"We Are The World" Wins Song Of The Year

January 08, 2010 -- 5:04 pm PST

(Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson accept the GRAMMY for Song Of The Year at the 28th GRAMMY Awards on Feb. 25, 1986, in Los Angeles.)

Lionel Richie: Thank you. We'd like to take this opportunity to put a very special note out. I would like to take this time. I'm so very, very proud and I know I speak for Michael. We are so proud to be part of an industry of people that in a time when the world is in need of helping each other, this music industry of ours responded. And we want to take this time to thank all of the many artists and arrangers, writers and, when I say this, I mean, people behind the scenes that really made things work for us. And, of course, to the public for responding. But the most important thing was that, when we called, you responded. And we thank you for that.

Michael Jackson: First, I'd like to thank God. And I'd like to say thank you for choosing Lionel and myself to write "We Are The World." I thank Quincy Jones, who is the greatest producer to me. And I'd also like to say, when you leave here, remember the children. Thank you.

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