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"Celebrating 40 Years Of The Ramones" Takes A Loving Look Back

The executive who signed them, the wife of one who had dated his brother previously, a critic remembering their first performances, and punk band X's John Doe.

"Musical Milestones: Celebrating 40 Years Of The Ramones" was a GRAMMY Museum panel on March 17 at SXSW 2016 bringing together experts on how their music, personalities and style became iconic. "Their look became so classic that now 40 years later, it's still cool," said Johnny Ramone's widow Linda, who had earlier dated Joey. Sire Records co-founder Seymour Stein discussed signing the band and their song "We're A Happy Family." "In a way they were a happy family," Stein said, "because they realized they needed each other."  Rolling Stone senior writer David Fricke commented on seeing Johnny Ramone up close looking like a "biker stork" and how his effect on kids in a German TV show audience represented what made him special, because most were just shocked but a few kids really appreciated the music. After a discussion of Arturo Vega, who designed the Ramones' logo, GRAMMY Museum Executive Director Robert Santelli asked the group about his experience, traveling around the world, seeing kids wearing Ramones T-shirts. "It's a world gone right, Bob," panelist John Doe of the band X replied. Also, see our coverage from the next day.

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