faulkner

Daniel Fawcett

Tim Feerick

Núria Feliu

Ludmila Ferber

Fallece Bernardo Adam Ferrero

Steve Fickinger

Bert Fields

Eberhard Finke

Annie Flanders

Neil Flanz

Jorja Fleezanis

Mark Fleischman

Andy Fletcher

Jake Flint

Gianluca Floris

Adam Foster

Juan Francisco González 

Deborah Fraser

George Frayne

Dallas Frazier

Wes Freed

David Freel

Joe Friedman

Bill Fries

Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr.

Ron Gallela

Luiz Galvao

Armando Gama

Ricky Gardiner

Rita Gardner

Ray Garduño

Charles "is-City" Gatt

Franco Gatti

Jan Gaye

Fred Geiger

Geoff Nuttall

Donny Gerrard

Joe Gilchrist

Mickey Gilley

Ellen Zoe Golden

Burt Goldstein

Darío Gómez

Doc Gonzales

Francisco González

Dallas Good

Tristan Goodall

Sam Gooden 

Mick Goodrick

Robert Gordon

Robert Louis Gordy

Gilbert Gottfried

Don Grahm

Randy Gray

Helen Grayco

John Green

Bruce Greig

John Grenell

Arthur Grigoryan

Howard Grimes

Steve Grimmett

Zhou Guangren

Agustin Gurza

Barbara Maier Gustern

Song Hae

Patrick Haggerty

Dick Halligan

Alexander Hamilton

Duncan Hannah

Ed Hardy 

Alice Harnoncourt

William Hart

"Big John" Harte

John Hartman

Orrin Hatch

Ronnie Hawkins

Rosa Lee Hawkins

Ivonne Haza

Bob Heathcote

Michael Henderson

Judy Henske

Marva Hicks

Jimbeau Hinson

Arnold "Arno" Hintjens

Tohru "Monamour" Hiroshima

Gary "Chicken" Hirsh

Jim Horn

Joseph Horovitz

Damodar Hota

Franz Hummel

Darryl Hunt 

Ivy Jo Hunter

Hovain Hylton

Pau Riba i Romeva

Toshi Ichiyanagi

Simon Illa

İlhan İrem 

Colleen Ironside

Susan Jacks

Francis Jackson

Michael James Jackson

Big Rude Jake

Khan Jamal

Joni James

Conrad Janis

Danny Javier

Philip Jeck

Lee Jihan

Griselda Jiménez

Fredrik Johansson

Mable John

Jimmy Johnson

Keith Wonderboy Johnson

Syl Johnson

Wilko Johnson

Jerry Ray Johnston

Leslie Jordan

Justin Alexander "J $tash" Joseph

Kenwrick "Kenny J" Joseph

Marvin Josephson

Naomi Judd

Orlando Julius

Bang Jun-seok

Michail Jurowski

Danny Kalb

Joseph Kalichstein

Ramdas Kamat

Prafulla Kar

Ryan Karazija

Lil Keed

Ken Kelly

Sean Kelly

Jimmy Kennedy

Anita Kerr

Alam Khan

Ronnie Kidd

Hamish Kilgour

Douglas Kirkland

Margo Knesz

Dale Knippers

Stamatis Kokotas

Irini Konitopoulou-Legaki

Charles Koppelman

John C. Koss

William Kraft

Blanka Kulinska

Jaakko Kuusisto

Dr. Paul Kwami

Carmelo La Bionda

Art Laboe

Bappi Lahiri

Jayananda Lama

Mark Lanegan

Michael Lang

Mike Lang 

Angela Lansbury

Sam Lay

Q Lazzarus

Willie Leacox

Marcus Leatherdale

Pastelle LeBlanc

Everett Lee

Quentin Oliver Lee

Mon Legaspi

Keith Levene

Mark Levine

Mariusz Lewandowski

Ramsey Lewis

Don Lewis

Gord Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis

Jon Lind

Ray Liotta

Lenny Lipton

Meat Loaf

Kevin Locke

Bob Lokman

Jim Long

Jun Lopito

Bob LuPone

Radu Lupu

Loretta Lynn

Warner Mack

Shirles "Re Styles" Macleod

Shel Macrae

Al Mair

Kyle Maite

Clyde Maness

Lata Mangeshkar

Lucy Rowan Mann

Ken Mansfield

Álvaro Manzano

James Maraniss

Jane "Nightbirde" Marczewski

Sid Mark

Emmaretta Marks

Kurt Markus 

Ingram Marshall

Bernabé Martí

Brad Martin

Diane Martin

Gavin Martin

Keith Martin

Mac Martin

Mor Mario Martínez

Randall Massengill

Janez Maticic

Tito Matos

Tina May

Lowry Mays

Gazi Mazharul Anwar

Dan McCafferty

Mary McCaslin

Deborah McCrary

David McDonald

Ian McDonald

John McGale

Bob McGrath

Douglas McGrath

Doug McKean

Noel McKoy

John McLeod

Christine McVie

Sister Janet Mead

Glenn Meadows

Eric Mercury

María Mérida

Joe Messina

Blake Mevis

Pablo Milanes

Ron Miles

Jody Miller

Sidney Miller

Sue Mingus

Zelito Miranda

Nirmala Mishra

Charnett Moffett

Franz Mohr

Boris Moiseev

Bill Mollman

Mick Moloney

Grachan Moncur III

Gracia Montes

Benjamin Moore, Jr.

