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Photo of Maria Rita
Maria Rita

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Clarissa, Giulia Be & Maria Rita Performed At The Best New Artist Showcase In São Paulo: See Images & Watch Videos

With musical direction by Wilson Simoninha, the exclusive event was held in partnership with Mastercard and attended by members of the Latin Recording Academy, artists and entertainment industry figures.

GRAMMYs/Jul 13, 2023 - 02:50 pm

The Latin Recording Academy presented its Best New Artist Showcase featuring Clarissa and Giulia Be — both Latin GRAMMY nominees in the Best New Artist category in 2022 and 2021, respectively — and Maria Rita, the Best New Artist winner in 2004.

The event, with musical direction by Wilson Simoninha, was held at Espaço Priceless located in the historic city center of São Paulo.

See images and videos from the event below.

"We are very proud to celebrate the careers of Clarissa, Giulia Be and Maria Rita through the Best New Artist Showcase tour — for the first time in São Paulo —i nspiring the next generation of music creators in Brazil and around the world," Manuel Abud, CEO of The Latin Recording Academy, said in a statement.

Added Sarah Buchwitz, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Mastercard Brazil: "Music is a universal passion that inspires, nurtures and unites us. We have sponsored the Latin GRAMMYs for years and support the Best New Artist Showcase to increase visibility and growth opportunities for the next generation of artists, uniting passion and purpose.

"This is the first time that we are bringing the event to Brazil at Espaço Priceless," she continued, "our complex of multisensory experiences."

The Best New Artist Showcase tour of Latin America kicked off last November during Latin GRAMMY Week in Las Vegas. The series — which held its second event in Mexico City last month — is an important element of the partnership between Mastercard and The Latin Recording Academy.

Mastercard, the category sponsor, has a longstanding relationship with the music industry and has played a significant role in driving success and recognition of emerging artists globally.

Keep watching this space for more information about the Latin Recording Academy and Latin GRAMMYs!

2023 Latin GRAMMYs To Host First-Ever International Telecast In Sevilla, Spain, On Nov. 16; Nominations To Be Announced Sept. 19

2023 Latin GRAMMYs General Hero


Latin GRAMMYs 2023: Listen To The Nominees For Best Portuguese Language Urban Performance

The five nominees for Best Portuguese Language Urban Performance reflect the diversity of Brazilian music. Listen to the nominated works and tune in to the 2023 Latin GRAMMYs on Nov. 16.

GRAMMYs/Oct 20, 2023 - 03:13 pm

The Latin GRAMMYs have introduced three new categories to the awards this year in order to recognize an ever broader spectrum of Latin culture: Songwriter Of The Year, Best Singer-Songwriter Song, and Best Portuguese-Language Urban Performance. The new category for urban music in Portuguese nods to the force that Brazilian music has become on the world stage.

Portuguese urban music is a broad category, encompassing funk carioca and other uniquely Brazilian genres as well as hip-hop and rap, or a fusion of urban genres with other styles. Collectively, the five 2023 Latin GRAMMY Nominees who are up for the honor of Best Portuguese-Language Urban Performance represent this diversity in Brazilian music. The artists nominated are: Àttøøxxá and Carlinhos Brown (“Da Favela Pro Asfalto”), GIULIA BE (“Aviso De Amigo”), Iza (“Fé”), Planet Hemp Featuring Criolo (“Distopia”) and Filipe Ret with Caio Luccas and Dallass (“Good Vibe”).

The 24th Latin GRAMMY Awards will be held on Nov. 16 in Sevilla, Spain. Learn about the nominees for this new category, then don’t miss the broadcast on Univision at 8 p.m. ET/PT (7 p.m. CT).

Àttøøxxá Featuring Carlinhos Brown – “Da Favela Pro Asfalto”

This nomination is a first for Afro-Brazilian fusion group Àttøøxxá, who recruited the vocal gifts of fellow Baiano, Carlinhos Brown for the party jam "Da Favela Pro Asfalto," off their recent album Groove. It may be their first Latin GRAMMY nom, but Groove is their fourth album and the quartet is well-known for simultaneously bringing cosmopolitan hip and retro cool to pagodão, the Bahia-bred style that dominates their sound. On the come up for a little while now, they brought some of their pagodão seasoning to Anitta’s “Me Gusta,” in 2020.

