The Week In Music: MaveRick-Rolled

Fans of the Los Angeles Lakers submit a losing-themed playlist after heartbreaking playoff loss
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    The Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant
May 13, 2011 -- 9:15 am PDT

The city of Los Angeles was stunned this past Sunday when the Dallas Mavericks got out the brooms on their way to sweeping the defending world champion Los Angeles Lakers in four games in the second round of the NBA playoffs. While purple-and-gold flags were unceremoniously stripped from vehicles from Hollywood to Inglewood, Laker legends such as Magic Johnson and James Worthy took the team to task for their lackluster play. To help get over the heartbreak, fans (and foes) turned to Twitter to submit appropriate losing-themed songs for the Lakers' post-season playlist. While songs continue to pour in daily, our top 10 favorites so far are R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts"; Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry"; 'N Sync's "Bye Bye Bye"; Lil Wayne's "I Feel Like Dying"; Boyz II Men's "End Of The Road"; the Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want"; the Roots' "Swept Away"; Nirvana's "All Apologies"; Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust"; and our favorite, Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." Yes, the Lakers can now say they've been MaveRick-rolled.

In the latest film and music pairing, everyone's favorite pirate character Johnny Depp revealed that he is collaborating with Aerosmith frontman turned "American Idol" judge Steven Tyler. "We've been hanging out here and there," said Depp. "He's someone I've admired greatly for such a long time. The idea of writing songs with him is a dream come true." A bassist and guitarist, Depp is no stranger to music, having formed a short-lived alternative rock band, P, with Butthole Surfers lead vocalist Gibby Haynes. The band released an album in 1995 featuring cuts such as "I Save Cigarette Butts," "Michael Stipe" and an interesting twist on ABBA's "Dancing Queen." Of course, Tyler is no stranger to odd pairings himself, having teamed with Run D.M.C. for a revamping of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" in 1986. What could result from the Depp/Tyler sessions is anyone's guess. However, the TWIM staff is happy to offer three potential song titles for inspiration: "Joe Perry," "Johnny's Got A Sword" and "Pirate's Booty In An Elevator."

Some may know Charlie Sheen as the former hedonistic jingle writer uncle on "Two And A Half Men," or for his uncanny outbursts that helped him gain 1 million followers on Twitter in just one day. But as of May 10 Sheen is also known among the rap world for "Winning," the much-anticipated single featuring Sheen with Korn guitarist Rob Patterson and Snoop Dogg. And the track is anything but a fail. It opens with a sultry-sounding Carmen Electra saying, "Oh, good evening Mr. Sheen. Are you…winning?" and falls into the spit-inducing raps of Snoop, who makes no mistake about who the song is for: "This is for all the winners/Yeah, if you's a loser, get your b**** a** out of here." In the next series of musical mashups, we're looking forward to a b****-a** remix featuring "Winning" and its antithesis, Beck's "Loser."

Following recent autobiographies by Sammy Hagar, Keith Richards and Steven Tyler, Billy Corgan is busy penning his own memoir, but this isn't shaping up to be the usual rock and roll tale. Titled God Is Everywhere, From Here To There and tentatively scheduled for release in 2012, Corgan has described the book as a "spiritual memoir." "It's a very interesting take inside my personal life and my band life," said Corgan. "I've decided to write this on my own, which is complete insanity." Describing the process as a "journey," Corgan has completed approximately 300 pages, equating to one-third of the book. With the projected page count on his current spiritual path, Corgan would only have to pen a few more pages to rival hardcover versions of the Bible.

In musical rivalry news, Tyler The Creator has informed his fans what he thinks about Bruno Mars, and it's not very nice. On his track "Yonkers," Tyler raps, "Stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus," but Mars isn't the least bit concerned about any potential esophageal-related violence. "[Tyler] has to wait in line if he wants to stab me," the crooner said in an interview with Spin magazine. "[Tyler's] definitely not the first guy that's said something like that to me and he's not going to be the last. That's what comin' up is. You pick up some fans and a handful of haters along the way." Lucky for Mars, he seems to have picked up a few more fans than haters along the way with his three Billboard Hot 100 hits.

Lady Gaga's new album Born This Way is set for release on May 23 and in true Fame Monster fashion, Gaga is being anything but typical when it comes to its release. The Lady is partnering with popular Facebook gaming app FarmVille to release several songs from her upcoming album and bonus content before they are officially released. To hear the tracks, players will have to enter the specially created GagaVille where they must complete tasks, such as plowing their land and harvesting crops, to hear one exclusive new track per day from May 17–19. Players can also unlock and stream a significant portion of new songs and special bonus remixes from May 20–23. Details on what players get if they savor enough meat from their farm animals to make Gaga a new dress were not revealed. GagaVille is open for business through May 23, Little Monsters.

Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" is tops on the Billboard Hot 100 and iTunes singles charts.

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