How Superfans Of Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish & More Are Changing Artist Merchandising With Consumable Fan Art
(L-R): Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Billie Eilish

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How Superfans Of Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish & More Are Changing Artist Merchandising With Consumable Fan Art

Fan-made merchandise for artists like Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish has become a popular trend on TikTok. Will it become the future of artist merch?

GRAMMYs/Jun 1, 2022 - 09:00 am

In March, Emily Kelley posted a video on TikTok unveiling her then-newest creation: an illustration of the 10-minute version of Taylor Swift's fan favorite, "All Too Well." Featuring silhouettes dancing in the moonlight and a scarf hanging out of a drawer — two of the song's more vivid lyrics that strike a chord with Swifties — her artwork immediately resonated with fans.

"That final detail of the silhouettes dancing really hit home for a specific memory of mine," one commented on the video. Another comment signified the piece's impact: "Why are there tears in my eyes watching this?"

Kelley, a graphic designer, is one of the many artists using TikTok as a platform to promote their work. With pieces ranging from customized clothing to lyric-inspired prints and jewelry collections, these creators take inspiration from artists like Swift, Harry Styles, Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish when designing their collections. Their art is taking TikTok from a platform of viral dance crazes to fan-driven artist merchandise stores — and creating a unique connection with fellow superfans along the way.

"Fans know what [other] fans want," Kelley suggests. "I'm listening to every single song, watching every interview, and picking apart every social media post from my favorite artists. I think that reflects in the products I create. Official artist merch typically tends to be a bit pricier and mass produced … it loses that intimacy."

Kelley's artwork stems from her own love of Swift. She created a poster based on her listening experience of 2020's folklore, and upon posting it to TikTok, the piece garnered almost 20,000 likes. Soon, fans were making requests for their own Swift-based artwork, and thus "The T.S. Project" was born. In the nearly two years since, Kelley has created a piece for nearly every song Swift has released.

In one of her "T.S. Project" videos, Kelley alluded to the project's appeal — for both her and fans: "I just love this idea of seeing a piece of art that reminds you of your favorite songs and being able to hang that on your wall."

Sam Buckley had that same thought when she realized her synesthesia — which means she sees color when she listens to music — could emote a special feeling for other fans. She has made a business out of her synesthetic artwork, as her TikTok feed is a variety of videos for requested songs, including Styles' "As It Was" and Eilish's "when the party's over."

Eilish is one of Buckley's biggest inspirations, particularly because the singer (as well as her brother and main musical partner, FINNEAS) also has synesthesia. "[Billie] and Finneas' work is really special aesthetically — I feel a lot of colors in their work and a deep emotion," Buckley says. "It's really easy for me to create with Billie's work. And once I post one BIllie song, I have requests for 10 more songs after that."

Along with connecting with fellow Eilish fans, Buckley's work has allowed her to connect with those who also have synesthesia.

"I just burst into tears because this is exactly how I have always seen the song as well," one commenter said. Another added, "I just want to say thank you. I thought I was alone in this and did not want to tell anyone. Now I feel like I have a superpower."

For those who may not see the colors Buckley sees, it's simply a way to see their favorite music and songs come to life. A request for the Band Camino's "Daphne Blue" echoed Kelley's sentiment about why these fan-made, superfan-driven pieces are special: "They make me so happy and I would love something to look at."

The Band Camino recently offered a full-circle moment for Kelley, who felt her impact at one of the pop-rock group's shows. "I grew my following because of Taylor Swift, but I was at a Band Camino concert, and a few people came up to me to say they loved my work — and, because I had frequently talked about [them], they started listening to them and decided to go to the show that night," she recalls. "More than anything, TikTok has given me a really tight community to be a part of."

Tik Tok's algorithm is perfect for superfans of any musician. Once you like a Harry Styles-related post, chances are, you'll stumble  upon several more the next time you open the app. Naturally, you'll probably land on one of these artists' creations. And in Kelley's eyes, super-passionate fans will likely want to buy unique artist merchandise — or at least give them a follow or like. "You don't have to have a big following to successfully promote what you're making," she adds.

"Fandom love and community is so very strong on TikTok — doing #TaylorTikTok or #TaylorTok, #DriversLicenseTok, the power behind a hashtag is insane," says Sara Cohen are a cross between a popular fashion trend and a new concept in fandom merchandising. In fact, Cohenwas inspired to open her own store after seeing the accessory's growing popularity on Tik Tok.

Kicking off her shop with "Mamma Mia"-inspired sets in June 2020, Cohen launches a new collection every other month based on what is resonating in pop culture at the moment. So far, she has made collections for Swift, Styles and Rodrigo, even branching out to beloved franchises like Marvel and Disney.

Staying on top of what's popular is a major reason all three women are seeing success with their own creations. Most recently, Styles'highly anticipated release of Harry's House prompted Kelley to begin curating a full collection of prints based on the album's track list; Buckley has already had a hoard of requests for its songs as well.

Kelley stays on top of official artist merchandise, too. She has a playlist of videos on her TikTok page dedicated to merch reviews, in which she analyzes the pieces from the perspective of both a graphic designer and a devoted fan. "These designs just feel like a cop out," she noted in a review of Rodrigo's Driving Home 2 U collection; "this is how you make a tracklist shirt," she said, complimenting a top for Julien Baker'sLittle Oblivions album.

