meta-scriptWande Strikes A Proud Note Of Resolve With “Wakande” | Positive Vibes Only |

Wande Strikes A Proud Note Of Resolve With “Wakande” | Positive Vibes Only

After a compassionate message from functional medicine practitioner Dr. Will Cole, the Nigerian-American rapper elevates her mind above self-loathing.

Wande won’t abide the haters and gossipers attempting to drag her down. However, that’s not a product of a swollen ego—it’s a directive from her Creator.

“God done flipped my story, alright,” she raps in her thrilling, Yoruba-inflected tune “Wakande,” which she performs as part of this week’s Positive Vibes Only: “I ain't trippin' what they say 'bout me / Even when they throw shade on me / ‘Cause the shade on me put shades on me.”

In an era where tearing down those more successful than oneself is fashionable, self-actualization is the best medicine—in more ways than one. Despite what the weight-loss and beauty industries might tell you, achieving better physical and mental health doesn’t come from whipping one’s body into submission. As Dr. Will Cole says at the top of the video, physically restoring oneself begins with loving oneself.

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