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Andy Allo: Encouraged By Prince To Find Her Own Path

As Allo traverses the music industry, she keeps her focus on her own artistic integrity and her fans expect no less from her.

"I know you don't want to just continue to walk in the purple shadows," DJ Moonbaby said to Andy Allo during this Buzzin' interview from 2015. Fans working in African television pointed Prince towards this artist originally from Cameroon, Africa who became a Sacramento resident while keeping a fan base back in her original home. Allo had mentioned years before she would like to work with him and soon after they met, she toured in his band for a few years and he helped her as a mentor. "You just never know how one thing can lead to another," she said, looking back. Looking forward, she remains uncompromising about making her music her way, including through fan crowfunding support, and Allo is also surfacing as an actress in movies such as 2017's Pitch Perfect 3.

Mentoring Adds Up To A Perfect Pair


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