Mike Mora

Owen Moran

Massimo Morante

Henrique Morelenbaum

Denroy Morgan

Tommy Morgan

Joel Morowitz

Barbara Morrison

Robert Morse

Juan José Mosalini

Rodger E. Mosley 

Mighty Mouse

James Mtume

Sandhya Mukherjee

Dudley Murphy

David Muse 

Rachel Nagy

Pierre Narcisse

María Inés Naveillán

Nolan Neal

Tommy Neal

Dawit Nega

Bobbie Nelson

Sandy Nelson

Hans Neuenfels

Bobby Neuwirth

Don Newkirk

Olivia Newton-John 

Nichelle Nichols

Mariana Nicolesco

Rab Noakes

Paolo Noel

Minoru Nojima

Neil Nongkynrih

Adibah Noor

Nayyara Noor

Monty Norman

Ica Novo

Carlo Nuccio

Bobby O'Jay

Sammie Okposo

David Ornette Cherry

Mariel Orr

Anthony Ortega

Dave Osborne

Mo Ostin

Karim Ouellet

Jim Owens

Pedro Pablo García Caffi

LaShun Pace

Irene Papas

Gloria Parker

Mimi Parker

Tom Parker

Dez Parkes

Leslie Parnas

Ric Parnell

Fred Parris

Anne Parsons

Philip Paul

D.H. Peligro

Osvaldo Peredo

Jacques Perrin

Mark L. Perthel

Libor Pesek

Marybeth Peters

Maggie Peterson

Greg Philbin

Idris Phillips

Svika Pick

Keaton Pierce

Renée Pietrafesa

Don Pippin

Galina Pisarenko

Bill Pitman

Paul Plimley

Sidney Poitier

Prins Polo

Jerzy Polomski

Bruce Pomahac

Jim Post

Gerald Potterton

Jesse Powell

Richard Pratt

Seymour "Red" Press

Simon Preston

James Price

Howie Pyro

Charles Quillen

Rubina Qureshi

James Rado

Bob Rafelson

Aki Rahimovski

S.V. Ramanan

Agustin Ramirez

Randy Rand

Alleppey Ranganath

Raymond Raposa

James Reams

Pete Reiniger

Patricio Renán

Hollis Resnik

John Rice Irwin

Robert Richards

Riky Rick

Walter Riley King 

Ismael Rivera Jr.

