Celebrate 25 Years Of The Flaming Lips' 'Clouds Taste Metallic' | For The Record

The Oklahoma City alt-rock legends' critically acclaimed seventh album was released Sept. 19, 1995 and was their last to feature guitarist Ronald Jones.

For the latest episode of's For The Record video series, we revisit Oklahoma City alt-rock legends the Flaming Lips' seventh studio album, Clouds Taste Metallic. The fan favorite, critically acclaimed LP was released Sept. 19, 1995 and was the band's last to feature guitarist Ronald Jones

"The previous record came out in 1993, but it wasn't really successful until 1994 and 1995. So we had played lots and lots of shows. Back then, we would play a couple of hundred shows a year… And it really didn't stop, and so we started to make that record, Clouds Taste Metallic, while we're still playing and playing and playing," frontman Wayne Coyne shared in a recent interview with

"So [Clouds Taste Metallic] is all that. I think people sometimes make their best records when there is a little bit of chaos going on. I mean, that's why I'm always making so many things. I kind of like the energy of, 'It's just another f




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