Welcome to the Recording Academy, the premier membership organization for performers, songwriters, producers, engineers, and music professionals. Recording Academy members have the privilege to impact the future of music and its role in our society.

We invite you to dig deeper into the work we do to ensure music remains a valued and indelible part of our culture. As you explore, we hope you are inspired to get involved.

Membership Process

Recording Academy membership is community-driven and peer-reviewed on an annual cycle. Candidates must secure two recommendations to be considered by our Peer Review Panel, which convenes each Spring to evaluate all new member proposals. The deadline for new candidates is March 1. Membership invitations will be sent by June 30. 



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New Member Submissions
Two recommendations must be submitted on the Candidate's behalf by fellow music professionals. Candidates will then complete career profiles reflecting their background and accomplishments. New member submissions are due by March 1. 

Peer Review Panel
Each April, the Recording Academy’s Peer Review Panel convenes to evaluate all new member submissions and determines which to accept as part of that year’s new member class. 

Class Invitations
The Recording Academy invites approved candidates to join its membership. Invitations will be sent by June 30 and incoming members have until that year’s GRAMMY Awards voting deadline to accept and join.

Recommending New Members

Want to shape the Recording Academy? Recommend who you believe should be a part of our future, today.

If you’re a current member and would like to recommend a candidate, visit your dashboard here. If you’re not currently a member, but would like to propose someone for membership consideration, click here

Please note: Recommendations must be received at the Recording Academy by February 15th to ensure the candidate can complete the submission process by March 1.

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Membership Types

The Recording Academy offers three types of membership for music creators and business professionals as well as students aspiring to join the music industry. Our members range from performers, songwriters, and producers to music publicists and artist managers.

Qualified creators currently working in the recording industry. Voting Members determine GRAMMY winners each year.

Music professionals whose primary business activity is directly related to supporting the work of Voting Members in the recording industry.

Students currently enrolled full-time in a college, university, or  trade school with a desire to work in the recording industry upon graduation.

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