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Producers On The Blurred Line Between DJ-ing And Making Music

The exceptional DJ/producers panel have blurred the line between DJ-ing, playing someone else's music, and being an original musical artist in your own right.

At Winter Music Conference 2014, Florida Chapter and the Producers & Engineers Wing hosted The Producers Forum, moderated by DJ and producer Greg "Stryke" Chin, with a panel featuring BT, Cedric Gervais and DJ duo Sultan and Ned Shepard. They spoke about what attracted each of them to music and to their careers. For Gervais it was rave culture then programming in Cubase on an Atari. BT began in classical but breakdance culture and British bands like Depeche Mode were his gateway to EDM. He'd get reaction against using a computer to make music while he was the first to perform with a beta version of Ableton before version 1. Shepard loves the musically interconnected dialog of using and listening to each other's music and incorporating things you love into your live set in the club.

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