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57th Annual GRAMMY Awards


Best Alternative Music Album

This Is All Yours

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"With writing I normally end up just collaging loads of ideas together and fit it into an overall narrative, sometimes from personal experience, sometimes from things I've overheard, or read or watched." — Joe Newman

  • Band members: Thom Green, Joe Newman, Gus Unger-Hamilton
  • Formed in 2008, in Leeds, England
  • Alt-J released their debut album, An Awesome Wave, in 2012. The album won a British Mercury Prize and was nominated for three Brit Awards.
  • Alt-J received a GRAMMY nomination for Best Alternative Music Album for 2014 for their sophomore album, This Is All Yours.
  • Did you know? The band's name is derived from the Greek letter delta, which is a symbol of change, which can be created on a Mac keyboard by pressing "Alt" + "J" simultaneously.
  • Alt-J joined the lineup for the 2016 Bands 4 Refugees concert to benefit the U.K.-based Help Refugees charity, which provides shelter, medical aid and other supplies for refugees.



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Best Alternative Music Album

This Is All Yours

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