The Wild Feathers: How They Got Into Music, What They're Going For

Taylor Burns, Joel King and Ricky Young share insider gear details and wide-ranging replies about songwriting and what turned them on to music.

The Wild Feathers' Taylor Burns, Joel King and Ricky Young sat with Texas Chapter at Austin's Gibson Showroom in 2014 and discussed records, gear and their music. They write individually and collectively and Young says, "If the songs are good, they stick around." They also enjoy being able to write for each other's voices. Burns' emphasis is all about the quality of the sound but for Young, "It is obvious on the fans' faces, when their knees are bending and their heads are bobbing, you feel like you're doing a good job." All three hope to make the kind of rock and roll records others can feel about in the same way they themselves felt listening to their favorite records growing up.

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