5 Questions With ... Foster The People

Los Angeles indie trio visits The Recording Academy
  • Photo: The Recording Academy
    Foster The People's Cubbie Fink, Mark Foster and Mark Pontius
September 22, 2011 -- 1:12 pm PDT

Indie pop/rock trio and Recording Academy Los Angeles Chapter members Foster The People were the recent guests for an installment of The Recording Academy's 5 Questions With … series. Held at The Academy's headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif., Foster The People discussed what their experience has been like over the past year, creative plans for the future and their debut album, Torches, among other topics.

"We're constantly trying to push ourselves and push the boundaries of what we're doing," said vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Mark Foster. "[We're] trying to be innovative and interesting and write intelligent music, but at the same time not [lose] that accessibility that a 4-year-old can fall in love with and an 80-year-old can still understand."

Combining elements of electronic, psychedelic and dance-oriented pop, Foster The People features Cubbie Fink (bass), Foster and Mark Pontius (drums). After garnering significant airplay on Los Angeles alternative radio station KROQ-FM with their single "Pumped Up Kicks," in 2010, the trio released a self-titled EP in January. Released in May, Torches topped Billboard's Rock Albums and Alternative Albums charts, and peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard 200. The band is currently on tour throughout the United States, Canada and UK.

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