Alicia Keys Wins Best R&B Album

December 02, 2009 -- 10:04 pm PST

(Alicia Keys accepts the GRAMMY for Best R&B Album at the 44th GRAMMY Awards on Feb. 27, 2002, in Los Angeles.)

Thank you. OK. This award right here, I'm very honored for. Very honored for. This album was a lot of years in the making. A lot of struggles in the making. I would like to dedicate this to just thinking out the box, just not being afraid to be who you are no matter what anybody says. Thank you. Alright, OK. Alright. I'd also like to thank my family. That's God, that's my mother, my nana, all of the family that supported me, all the people out here who love this album, who bought this album, this is y'all, man. To the record company, J Records, to Mr. Clive Davis — I don't even have to say anymore. To the whole J Records family, to Peter Edge for helping my vision. To Ron G., Ron Gillyard, Richard Palmese, Ken Wilson, Tom Martin, Biff Warren, the whole promotional staff, the whole marketing staff, the whole street team, to the people that supported this album, MBK, Jeff Robinson, Conrad Robinson, Krucial Keys, Krucial Keys and everybody that helped us out. Thank you to all the supporters I appreciate it, they're kicking me off the stage.


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