How The Fugees Settled 'The Score' 25 Years Ago | For The Record

When they first approached creating The Score, The Fugees were hoping to win the battle. Twenty-five years later—as shown in the latest episode of For The Record—we see now that they won the war.

When The Fugees released their second album, The Score, the timing felt eerily perfect. As hip-hop's East and West Coasts continued their tussle, their lighter-hearted approach to socially conscious rap curtailed any overarching assumptions that hip-hop was going down a "bad road." Plus, they had Lauryn Hill, who doubled as a songbird and lyrical spitfire. By juxtaposing life instrumentation, soulful melodies and abstract bars, Hill, Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel gave hip-hop a renewed spirit and propelled it to a different kind of mainstream. Watch the latest episode of For The Record and check out more episodes of the series here.

For The Record: How The Fugees Settled 'The Score' 25 Years Ago




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