Quincy Jones Wins Album Of The Year

February 22, 2010 -- 12:16 pm PST

(Quincy Jones accepts the GRAMMY for Album Of The Year at the 33rd GRAMMY Awards on Feb. 20, 1991, in New York.)

I can't believe this. I really can't believe this. I've been in this Academy since 1958 and this is the first time I even dared think about having a GRAMMY under my own name, and I'm so proud. I've been cut off from a lot of network shows lately so I brought everything on paper tonight. I want to say this really means a lot to me, especially being in a category with people like M.C. Hammer and Wilson Phillips. When Chynna Phillips was about six months old, Jack Nicholson used to bring her around the house and now we're in the same category — I was getting ready to retire.

I'd like to first thank our creator, which makes all this possible. To my mother, to my beautiful children and my family, and an incredible extended family — they made me promise not to mention all their names tonight — the friends, the legends who have left an indelible magic imprint on 40 years of my life, my career, and especially on this album, I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to my pilot and co-pilot Rod Temperton, Bruce Swedien, Jerry Hey, Greg Phillinganes, and Siedah Garrett, who have always been with me in the trenches for the last 14 years. And I'd like to thank the people that consistently inspired me. A big hug tonight to my baby sister Oprah, her and the pretty people are out there celebrating in Chicago. And to Ray Harris, to Russ Thyret, and to Yowie, and my love to Amy, and the entire Weir organization. To Mo and Evelyn Ostin, my friends who brought me to Warner's in the first place. To Courtney Ross, who took two years of her life to make a picture about me that changed my life. And to Steve Ross, who is sick and couldn't be here tonight — my brother, my mentor and my colleague now. I wouldn't leave Time Warner to go to heaven.

I'd like to dedicate this GRAMMY tonight to a lady that sang her last performance on my album, Miss Sarah Vaughan. And I accept this in her name, and I'd like to ask everyone to pray for peace on Earth and when we get peace on Earth let's take care of the Earth. Thank you very much. I'm very happy. 

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Quincy Jones, GRAMMY winner