Logic shares insights into 'Everybody'

Multi-talented rapper, producer, musician, and dog lover Logic is having a pretty fantastic month.

His newest album Everybody came out on May 5 to strong reviews, and just yesterday it was revealed that the album had climbed to the peak position on the Billboard 200, unseating Kendrick Lamar's Damn. from the spot it had previously held unchallenged for three weeks. The chart achievement marked the highest single-week sales Logic has garnered thus far in his career, and is his first visit to the No. 1 album chart slot.

The young phenom recently paid us a visit at our headquarters in Santa Monica, and shared insight into the concept and creation of his third album. Logic also revealed the story behind the beautiful cover artwork, the out-of-the-box non-rap musical influences he pulled in during the album's production phase, and what inspired him to challenge the views of one of his biggest idols.


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