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Best Historical Album


60th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2017)


Bobo Yeye: Belle Epoque In Upper Volta

The Goldberg Variations - The Complete Unreleased Recording Sessions June 1955

Leonard Bernstein - The Composer

Sweet As Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes From The Horn Of Africa

Washington Phillips And His Manzarene Dreams

59th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2016)

The Cutting Edge 1965-1966: The Bootleg Series, Vol.12 (Collector's Edition)

Steve Berkowitz & Jeff Rosen, compilation producers; Mark Wilder, mastering engineer (Bob Dylan)

58th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2015)

The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11

Steve Berkowitz, Jan Haust & Jeff Rosen, compilation producers. Peter J. Moore & Mark Wilder, mastering engineers.

57th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2014)

The Garden Spot Programs, 1950

Colin Escott & Cheryl Pawelski, compilation producers. Michael Graves, mastering engineer.

(Hank Williams)

56th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2013)

Charlie Is My Darling - Ireland 1965

Teri Landi, Andrew Loog Oldham & Steve Rosenthal, compilation producers. Bob Ludwig, mastering engineer.


The Complete Sussex And Columbia Albums

Leo Sacks, compilation producer. Joseph M. Palmaccio, Tom Ruff & Mark Wilder, mastering engineers.

55th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2012)
Brian Wilson

The Smile Sessions (Deluxe Box Set)

Alan Boyd, Mark Linett, Brian Wilson & Dennis Wolfe, compilation producers. Mark Linett, mastering engineer.

54th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2011)
Paul McCartney

Band On The Run (Paul McCartney Archive Collection - Deluxe Edition)

Paul McCartney, compilation producer. Sam Okell & Steve Rooke, mastering engineers.

53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards (2010)

The Beatles (The Original Studio Recordings)

Allan Rouse & Jeff Jones, compilation producers. Guy Massey, Paul Hicks, Sam Okell, Sean Magee & Steve Rooke, mastering engineers.

52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards (2009)

The Complete Chess Masters (1950-1967)

Andy McKaie, compilation producer. Erick Labson, mastering engineer.

51st Annual GRAMMY Awards (2008)

Art Of Field Recording Volume I: Fifty Years Of Traditional American Music Documented By Art Rosenbaum

Art Rosenbaum & Steven Ledbetter, compilation producers. Michael Graves, mastering engineer.

50th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2007)

The Live Wire - Woody Guthrie In Performance 1949

Jorge Arévalo Mateus & Nora Guthrie, compilation producers. Jamie Howarth, Kevin Short, Steve Rosenthal & Warren Russell-Smith, mastering engineers.

49th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2006)

Lost Sounds: Blacks And The Birth Of The Recording Industry 1891-1922

Meagan Hennessey & Richard Martin, compilation producers. David Giovannoni, Richard Martin & Tim Brooks, mastering engineers.

48th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2005)

The Complete Library Of Congress Recordings By Alan Lomax

Anna Lomax Wood & Jeffrey Alan Greenberg, compilation producers. Adam Ayan & Steve Rosenthal, mastering engineers.

47th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2004)

Night Train To Nashville: Music City Rhythm & Blues, 1945-1970

Daniel Cooper & Michael D. Gray, compilation producers. Alan Stoker & Joseph M. Palmaccio, mastering engineers.

46th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2003)

Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: A Musical Journey

Alex Gibney, Andy McKaie, Jerry Rappaport & Steve Berkowitz, compilation producers. Gavin Lurssen & Joseph M. Palmaccio, mastering engineers.

45th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2002)

Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues - The Worlds Of Charley Patton

Dean Blackwood, compilation producer. Christopher King, David Glasser & Matt Sandoski, mastering engineers.

44th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2001)

Lady Day - The Complete Billie Holiday On Columbia 1933-1944

Michael Brooks & Michael Cuscuna, compilation producers. Darcy Proper, Harry Coster, Ken Robertson, Mark Wilder, Matt Cavaluzzo & Seth Foster, mastering engineers.

43rd Annual GRAMMY Awards (2000)

Louis Armstrong - The Complete Hot Five & Hot Seven Recordings

Phil Schaap, Seth Rothstein & Steve Berkowitz, compilation producers. Andreas Meyer, Ken Robertson, Mark Wilder, Michael Brooks, Phil Schaap, Seth Foster, Tom Ruff & Woody Pornpitaksuk, mastering engineers.

