Tools, Tips, Guidelines and Recommendations

Technical Guidelines for Producers and Engineers

Although in many ways the music industry’s transition from an analog to a digital world has increased convenience and creative choices, it has also presented new challenges and problems for those working in the field. This fact has prompted many members of the P&E Wing to collaborate in volunteer committee groups to address these problems and provide solutions.

The documents found at the links below are the result of those collaborations. If you have comments regarding these documents please email us at:

Description: Documentation is a critical part of any recording project. The following are examples of documentation sheets for recording, mixing and transfer sessions as well as a suggested media ID label. We hope you will find these tools useful to help provide the important information that should accompany your project from start to finish.

Crediting Definitions

The producer of a recording project is responsible for supplying accurate crediting information to the designated person at the record label or media company who is authorized to receive that information for the purpose of compiling printed or metadata album credits.

Credits List

The Recording Academy and P&E Wing have created a recommendation document for basic crediting best practices.

Hearing Health Facts