Awards Process Updates

Recent changes have been made to the Awards process. They are not currently reflected in the body of the online rulebook. These (and possibly additional) changes will be reflected in the fully updated 64th GRAMMY Awards Rules & Guidelines in late-May 2021.


Category, Field and Definition Updates

We have created a new category, “Best Global Music Performance” in the Global ​Music Field
This category is intended for vocal & instrumental performances with strong elements of global cultural significance that blend music forms and techniques found in pop, R&B, dance, rap, and folk with unique music forms, local expressions and techniques found among the global diaspora originating outside the United States. The combination gives a unique sense of melody, rhythm, harmony, & lyric that is of global appeal.

We have created a new category, "Best Musica Urbana" to the Latin Field, which will encompass music with 51% or more of Spanish lyrics in the genres of Reggaetón, Hip Hop, Trap and R&B.

GRAMMY Awards Voting Method Update

All Voting Members are encouraged to vote in the four categories of the General Field. Additionally, voters may vote in up to ten other categories – based on areas in which the voter is actively engaged as a peer – on both ballots. The ten additional categories must be within no more than three fields (thus, the name for this voting change: 10/3).

Voting Members should be able to vote in the categories in which they are MOST qualified, based on their experience and skillset. Reducing the number of fields encourages voters to focus their votes to where they work.

Nominations Review Committee Update

We have discontinued the use of Nominations Review Committees as part of the GRAMMY voting process.

The membership requalification efforts over the past three years and the deliberate recruitment of an active, more diverse voting body go a long way towards ensuring that our voting members truly are the peers of the creative music-makers being judged. Add to that the more responsible and focused choices central to 10/3 voting, and we can trust that the results of the first ballot genuinely reflect the best in the category, according to its peers.

Craft Fields Update

We have restructured certain GRAMMY Awards fields to better reflect the overlapping peer groups within the voters by consolidating six of the current craft fields into two fields, one for production related categories, and one for presentation related categories. [The Composing/Arranging Field would remain as is due to the uniqueness of expertise required.]

The Craft realignment will enhance the ability of voting members with Craft expertise to cast their votes in a more efficient way.

Package, Notes and Historical Field

  • Recording Package
  • Boxed/Special Limited Edition Package
  • Album Notes
  • Historical Album

Production Field

  • Engineered Album, Non-Classical
  • Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical
  • Remixed Recording
  • Immersive Audio Album
  • Engineered Album, Classical
  • Producer Of The Year, Classical