42nd Annual GRAMMY Awards (1999)

The Duke Ellington Centennial Edition - The Complete RCA Victor Recordings (1927-1973)

Orrin Keepnews & Steven Lasker, compilation producers. Dennis Ferrante, Paul Brizzi & Steven Lasker, mastering engineers.

41st Annual GRAMMY Awards (1998)

The Complete Hank Williams

Colin Escott, Kira Florita & Kyle Young, compilation producers. Joseph M. Palmaccio & Tom Ruff, mastering engineers.

40th Annual GRAMMY Awards (1997)

Anthology Of American Folk Music - 1997 Expanded Edition

Amy Horowitz, Jeff Place & Pete Reiniger, compilation producers. Charlie Pilzer & David Glasser, mastering engineers.

39th Annual GRAMMY Awards (1996)

The Complete Columbia Studio Recordings

Bob Belden & Phil Schaap, compilation producers. Mark Wilder & Phil Schaap, mastering engineers.

38th Annual GRAMMY Awards (1995)

The Heifetz Collection

J.J. Stelmach, art director. John Pfeiffer, compilation producer. Anthony Salvatore, David Satz, James P. Nichols, Jon M. Samuels, Ray Hall & Thomas MacCluskey, mastering engineers. Brooks Smith, Erick Friedman, Gabriel Banat, George Jellinek, Grant Beglarian, Harris Goldsmith, Irving Kolodin, Jacob Lateiner, John Anthony Maltese, John Maltese, John Pfeiffer, Josefa Heifetz, Laurence Lesser, Leonard Pennario, Mortimer W. Frank, Myra C. Livingston, Richard Freed & Robert Cowan, album notes writers.

37th Annual GRAMMY Awards (1994)

The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books On Verve

Michael Lang, compilation producer.

36th Annual GRAMMY Awards (1993)

The Complete Billie Holiday On Verve 1945-1959

Michael Lang & Phil Schaap, compilation producers.

35th Annual GRAMMY Awards (1992)

The Complete Capitol Recordings Of The Nat "King" Cole Trio

Michael Cuscuna, producer.

34th Annual GRAMMY Awards (1991)

Billie Holiday - The Complete Decca Recordings

Andy McKaie & Steven Lasker, producers.

33rd Annual GRAMMY Awards (1990)

Robert Johnson - The Complete Recordings

Lawrence Cohn & Stephen Lavere, producers.

32nd Annual GRAMMY Awards (1989)

Chuck Berry - The Chess Box

Andy McKaie, producer.

31st Annual GRAMMY Awards (1988)


Bill Levenson, producer.

30th Annual GRAMMY Awards (1987)

Thelonious Monk - The Complete Riverside Recordings

Orrin Keepnews, producer.

29th Annual GRAMMY Awards (1986)

Atlantic Rhythm And Blues 1947-1974, Vols. 1-7

Aziz Goksel & Bob Porter, producers.

28th Annual GRAMMY Awards (1985)

RCA/Met - 100 Singers - 100 Years

John Pfeiffer, producer.

27th Annual GRAMMY Awards (1984)

Big Band Jazz

J.R. Taylor, producer.

26th Annual GRAMMY Awards (1983)

The Greatest Recordings Of Arturo Toscanini - Symphonies, Vol. I

Allan Steckler & Stanley Walker, producers.

25th Annual GRAMMY Awards (1982)

The Tommy Dorsey/Frank Sinatra Sessions - Vols. 1 ,2 & 3

Alan Dell, Don Wardell & Ethel Gabriel, producers.

24th Annual GRAMMY Awards (1981)

Hoagy Carmichael - From Stardust To Ole Buttermilk Sky

George Spitzer & Michael Brooks, producers.

23rd Annual GRAMMY Awards (1980)

Segovia - The EMI Recordings 1927-39

Keith Hardwick, producer.

22nd Annual GRAMMY Awards (1979)

Billie Holiday - Giants Of Jazz

Jerry Korn & Michael Brooks, producers.

21st Annual GRAMMY Awards (1978)

The Lester Young Story, Vol. 3

Michael Brooks, producer.