This is a significant moment for Àttøøxxá and their genre. Guitarist Chibatinha said in a statement, “This nomination is a celebration of black music. ‘Da Favela Pro Asfalto' is a significant song because it brings together two generations of Bahia music and to be chosen by world critics to compete gives this work another weight.”

GIULIA BE  – “Aviso De Amigo”

Giulia Be is a chart-topping, multihyphenate singer-songwriter and actress from Rio de Janeiro who earned her second Latin GRAMMY nomination with the song “Aviso De Amigo.” The offbeat, bedroom funk tune with the eyelash-fluttering lyrics from her 2022 debut album DISCO VOADOR, may be more indoor-voice than some of her made-for-arenas pop bangers but its sophistication and confident pacing makes it a standout.

Giulia’s career is white hot right now. Last year’s nomination was for Best New Artist. In 2022, she also starred in the hit Netflix drama Depois Do Universo and, on a lighter note, saw DISCO VOADOR album track “pessoa certa hora errada” become a viral TikTok hit.

Iza – “Fé”

Backed up by a gospel-inspired chorus, a samba trio, and clubby hip-hop beats, Iza tells her story and sings about what keeps her going on “Fé,” the 2022 single that brought her a second Latin GRAMMY nomination. Her first nomination came just last year when her critically successful debut album Dona de Mim put her in the running for Best Portuguese Language Contemporary Pop Album. (This year, she followed Dona de Mim with AFRODHIT.)

Iza knows about the hard work and struggle she describes in “Fé.” Before signing with Warner Music Brasil, the singer, songwriter and dancer worked as a video editor while she built her following by posting cover songs on YouTube.

Planet Hemp Featuring Criolo – “Distopia”

Rio de Janeiro rap-rock legends Planet Hemp have been making music (and problems for the authorities) since 1993. A lot has happened since their formation. The group has survived tragedy, been arrested for advocating marijuana use, broken up and reunited. Current and former members such as BNegão and Black Alien have gone on to be known as rappers and musicians beyond the band. Collectively, Planet Hemp had enough laurels to rest on for the foreseeable future, but the presidency of Jair Bolsonaro spurred the members to action.

In 2022 they returned with Jardineiros, their first studio album in more than 20 years. Despite the long hiatus, the release found them in top form and joined by collaborators such as superstar rapper Criolo, who gives lead single “Distopia” its powerful chorus.

Filipe Ret with Caio Luccas and Dallass  – “Good Vibe”

Moody, dim trap beats and meandering lyrics with shades of funk proibidão made Filipe Ret a diamond-certified star. Producer Dallass crafted quite a few of those beats for the Carioca rapper over the course of their careers, however, when the two regular collaborators made “Good Vibe” something else entirely happened. The track, which appears on 2022’s Lume, feels light, dreamy, maybe even sunny. Vaporwave synths brighten the typically gloomy corners and everything seems to float on clouds of reverb.

What could bring on such good vibes? Well, it’s a song about a girl. Love seems to have put Ret and rapper Caio Luccas in the mood to look on the bright side. It’s working for them.

2023 Latin GRAMMYs: See The Complete Nominations List

Angela Alvarez Silvana Estrada
(L-R) Angela Alvarez, Silvana Estrada

Photos (L-R): Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Mindy Small/WireImage


2022 Latin GRAMMYs: Angela Alvarez & Silvana Estrada Tie For Latin GRAMMY For Best New Artist

Angela Alvarez and Silvana Estrada have tied for the Latin GRAMMY for Best New Artist at the 2022 Latin GRAMMYs.

GRAMMYs/Nov 18, 2022 - 03:07 am

Angela Alvarez and Silvana Estrada jointly won the Latin GRAMMY for Best New Artist at the 2022 Latin GRAMMYs.

Sofía Campos, Cande y Paulo, Clarissa, Pol Granch, Nabález, Tiare, Vale, Yahritza y Su Esencia, and Nicole Zignago were the other nominees in the prestigious category.

