GRAMMY Awards Winners & Nominees for Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance (With or Without Conductor)

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Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance (With or Without Conductor)


62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards (2019)
Attacca Quartet

Shaw: Orange



Hermitage Piano Trio

Rachmaninoff - Hermitage Piano Trio

Cerrone: The Pieces That Fall To Earth


Freedom & Faith

61st Annual GRAMMY Awards (2018)
Laurie Anderson, Scott Fraser

Anderson, Laurie: Landfall

60th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2017)
Patricia Kopatchinskaja, The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

Death & The Maiden

Patricia Kopatchinskaja, conductor/soloist; The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra; Blanton Alspaugh, producer; John Newton, engineer; Mark Donahue, engineer/mixer

59th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2016)
Jesse Lewis

Steve Reich

Jesse Lewis, producer; Third Coast Percussion (Sean Connors, Robert Dillon, Peter Martin & David Skidmore), ensembles; Dan Nichols, engineer

58th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2015)
57th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2014)
Hilary Hahn

In 27 Pieces - The Hilary Hahn Encores

Hilary Hahn & Andreas K. Meyer, producers; Andreas K. Meyer & Julian Schwenker, engineers/mixers

56th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2013)
Jesse Lewis, Roomful Of Teeth

Roomful Of Teeth

Jesse Lewis, producer; Brad Wells, conductor; Roomful Of Teeth (Cameron Beauchamp, Dashon Burton, Martha Cluver, Eric Dudley, Estelí Gomez, Avery Griffin, Caroline Shaw & Virginia Warnken), ensembles; Mark Donahue & Jesse Lewis, engineers

55th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2012)


Judith Sherman, producer; Eighth Blackbird (Matt Albert, Matthew Duvall, Lisa Kaplan, Michael J. Maccaferri, Tim Munro & Nicholas Photinos), ensembles; Bill Maylone, engineer/mixer

54th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2011)
David Frost

Mackey: Lonely Motel - Music From Slide

David Frost, producer; Eighth Blackbird (Matt Albert, Matthew Duvall, Lisa Kaplan, Michael J. Maccaferri, Tim Munro & Nicholas Photinos), ensembles; Tom Lazarus, Mat Lejeune, Bill Maylone & Jon Zacks, engineers/mixers

53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards (2010)
52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards (2009)
Ars Nova Copenhagen, Theatre Of Voices

Lang, David: The Little Match Girl Passion

Robina G. Young, producer; Paul Hillier, conductor; Ars Nova Copenhagen (Thomas Kiorbye) & Theatre Of Voices (Thomas Kiorbye), ensembles; Brad Michel, engineer/mixer

51st Annual GRAMMY Awards (2008)
Blanton Alspaugh, Charles Bruffy, John Newton

Spotless Rose: Hymns To The Virgin Mary

Blanton Alspaugh, producer; Charles Bruffy, conductor; Phoenix Chorale, ensembles; John Newton, engineer/mixer

50th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2007)
Yuri Bashmet

Stravinsky: Apollo, Concerto In D; Prokofiev: 20 Visions Fugitives

Philipp Nedel, producer; Yuri Bashmet, conductor; Moscow Soloists, ensembles; Michael Brammann, engineer

49th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2006)

Padilla: Sun Of Justice

Fred Vogler, producer; Peter Rutenberg, conductor; Los Angeles Chamber Singers' Capella (Corey Carleton), ensembles; Fred Vogler, engineer

48th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2005)
Pierre Boulez, Ensemble InterContemporain

Boulez: Le Marteau Sans Maître, Dérive 1 & 2

Helmut Burk, producer; Pierre Boulez, conductor; Ensemble InterContemporain (Odile Auboin, Vincent Bauer, Michel Cerutti, Samuel Favre, Marie-Therese Ghirardi & Emmanuelle Ophèle), ensembles; Stephan Flock & Wolf-Dieter Karwatky, engineers

47th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2004)
Jan Karlin

Carlos Chávez - Complete Chamber Music, Vol. 2

Jan Karlin, producer; Jeff Von Der Schmidt, conductor; Matthew Snyder, engineer/mixer

46th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2003)
Southwest Chamber Music

Chávez: Suite For Double Quartet

45th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2002)
Steve Barnett

Tavener: Lamentations & Praises

Steve Barnett, producer; Joseph Jennings, conductor; Preston Smith, engineer

44th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2001)
Gidon Kremer

After Mozart - Raskatov, Silvestrov & Schnittke

Gidon Kremer & Helmut Mühle, producers; Philipp Nedel, engineer

43rd Annual GRAMMY Awards (2000)

Shadow Dances - Stravinsky Miniatures, Tango, Suite No. 1 & Octet

42nd Annual GRAMMY Awards (1999)

Colors Of Love - Works Of Thomas, Stucky, Tavener & Rands

41st Annual GRAMMY Awards (1998)

Reich: Music For 18 Musicians

40th Annual GRAMMY Awards (1997)

Hindemith: Kammermusik No. 1 With Finale 1921, Op. 24 No. 1

39th Annual GRAMMY Awards (1996)

Boulez: ...Explosante-Fixe...