Producers & Engineers Wing Initiatives

i.  To promote, safeguard and advocate for the rights of creative music professionals in the areas of intellectual property, crediting, revenue streams and freedom of expression

  1. AMP Act [2015]
  2. Fair Play Fair Pay Act [2015]
  3. Give Fans The Credit

ii.  To raise the profile and increase understanding of the value of producers and engineers as artistic co-creators in the art and craft of recording

iii.  To promote integrity in audio

  2. ‘Lost in Translation’ featuring 3-time GRAMMY winning Producer/Engineer Andrew Scheps

iv.  To promote recording industry guidelines and best practices regarding proper labeling, archiving, preservation and storage of master media

  1. Recommendations for Delivery of Recorded Music Projects

v.  To support music and recording education programs and to serve as a bridge between students, educators and the music industry

  1. Pearl Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School

vi.  To present professional development events, seminars and networking opportunities

  1. GRAMMY Soundtables®: After Hours – Mixing For Late Night New York
  2. From Mic To Mix [2014] – Miami, FL
  3. From Mic To Mix [2015] – Seattle, WA
  4. GRAMMY Pro Art Of The Craft: Sounds Of The City [2016] – New York

vii.  To promote hearing health and educate about the dangers of noise-induced hearing loss

  1. Hearing Health Facts for Sound Professionals and Musicians

viii.  To promote communication and relationships between audio professionals, companies, organizations, and educators to foster community and consensus on critical industry-related issues

  1. Producers & Engineers Wing Annual Manufacturers Council Breakfast