As Kelley highlights in several of her reviews, artist merchandise can be costly — like the $120 jacket in Rodrigo’s Driving Home 2 U collection and the $50 pool float in one of Swift’s recent merch drops. Fan-made merchandise is often less expensive while still feeding an increasing demand for cool products. Kelley has a Swift-inspired hoodie for $30, a sweatshirt in Swift’s recent collection is $65; she has a Band Camino T-shirt for $16, half the price of the tees on their merch site.

These creators have their finger on the pulse of personalized, unique merchandise that perhaps some artists aren't considering — at least not yet. Buckley, Kelley and Cohen all agree that fan-created goods could be the future of artist merchandising and marketing.

"Before I started creating fan-made merch, I truly had no idea that there would be such a big market for it," Kelley says. Cohen adds, "It's giving so many creators a space to find their individuality in such a saturated market … As shows and fandoms continue to grow, so will the small businesses creating inspired merch."

With how rapidly this unique creator community is growing on TikTok, it may be only a matter of time before the musicians that inspire these artists become the ones who are inspired.

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Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift

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FYI/TMI: Are Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran Getting Together?

Rumors surface that the two are in a red-hot relationship; Sony/ATV Music Publishing named top publisher of fourth quarter in 2012

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(In an effort to keep you fully informed, and fully entertained, below we present today's FYI and TMI — news you need and news that's, well, sometimes needless….)


Sony/ATV Claims Top Publisher In Q4 2012
Sony/ATV Music Publishing, which in June 2012 acquired administration of EMI Music Publishing, was the top publisher in the fourth quarter of 2012 based on its 25.8 percent share of the top 100 songs during the period, according to figures released by Nielsen BDS. No. 2 was Kobalt Music Group (16.5 percent share), followed by Universal Music Publishing Group (15.9 percent share), Warner/Chappell Music (14.2 percent share), and BMG Chrysalis (5.3 percent share).


Swift Getting Together With Sheeran?
Taylor Swift may never be getting back together with a few people — like, ever — but that isn't stopping her from joining "The A Team." According to a report, Swift and GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran were reportedly seen together at a hotel in late February. Adding more red-hot fuel to the fire, Sheeran collaborated with Swift on her latest album, Red, the name of which is also a tattoo on Sheeran's left arm. Since Swift and Sheeran supposedly dated briefly last spring, maybe they are, like, getting back together.

Taylor Swift Plots 2020 World Tour With U.S. Dates For Lover Fest East & West

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Taylor Swift Plots 2020 World Tour With U.S. Dates For Lover Fest East & West

Following dates in Europe and South America, Swift will land in the U.S. for Lover Fest East and West, where the pop star will open Los Angeles' brand new stadium

GRAMMYs/Sep 18, 2019 - 02:38 am

Taylor Swift  will be spreading the love in support of her hit album 2020, but it may or may not be in a city near you. The GRAMMY winner announced plans for her summer 2020 tour in support of her seventh studio album, including two shows each in Foxborough, Mass. and Los Angeles for Lover Fest East and West respectively as the only four U.S. dates announced so far.

The tour kicks off in Belgium on June 20 and hits festivals in seven European countries before heading to Sao Paulo, Brazil on July 18 then heading to U.S. Swift will then present Lover Fest West with back-to-back Los Angeles July 25 and 26 at the newly named SoFi Stadium. The concerts will serve as the grand opening of the much-anticipated NFL venue. The tour will wrap a double header at Gillette Stadiuim in Foxborough July 31 and Aug 1

"The Lover album is open fields, sunsets, + SUMMER. I want to perform it in a way that feels authentic," she tweeted. "I want to go to some places I haven’t been and play festivals. Where we didn’t have festivals, we made some. Introducing, Lover Fest East + West!" 

Lover was released Aug. 23 and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. Her sold-out tour for her previous album, 2017's Reputation, was the highest grossing U.S. tour ever, breaking her own record.

Tickets for the new dates go on sale to the general public via Ticketmaster on Oct. 17. 


"GRAMMY Effect" Spikes Sales

GRAMMYs/Dec 3, 2014 - 04:22 am

"GRAMMY Effect" Spikes Sales
The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards drove a 3.3 percent increase in album sales compared to last week, according to a Billboard report. The 2010 GRAMMY Nominees album jumped to No. 5 with sales of 71,000 units, a 55 percent increase. Top GRAMMY winner Beyoncé's I Am…Sasha Fierce rose to No. 14 with sales of 32,000 copies, a 101 percent increase. Other GRAMMY performers experiencing sales increases include Pink (up 234 percent), Dave Matthews Band (up 114 percent), the Zac Brown Band (up 82 percent), the Black Eyed Peas (up 76 percent), Taylor Swift (up 58 percent), and Lady Gaga (up 17 percent). Lady Antebellum, who also performed on the telecast, remained at No. 1 for the second consecutive week. (2/10)

Grainge Promoted To UMG CEO
Universal Music Group International Chairman and CEO Lucian Grainge has been promoted to CEO of Universal Music Group, effective Jan. 1, 2011. He will succeed Doug Morris and report to Jean-Bernard Lévy, chairman of the management board of Vivendi. Grainge will relocate from London to New York to serve as co-CEO of UMG in tandem with Morris for six months starting July 1. Morris, who has served as UMG chairman and CEO since 1995, will remain as company chairman. (2/10)

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Beyond their ubiquitous 1977 No. 1 hit "Dreams," there are so many other gems from the iconic GRAMMY-winning album Rumours, as well as across their entire catalog. There's the oft-covered sentimental ballad "Landslide" from their 1975 self-titled album, the jubilant, sparkling Tango in the Night cut "Everywhere" and Stevie Nicks' triumphant anthem for the people "Gypsy," from 1982's Mirage, among many others.

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