At age 95, Alvarez made history as the oldest musician to be nominated for Best New Artist at the Latin GRAMMYs. At 25, Estrada received a nomination for Best Singer-Songwriter Album in addition to her Best New Artist win.

As the artists shared the stage and gave their moving acceptance speeches, the audience gave a standing ovation.

Check out the complete list of winners and nominees at the 2022 Latin GRAMMYs.

2023 GRAMMY Nominations: See The Complete Nominees List

Latin GRAMMYs Generic Art


Get Familiar With The Best New Artist Nominees At The 2022 Latin GRAMMYs

Learn more about the 11 rising stars nominated for Best New Artist at the 2022 Latin GRAMMYs: Angela Alvarez, Sofía Campos, Cande Y Paulo, Clarissa, Silvana Estrada, Pol Granch, Nabález, Tiare, Vale, Yahritza Y Su Esencia, and Nicole Zignago.

GRAMMYs/Nov 17, 2022 - 09:57 pm

The below article is an excerpt from the 2022 Latin GRAMMYs program book, which you can read in full here.

As some of the biggest artists, songs and albums in Latin music are celebrated at the 2022 Latin GRAMMYs, so will its next generation in the Best New Artist category.

This year, there are 11 nominees: Angela Alvarez, Sofía Campos, Cande Y Paulo, Clarissa, Silvana Estrada, Pol Granch, Nabález, Tiare, Vale, Yahritza Y Su Esencia, and Nicole Zignago. Whether you're a huge fan or new to the names, has all the info you need to know about each of those artists ahead of the Nov. 17 broadcast.

Below, get to know all of the 2022 Latin GRAMMY Best New Artist nominees. Then, be sure to tune into the 23rd Latin GRAMMY Awards on Univision at 8 p.m. ET/PT (7 p.m. CT) to see which rising star wins!

The 2022 Latin GRAMMYs will also air on cable channel TNT at 19.00 (MEX) / 20.00 (PAN-COL) / 21.00 (VEN) / 22.00 (ARG/CHI/BRAZIL), and on Televisa Channel 5. The show will also be available on HBO Max in Spanish only.

Angela Alvarez

Angela Alvarez's story is like something out of a movie. At an early age, she was forbidden by her father from pursuing a career singing in Cuban nightclubs. After the Cuban Revolution, she made the harrowing decision to send her four children to the United States. After joining them later and building a life in her adopted homeland for decades, her grandson, composer Carlos José Alvarez, recorded her performing the songs that had entertained countless family gatherings. Condensing an entire life into one powerful hour, her self-titled debut was a sensation. It not only made the 95-year-old bolero singer the oldest Latin GRAMMY nominee, but also a film star, with an acclaimed biographical documentary (Miss Angela) and a role in the latest remake of Father of the Bride. — Andrew Casillas*

Sofía Campos

Sofía Campos, an independent singer/songwriter from Argentina who makes dreamy, inviting and heartfelt music in Spanish and Portuguese, describes it as "a mix of the places I've visited: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina." In 2021, she self-released her sunbeam-filled 10-track sophomore album, Lugares Imaginarios, recorded with producer Matías Cella. It features her beautiful collaboration with Natalia Lafourcade, "Verde Nocturno," as well as one with her brother, Chaco Campos, "Segredos Nossos." She released her first EP, Rosa Laranja, in 2018, followed by her debut album, Salvar El Fuego, in 2019. The prestigious South by Southwest Conference selected her to perform as an official artist at its Austin, Texas, festival in April, her first U.S. show. Campos wears her heart on her sleeve with her music, which is perfect for a walk admiring nature or a laid-back cafecito break. — Ana Monroy Yglesias

Cande Y Paulo

Cande y Paulo embody all that is unexpected and sensuous in a style that blends jazz, the classics and the unflinching daring. One day in 2017 this duo decided to upload to social media their performance of the eternally beloved song by Luis Alberto Spinetta, "Barro Tal Vez." A few months and 10 million views later, many discovered that the Cande Buasso y Paulo Carrizo duo was a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from a valley in the San Juan province of Argentina, they're both tenacious, products of a classical music education and families with diverse tastes in music and rhythms. Paulo impresses with his musical prowess, and Cande bewitches with her velvet voice. The end result is a sound that has already traveled much further than they ever imagined. — Ana Santiago


