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Katy Perry, Rihanna and Taylor Swift among Maxim's Hot 100
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    Katy Perry
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    Taylor Swift
May 06, 2011 -- 4:00 am PDT

Do you know who is No. 1 on the Hot 100? According to Maxim magazine's list of Hot 100 women of 2011, it's model/actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who will appear in the upcoming Transformers 3 film. Though they didn't hit the top spot, several women of music made the hot list, including Katy Perry (No. 3), Taylor Swift (No. 20), Rihanna (No. 22), Britney Spears (No. 25), and Lea Michele (No. 28), among others. While the list is typically meant to appeal to men, at least one woman has weighed in on her fave. Adele told the UK's The Sun, "If Rihanna wanted me, I'd do it with her. She's hot." It seems Adele's infatuation began when Rihanna stripped off a pair of pants on "The X Factor" last year. We didn't know it was someone like Rihanna that Adele was looking for.

Quite possibly the most interesting man in the world (or at least in the world of reality television), Ryan Seacrest is setting out on yet another entertainment venture. The "American Idol" host and radio personality on KIIS-FM in Los Angeles is in talks with NBC to create a new music-themed program. Details on what the show will entail are still being developed, but according to reports it will likely not be a traditional singing competition and will not cast Seacrest on camera. But Seacrest could put on his producer's hat again for the show, a role he has assumed for shows such as "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." Will the show come to fruition and will Seacrest maintain his superhuman powers of being in more than 100 places at once? The jury will likely remain out, at least until the pilot is shot.

Marie Osmond has tied a familiar knot, while rekindling hope for estranged couples everywhere. In a romantic turnabout, Osmond remarried her first husband, Stephen Craig, during a private ceremony in a Mormon temple in Las Vegas on May 4. "I am so happy and look forward to sharing my life with Stephen," said Osmond. The couple shared lives previously when they were first married in 1982, but they divorced just three years later. Osmond married her second husband, Brian Blosil, in 1986 and shared more than 20 years with him before divorcing in 2007. Will the third time be the proverbial charm for Marie? In related news, everyone's favorite brother-sister combo released a new album this week, aptly titled Donny & Marie. The set has a country flavor (which is good for Marie, who has always been a little bit country, though we don't know where that leaves Donny's little bit of rock and roll). One of the tracks on the album, "We Will Find A Way," contains the lyrics: "Sun follows rain/Strength follows pain/Ohhh, we will find a way." Hmmm…sounds like an appropriate song for a divorced couple who has rediscovered their love.

Music fans looking for not only a concert, but also the opportunity to chow down with the band are in luck. Kingsford charcoal has partnered with the GRAMMY-winning Zac Brown Band to sponsor "eat-and-greets" at select concerts this summer. While Kingsford has brokered similar deals with artists such as Tim McGraw and Keith Urban in the past, this particular partnership is arguably more appropriate given leader Zac Brown's renowned culinary skills, cookbook and line of Southern Ground gourmet products. Fans attending the pre-show gatherings will have the opportunity to sample Brown's Southern recipes while also sampling performances from artists signed to Brown's label, Southern Ground Records. Some fans will even have the opportunity to have a feast with the Zac Brown Band themselves. Looking to get your grub on with Zac and Co.? Click here for more information.

In other list news, looks like any of the following could have afforded their own royal wedding. Former "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell was the big mover on the ranking of the UK's wealthiest music people. Jumping from 11th last year to No. 6, Cowell's fortune was valued at about $330 million. The top 5 includes Zomba Records founder turned philanthropist Clive Calder (No. 1, $2.1 billion), composer Andrew Lloyd Webber (No. 2, $1.11 billion), musical theater producer Cameron Mackintosh (No. 3, $1.10 billion), ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney (No. 4, $810 million), and "Idol" franchise creator Simon Fuller (No. 5, $614 million). Yep, Britain's got talent.

It seems radio and TV pundit Glenn Beck is digging ever deeper for his alarmist conspiracy theories. The man who had become the latter-day Dr. Gene Scott — at least until his Fox News TV show was recently cancelled — Beck is now taking on one of the great political powers of our age: a rock and roll band. According to the Guardian, Beck cited an episode of "Glee" that featured the My Chemical Romance song "Sing," claiming the song was propaganda. Maybe it's just us at TWIM, but after having viewed the Beck segment, we're not sure what exactly he's talking about. Apparently, My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way was a bit befuddled too. Said Way via his band's website: "I think the word Glenn Beck was looking for was 'subversion' not 'propaganda,' because I don't know what it would be considered propaganda for — truth? Sentiment?" Well, if nothing else is clear, it turns out Beck is a fan of the "brilliant" "Glee."

Katy Perry's "E.T." featuring Kanye West remains at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" is tops on the iTunes singles chart.

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