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64th Annual GRAMMY Awards


Album Of The Year

Justice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)

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Through the 66th GRAMMY Awards

"I love my family. I love God. And I love music."

  • Born Chancelor Johnathan Bennett on April 16, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois
  • Following the release of two mixtapes, Chance The Rapper's third mixtape, Coloring Book, became the first album to chart on the Billboard 200 based solely on streaming, hitting No. 8.
  • Chance The Rapper earned the first three GRAMMYs of his career at the 59th GRAMMY Awards, including Best New Artist. He made his GRAMMY stage debut that same year, performing a medley of "How Great" and "All We Got" alongside GRAMMY winners Kirk Franklin and Tamela Mann.
  • Did you know? Chance The Rapper is the first streaming-only artist to win a GRAMMY. He is also the first male rap solo artist to win Best New Artist. He wasn't even born in 1989 when Tone-Loc became the first rap artist to receive a nomination in the category.
  • In March 2017, Chance The Rapper announced the donation of $1 million to Chicago Public Schools Foundation to help enrich local arts and educational programs.

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Album Of The Year

Justice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)