In the latest episode of Press Play At Home, Puerto Rican rapper Álvaro Díaz pairs up with Sebastián Yatra to deliver a gloomy rendition of their pensive 2021 collaboration "Online ;(."

The mood of Press Play At Home episode is established well before Álvaro Díaz or Sebastián Yatra utter a single word.

Shot in black and white, the clip's frames reveal unhooked phones, crumpled-up pieces of paper, a rose, and a lighter — which paint the picture of heartache almost as well as the track's heart-rending lyrics themselves.

Watch Díaz pair up with a projection of Yatra for a grim-yet-captivating performance of "Online ;(."

Watch Álvaro Díaz And Sebastián Yatra Team Up For A Fittingly Somber Performance Of "Online ;(" | Press Play At Home

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