Archie Roach

Richard Roat

Hargus "Pig" Robbins

Sandy Roberton

Garry Roberts

Martin "Marty" Roberts

PnB Rock

Pamela "Jordan" Rooke

Ned Rorem

Art Rosenbaum

Andy Ross

Beverly Ross

Cormac Roth

Badal Roy

Jamie Roy

Ed Rudy

Art Rupe

Bobby Rydell

Paul Ryder

Jordi Sabatés

Samir Sabri

Wally Safford

Balwinder Safri

Bob Saget

Daniel Sahad

Teruhiko Saigo

Steve Salas

Marty Sammon

Pharoah Sanders

T.V. Sankaranarayanan

Manolo Sanlucar

José Enrique "Chelique" Sarabia

Peter Scaping

Leon Schidlowsky

Klaus Schulze

Chris Scicluna


Richard Seal

Jim Seals

Gabe Serbian

Richard Setlowe

Shiv Kumar Sharma

Yuri Shatunov

William B. Shelby

Burke Shelley

Liz Sheridan

Dave Sherman

Kirti Shiledar

Guitar Shorty

Terry Shue

Riho Sibul

Paul Siebel

David "Ziggy" Sigmund

Haralds Simanis

Calvin Simon

Joanna Simon

Lucy Simon

Joyce Sims

Bhupinder Singh

Roslyn Singleton

Herschel Sizmore

Arnold Skolnick

Alexander Skulsky

DJ Kay Slay

Young Slo-Be

Elliott "Grandpa" Small

Dave Smith

Dick Smith

Steve Smith

B. Smyth

Elza Soares

Jim Sohns

Josep Soler

Stefan Soltesz

R Somasekharan

Bhajan Sopori

Paul Sorvino

Pervis Spann

Ronnie Spector

Willie Spence

Buddy Spurlock

Pete St John

Meghan Stabile

Atilio Stampone

Pat Stay

Saundra Steele

Antonietta Stella

Elizabeth Stewart

Jim Stewart

Paul Stoddard

Laila Storch

Larry Storch

Trevor Strnad

Mark Stroman

Shivamogga Subbanna

Alec John Such

Monnette Sudler

Frederick Swann

Earl Swavey

John Swenson

Robin Sylvester

Yoram Taharlev

Marc Tanner

Joe Tarsia

Richard Taruskin

Carolyn Tate

Greg Tate

Creed Taylor

Dean Taylor

Morgan Taylor

Terry Teachout

Judy Tenuta

Arnold Terry

Nicky Tesco

Dev Tharikewala

Timmy Thomas

Barbara Thompson

Bjorn Thorsrud

Janet Thurlow

Jin Tielin

Clifford S. Tinder

Louise Tobin

Terry Tolkin

Louise Tomberlain

Alexander Toradze

Colin Touchin

Bramwell Tovey

Rosmarie Trapp

Héctor Tricoche

Dick Trump

Tokollo Tshabalala

Tuck Tucker

Brett Tuggle

Nik Turner

Rick Turner

Sonny Turner

Bob Tutupoly

Margaret Urlich

Frank Ursoleo

Bin Valencia

Paul Vance

John P Varkey

Josephine Veasey

Diego Verdaguer

Lars Vogt

William "Bil" VornDick

Adam Wade

Abdul Wadud

Natty Wailer

Sidhu Moose Wala

Bill Walker

Kenneth Wannberg

Dennis Waterman

Norma Waterson

Jody Wayne

Jay Weaver

Greg Webster

Lil Bo Weep

Bobby Weinstein

Mike Wells

Jan Welmers

Janice Wendell

Ken West

Sonny West

Glenn Wheatley

Joel Whitburn

Alan White

Carrie White

Roland White

Krista Whitworth Beitter

Neela Wickramasinghe

Jan Wijn

Snootie Wild

David O. Will

Ken Williams

Robert Williams

Don Wilson

George Winn

Geoff Wonfor

TDott Woo

Terry Woodson

Max Woodward

Andrew Woolfolk

Scotty Wray

Bernard Wright

Qiao Yu

Phyo Zayar Thaw

Jon Zazula

Drummie Zeb


Club Q Victims



DJ Sumbody

El Noba




Hurricane G






Tame One






2023 GRAMMY Nominations: See The Complete Nominees List

GRAMMY Rewind: Adele Urges That Beyoncé's "Monumental" 'Lemonade' Should've Won Album Of The Year In 2017
Adele at the 2017 GRAMMYs.

Photo: Phil McCarten/CBS via Getty Images


GRAMMY Rewind: Adele Urges That Beyoncé's "Monumental" 'Lemonade' Should've Won Album Of The Year In 2017

Before Adele and Beyoncé find out who will win Album Of The Year at the 2023 GRAMMYs, revisit the emotional moment when Adele pleaded for Beyoncé's album 'Lemonade' to take home the golden gramophone instead of her own '25' in 2017.

GRAMMYs/Feb 3, 2023 - 06:00 pm

The 2017 GRAMMYs were a massive night for Adele, who swept all five categories for which she was nominated. But when she was crowned the Album Of The Year winner, the "Hello" singer couldn't help but argue that Beyoncé deserved it.

In this episode of GRAMMY Rewind, revisit the emotional moment between Adele and Beyoncé as the British star claimed her Album Of The Year GRAMMY for 25. After thanking her collaborators for their encouragement to release 25 and calling the win "full-circle," Adele choked up as she acknowledged Beyoncé's Lemonade that was also nominated in the category.

"I can't possibly accept this award. And I'm very humbled, and I'm very grateful and gracious, but my artist of my life is Beyoncé," Adele said as she held back tears. "This album was so monumental, and so well-thought-out and so beautiful and soul-bearing…and all us artists here, we f—ing adore you."

The heartfelt acknowledgement had the crowd roaring, but most poignantly brought Beyoncé to tears as she mouthed "I love you" to Adele. (Lemonade did get some GRAMMY love that night, winning Best Urban Contemporary Album and lead single "Formation" won Best Music Video.)

There could be another powerful Adele/Beyoncé moment at the 2023 GRAMMYs, as the two are once again nominated for Album Of The Year, as well as Song Of The Year and Record Of The Year.

Press play on the video above to watch Adele's tearful acceptance speech. Keep checking back to for more episodes of GRAMMY Rewind, and make sure to tune into CBS on Feb. 5 to watch the 2023 GRAMMYs.

A Look At The Nominees For Album Of The Year At The 2023 GRAMMY Awards