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57th Annual GRAMMY Awards


Best Dance Recording

Never Say Never

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Through the 65th GRAMMY Awards

"We made the decision to not be too tangential, to not be too left field, and to kind of communicate to our audience." — Felix Buxton


  • Members: Felix Buxton, Simon Ratcliffe
  • Formed 1994 in London, England
  • The duo's sophomore album, 2001's Rooty, reached No. 5 on Billboard's Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart. It spawned the hits "Romeo," "Jus 1 Kiss" and "Where's Your Head At."
  • Basement Jaxx won their first career GRAMMY for 2004 for Best Electronic/Dance Album for Kish Kash.
  • The duo have remixed songs by artists such as Missy Elliott, Yoko Ono and Justin Timberlake.
  • In 2012 Felix Buxton teamed with Pandemonium Drummers for the single "Champion," with proceeds going to the U.K.-based Teenage Cancer Trust.



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Best Dance Recording

Never Say Never

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