Country singer/songwriter talks about songwriting at its finest and how his writing career began.

Country singer/songwriter J.D. Souther sat with Nashville Chapter for this interview in 2014. He co-wrote a song with Red Steagall that got cut, like possibly the second song he ever wrote and his first country song, and Souther got to hear it on the radio. "Then no one cut the next 100 songs because they weren't very good," he said, having since gone on to classics, such as his co-write on Eagles' "Best Of My Love." "Obviously as you get deeper into music, you go through phases where you want more technique and more complication, and you learn new things," said Souther, "and then there are times when you really want to come back to the bone and write simpler things." He also believes, "There's a lot of adventure to songwriting," and that "When there is adventure combined with real soul, real heart and something that resonates with other people, that is its peak, that is its finest."

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