Arturo O'Farrill, Jr.


Arturo O'Farrill, Jr.





64th Annual GRAMMY Awards


Best Instrumental Composition

Dreaming In Lions: Dreaming In Lions

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Through the 64th GRAMMY Awards

"I made one rule for myself, and I really try to live it: Play music you love, with people you love, for people you love. If I can't be that kind of musician, I’ll drive a cab."

  • Born Arturo O'Farrill on June 22, 1960, in Mexico City, Mexico
  • At the beginning of his career, pianist Arturo O'Farrill was a prized jazz sideman, working in the bands of such talents as Carla Bley, Dizzy Gillespie, Lester Bowie, and Harry Belafonte. O’Farrill subsequently founded the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra, and his 2005 debut album with that group, Una Noche Inolvidable, earned him his first GRAMMY nomination.
  • O’Farrill won his first GRAMMY for Best Latin Jazz Album at the 51st GRAMMY Awards for Song For Chico.
  • O'Farrill founded the the Afro Latin Jazz Academy of Music, a year-long residency program dedicated to providing instrument and ensemble instruction to committed students throughout New York City.

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Best Latin Jazz Album

Virtual Birdland

Best Instrumental Composition

Dreaming In Lions: Dreaming In Lions

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