Rodrigo Y Gabriela At The GRAMMY Museum

Guitarists appear as part of the Spotlight series
  • Photo: Rebecca Sapp/
    Gabriela Quintero speaks to attendees at the GRAMMY Museum
  • Photo: Rebecca Sapp/
    Rodrigo Sánchez speaks to attendees at the GRAMMY Museum
April 05, 2010 -- 3:23 pm PDT

Mexican acoustic guitarists Rodrigo Y Gabriela appeared at the GRAMMY Museum's Spotlight series on March 23, answering questions for an intimate audience of 200 and providing some tasty samples from their eclectic repertoire.

The duo provided insight into how they've crafted their style and their unlikely rise to stardom in Ireland in an engaging conversation-style interview and question-and-answer session.

Mexico City natives Rodrigo Sánchez and Gabriela Quintero have taken a surprising path to success. They began their careers as heavy-metal rockers in the band Tierra Acida, but the group never recorded and the pairs' musical interests started to broaden, especially into guitar styles such as flamenco. They made another unlikely move, setting up shop on the streets of Dublin, Ireland, to begin to build a following. They caught the attention of fellow Dublin street artist Damien Rice, with whom they toured. Their album Rodrigo Y Gabriela, which includes flamenco-style covers of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven" and Metallica's "Orion," debuted on the top of the Irish charts in 2006.

Upcoming events at the GRAMMY Museum include an interview and performance session with George Thorogood (April 14).

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