Going from social media influencer to Latin GRAMMY nominee in the span of a year and a half would be a feat for anyone. But for Brazilian indie pop chanteuse Clarissa Müller, it seems almost expected. She has a versatility that's exceedingly rare these days and that is reflected on her self-titled debut EP. Anyone expecting simple songs about overnight fame will be quickly surprised, however, as Clarissa explores themes like love, desire and empowerment with a startling maturity. Perhaps this is best showcased on the single "Ela," which details a burgeoning same-sex romance and the accompanying fear, anxiety, affection and tenderness that are familiar to anyone who's ever been in love. — Andrew Casillas

Silvana Estrada

Silvana Estrada calmly entered the Latin music landscape, and her poetic revolution instantly began. Reared in a family of luthiers in Coatepec, Veracruz, where the son jarocho resonated, the singer and multi-instrumentalist searched her soul to find her voice early on. Her roots, also inspired by jazz, run deep in Latin American folklore, cultivating a powerful, intimate voice that at times channels the spirit of its greats; think Chavela Vargas or Mercedes Sosa. One quality of her raw, hushed voice is that it can turn fiery in an instant. Paired with the pristine fingerstyle of her Venezuelan cuatro, it can evoke the twinkling of a starry night, and the sky's more thunderous moments too. Despite her latest work sprouting from lost love (2022's "Marchita" or "withered"), it flourishes brilliantly like a rose sprouting from concrete. — Isabela Raygoza

Pol Granch

Barely into his teens, Pol Granch (born Pablo Grandjean) began to release songs on social media. In 2018, a TV musical talent contest in his native Spain, Factor X España, opened doors for him. In 2019, he released his first single, "Late," and a self-titled EP. They would be followed by a debut album, Tengo Que Calmarme. Since then, however, the agenda of this pop singer/songwriter, who also claims French heritage, has been anything but calm. Last year, he found widespread recognition with a single and remix, "Tiroteo," featuring Marc Seguí and Rauw Alejandro, respectively. And this year, the twentysomething has another album to his name, Amor Escupido. Spit Love? Well, no one ever said love was easy to understand. — Juan Carlos Pérez-Duthie


With his rugged mix of cowboy-pop with an R&B sensibility, up-and-coming Colombian troubadour Nabález is someone to watch. Growing up in Atlanta, Felipe González Abad got immersed in the world of gospel and country, but his heart is clearly in his Colombian heritage as he delves ever deeper into the art of the Latin American ballad. As a producer, the beatmaker started cooking tracks for Latin pop stars like Bebe, Greeicy and Karen Méndez, which elevated his proficiency in contemporary pop. As a solo artist, Nabález set his sights on the regional Mexican music horizon, mastering genres such as ranchera and banda. With a string of successful singles that comprise his ranchera debut and with worthy collaborators such as Majo Aguilar (granddaughter of Antonio Aguilar, an icon from Mexican cinema's golden age), his star will only shine brighter. — Isabela Raygoza


Venezuelan-Peruvian newcomer Tiare's aptly titled debut EP Dieciséis is a compositional snapshot with material she wrote between the ages of 13 and 16.

It displays thematic maturity and a knack for songwriting. And her mostly

acoustic guitar-driven pop ballads "La Española," "Líneas De Tu Mano" and "Evaluna" showcase Tiare's songwriting talents and her ability to convey coming- of-age themes in a nuanced and relatable way within a warm, flamenco-tinged vocal delivery and skillful guitar. "Evaluna," produced by Latin GRAMMY-nominated hitmaker Periko (Periko & Jessi León), surpassed one million views on YouTube. It's evidence that Tiare's talents are rooted in her ability to connect with a wider audience through her music. — Lissette Corsa


Vale, the Colombian duo comprised of twin sisters Valentina and Valeria Pérez, displays a rare combination of voices that are at once diaphanous and strong, and they're causing quite a stir in the Latin indie-pop music scene. Together they float ethereally as they overlap and meld harmoniously against a beguiling blend of R&B and folk-pop. Their latest album, Línea Recta, is a collection of eight tracks described by the sisters as "a tribute to imperfections and real beauty." Vale's otherworldly melodies and minimalist acoustic arrangements connote light effervescence on the surface and something deeper within, draped in heartfelt lyrics and tender poeticism, that explore the many crevices where love likes to hide. — Lissette Corsa

