Aerosmith Win Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal

February 23, 2010 -- 5:34 pm PST

(Aerosmith accept the GRAMMY for Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal at the 36th GRAMMY Awards on March 1, 1994, in New York.)

Brad Whitford: Wow.

Steven Tyler: Thank you very much. You'd be surprised how expensive it costs to look this cheap. Why do I love rock and roll? 'Cause it gets me off. Everything I've ever loved was immoral, illegal, fattening or grew hair on your palms. God bless rock and roll.

Whitford: I'd like to thank some really special people. None of this would be possible without our managers: Tim Collins and Mr. Keith Garde, thank you guys. Also, I'd like to thank John Kalodner and everyone at Geffen Records; Mr. Burt Goldstein, Mr. Howard Siegel ­— this is the edited version, Howard  — and, of course, Marty Callner and everyone at Cream Cheese Productions. Thanks guys.

Tom Hamilton: We'd also like to thank our producer, Bruce Fairbairn. Bruce, I don't see you but I hope you win tonight. We'd like to thank Mark Hudson for co-writing the song. I'd like to thank our families who we never thank enough; Wendy Laister, who never stops working; our road crew, who right now are busting their humps to get the gear to Japan; and to all the fans out there, they gave this award to us, but it's because of you that we're here to get it.

Tyler: Yes, yes. Thank you again.

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