Charley Crockett On His Epic Walk Through 'The Valley' | On The Road At Newport

While On The Road at Newport Folk Fest 2019, the Recording Academy caught up with the country troubadour, who takes us through the major journey to his forthcoming album.

From San Benito, Texas, to Paris, France, and many places in between, Charley Crockett's musical journey has bounced him around the globe, from his homeland of Texas, to New Orleans, Barcelona, Paris and more. At every stop in his journey, he's sharpened his skills as a singer of storytelling songs.

Just after his first-ever performance at Newport Folk Festival, we sat down with the sharp-dressed man to hear about his forthcoming project, The Valley, and the journey it took to make it.

Read the full interview here: Charley Crockett's Walk Through 'The Valley': "That's What Artists Do" | Newport Folk 2019


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