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Positive Vibes Only: Watch Housefires Illustrate The Power Of Jesus' Love With "Lean On The Lord"

Atlanta-based worship group Housefires come together for an impassioned performance of "Lean on the Lord," a track from their recently released album, 'How To Start A Housefire.'

GRAMMYs/Feb 19, 2023 - 08:08 pm

For worship collective Housefires, trusting in Christ is the answer to life's struggles. That's exactly the message of their new song "Lean on the Lord."

In this episode of Positive Vibes Only, Housefires deliver an inspirational performance of the track, complete with live instrumentation and a backing choir. At the helm is vocalist Ryan Ellis, with the entire 12-piece group providing powerful harmonies on the chorus. 

"Some things don't make sense/ But one thing's for sure/ When I lean on You, Lord/ Lean on You, Lord/ Somehow Your love gives me the strength to go on," they sing.

"Lean on the Lord" is a cut from Housefires' new album, How To Start A Housefire, which the group released in January. It's Housefires' first studio album since 2017, but the collective has released three live albums in between.

The group put together How To Start A Housefire to remind listeners that their mission hasn't changed since their 2014 formation — despite the fact they have experienced commercial success. According to a press release, "The songs were meant to be a resource for the church in thought and creed rather than elements to tack onto a Sunday setlist."

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The musical group Selah stands posed together (L-R): Amy Perry, Todd Smith, and Allan Hall

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Positive Vibes Only: Watch Selah Praise The “Higher Name” In Encouraging Performance Of New Single

Contemporary Christian trio Selah share the power of glorifying God in this live performance of their latest release, “Higher Name.”

GRAMMYs/Apr 15, 2024 - 03:39 pm

Contemporary Christian trio Selah has found liberation from their anxieties thanks to the power of their newest song, "Higher Name" released on March 22.

Despite grappling with sorrow, pain, and doubt, they have found a path that consistently offers them freedom and security. In this installment of Positive Vibes Only, Selah delivers a stripped-down performance of "Higher Name," with Allan Hall playing the keyboard while Amy Perry and Todd Smith sing on the track. 

"No higher name/ That's worthy of praise/ That can free us from our chains," Selah declares in the chorus. "Author of faith/ Your kingdom reigns/ Jesus, The Name above all names/ You're the one that we proclaim/ The eternal God who saves."

Beginning April 19, Selah will perform a string of live shows, including the Singing in the Sun Festival in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and appearances at the 40 Days and Nights of Gospel Music at the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky.

According to their artist biography, Hall says, "From the beginning, our words have been comfort and encouragement, and I don't think that has ever changed as a part of our mission... God has let us take the gift of music and share it and do something that could help someone.

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Tzy Panchak

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Positive Vibes Only: Watch Tzy Panchak & Raizy Team Up For A Joyous Performance Of "God Is Love"

Cameroonian Afro-pop artists Tzy Panchak and Raizy team up for a soul-nourishing version of "God Is Love," a collaboration from Panchak's 2024 album 'God's People.'

GRAMMYs/Apr 8, 2024 - 05:15 pm

Back in February, Cameroonian Afro-pop artist released his second album, 'God's People.' The nine-track LP spotlighted several of his fellow Cameroonian artists, including singer/producer Raizy, who features on the wavy, praiseful track "God Is Love."

In this episode of Positive Vibes Only, Panchak and Raizy deliver a live version of their uplifting collaboration, augmented by a full band and a group of gospel singers.

"God is love, God is love/ In my heart, in my soul," Panchak sings in the chorus. As Raizy declares in his verse, "I will never doubt how close I get" — both sentiments celebrating just how powerful God's love can be.

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Stars Go Dim

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Positive Vibes Only: Stars Go Dim Encourages You To Be Fearless With A Performance Of "Live Like That"

One-man band Stars Go Dim unveils the freedom you'll find when you "see yourself through Heaven's eyes" in this inspiring rendition of his 'Grace In The Wilderness' B-side, "Live Like That."

GRAMMYs/Apr 1, 2024 - 05:00 pm

Everyone has low points — moments of feeling "unworthy, not good enough," or "like you won't ever win." But as Christian pop rock singer Stars Go Dim suggests, if you "see yourself through Heaven's eyes," you will become the most fearless, unapologetic version of yourself.

"Would you open up your broken heart/ Show them who you really are/ Leave your regret in the past?" Stars Go Dim (aka Chris Cleveland) questions in the chorus. "You can live like that."

In this episode of Positive Vibes Only, Cleveland delivers a moving performance of the uplifting track, sitting at a piano in a serene outdoor setting.

"Live Like That" is a B-side from Stars Go Dim's 2022 LP, Grace In The Wilderness, which also features two of his most notable singles, "Authority (In The Name Of Jesus)" and "Satisfied." As he revealed in an Instagram post upon the album's release, "This music represents me as an artist more than any other music I've ever released."

Stars Go Dim is currently on the Authority In The Name Of Jesus Tour alongside The Band Table. The trek is named after his single "Authority (In The Name Of Jesus)," one of two tracks that Stars Go Dim released in 2023; he also released a collaboration with Nigerian Christian singer Chidiya Ohiagu, "Already Blessed."

Press play on the video above to watch Stars Go Dim's encouraging performance of "Live Like That," and check back to every Monday for more new episodes of Positive Vibes Only.

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Positive Vibes Only: Terrian Reveals The Power Of "God's Acceptance" With An Uplifting Performance Of "He Sees You"

Contemporary Christian music singer Terrian delivers an acoustic rendition of "He Sees You," a powerful track from her newest album, 'Give It Time,' that celebrates the greatness of God's love.

GRAMMYs/Mar 11, 2024 - 05:03 pm

Everyone could use that one person who loves them unconditionally, even at their lowest points. Contemporary Christian singer Terrian found that exact solace as "a child of the living God."

"I'm not perfect/ Even at my best, I don't deserve Him/ When everything's a mess under the surface/ He never makes me feel ashamed," she reveals in the opening verse of her track, "He Sees You." "He sees everything that you're gonna be/ He's healing every lie you believed/ He sees you."

In this episode of Positive Vibes Only, Terrian delivers an uplifting performance of "He Sees You," a track from Terrian's newest album, Give It Time, released on Jan. 26 via Gotee Records.  Supported by a group of background vocalists, an acoustic guitar, and a piano, Terrian's stripped-down rendition helps drive the meaningful message home.

"I've been living with open hands and trusting the Lord's timing. That's what this whole album is about — waiting," she explained in a press statement. "Waiting can be hard, especially when things aren't going the way you thought they would, but at the same time, it's been eye-opening. I'm grateful for the time to figure out who I am as an artist."

On March 13, Terrian will be playing a one-night show in collaboration with Unplugged Concerts at the Mockingbird Theater in Franklin, Tennessee.

Press play on the video above to watch Terrian's inspiring performance of "He Sees You," and check back to every Monday for more new episodes of Positive Vibes Only.

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