Yahritza Y Su Esencia

They've been called the great new promise of regional Mexican music, even though at the beginning of the year, the vocalist of Yahritza y Su Esencia was still in high school. Along with her instrumentalist brothers, Jairo and Mando, Yahritza Martínez grew up in a working-class family in Yakima, Washington. As a small child, she picked fruit in the fields, and at 13 she composed "Soy El Único," with which she tasted digital fame on YouTube. Today, the three Martínez siblings are with Lumbre Music. The label's directors saw a video of a cover made by the group and became, like the title of the trio's debut EP, Obsessed. No matter what the future holds, these young talents understand that they must preserve what sets them apart them: their essence. — Juan Carlos Pérez-Duthie

Nicole Zignago

This past year, Nicole Zignago has gone from behind-the-scenes hitmaker into the spotlight. The Peruvian singer/songwriter made her reputation co-penning global hits like Sofía Reyes' "1, 2, 3" and Mariah Angeliq's "Taxi." After signing with Warner Music México late last year, Zignago debuted as an artist in May with the EP Así Me Siento Hoy. As the title suggests, she has compiled a collection of six deeply personal songs that showcase her versatility. Soaring ballad "Preguntas" finds her processing her feelings after a difficult breakup. Later, in the flamenco-infused "Feelings," Zignago has shaken off the heartbreak. She also embraces elements of R&B in the funky love song "Me Gusta Que Me Gustes." Zignago, also known for being the daughter of singer Gian Marco, is now making a name for herself. — Lucas Villa

2022 Latin GRAMMYs Nominees Announced: See The Complete List

Photo of Giulia Be, Agnes Nunes, Paula Lima, Luísa Sonza, Manu Gavassi
(From left) Giulia Be, Agnes Nunes, Paula Lima, Luísa Sonza, Manu Gavassi

Courtesy of The Latin Recording Academy


Watch The 2022 Latin GRAMMY Acoustic Sessions In Brazil: Featuring Giulia Be, Manu Gavassi, Agnes Nunes, Luísa Sonza, And Paula Lima

Recorded in São Paulo and presented by the Latin Recording Academy in partnership with Meta, the digital concert features an all-female lineup and unique interpretations of classics from Rita Lee.

GRAMMYs/Oct 20, 2022 - 11:12 pm

The Latin Recording Academy is whisking you away to Brazil for its second digital concert for its 2022 Latin GRAMMY Acoustic Sessions. Celebrating the next generation of Brazilian artists, the concert features exclusive performances from Latin GRAMMY nominees Giulia Be and Luísa Sonza, as well as Manu Gavassi and Agnes Nunes.

The digital concert, which premiered today, is available to view on the Latin Recording Academy’s Facebook page as well as on each participating artists’ personal Facebook page on Oct. 20 by 3 p.m. EST.

Recorded in an intimate, dreamy studio in São Paulo, the 48-minute concert also features new interpretations of Rita Lee’s classic songs, under the direction of Zé Ricardo. Lee will be honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2022 Latin GRAMMY Awards on Nov. 17. The session also spotlights a special presentation from Paula Lima, a former Latin GRAMMY nominee.

​​"This acoustic session — featuring the songs of Rita Lee interpreted in new ways, by new voices — showcases our commitment to excellence in the recording arts while preserving the cultural legacy of Latin music," said Manuel Abud, CEO of the Latin Recording Academy. "These artists represent the new generation of Brazilian music creators and embody our commitment to building more inclusive spaces for musicians as we aim to bridge the gender gap within our industry."

In addition to providing intimate musical experiences centered around artists’ personal narratives, the Latin GRAMMY Acoustic Sessions highlight up-and-coming talent. The first digital acoustic session was released earlier this year in July, starring El Fantasma, Los Dos Carnales and Lupita Infante.

Watch: El Fantasma, Los Dos Carnales & Lupita Infante Perform Live From Mexico City As Part Of The 2022 Latin GRAMMY Acoustic Sessions