Recording Academy Member Class of 2020


The Recording Academy is proud to announce its member class of 2020. As the world's preeminent membership organization for performers, songwriters, producers and engineers, members work together to build a better and more inspiring world for music and its makers.


This class was selected by a committee of industry peers based on exceptional contributions to the music community. 



"We're incredibly proud to welcome our membership class of 2020. The diverse talents of our music people have never been more relevant and important. We’re constantly reminded of the powerful role music can play in bringing us together, and we’re so excited for our new members to join us on this journey as we strive to give back to music as much as it gives to us."

Harvey Mason jr.

Chairman and Interim President/CEO, Recording Academy

"I'm so honored to join the Recording Academy’s Membership Class of 2020. Thank you to the Academy for all your support so far. I'm so excited to officially be a part of the family with so many legends in the industry, and to be a new voice to represent other music creators like me out there. Can’t wait to see what this year brings. Let’s go!!"

Lil Nas X

GRAMMY Winner, Member Class of 2020 Invitee

"It's an honor and pleasure to join this incredible organization! The academy represents the best of the best in the music world. I love being part of this family!"

Noel Schajris

GRAMMY Nominee, Member Class of 2020 Invitee

"Long before I understood how the Grammy’s operate behind the gold, I have dreamt of receiving one for my work. Now, more importantly I have the opportunity to help other deserving creatives see that shared dream through. It’s an honor to say the least! I am so excited to be a new addition among the Academy class."

Victoria Monét

GRAMMY Nominee, Member Class of 2020 Invitee

"To join the Academy is an honor; I’m grateful to be in the company of the other members around the world who continually strive to make impactful music. As a musician, it is always a special thing when your peers recognize your talent, and one day I hope to be included in the list of GRAMMY winners."

D Smoke

Member Class of 2020 Invitee

"Now, more than ever, becoming a member is important to me so I can support and represent Black, Mexican and Native-American female artists. We’ve been making music that constantly informs the culture and yet doesn’t get the credit that it and we deserve. I’d like to be a part of changing that from within and uplift not just my own voice in this way, but other women of color as well."

Kiana Ledé

Member Class of 2020 Invitee

"It’s an honor for me to be recognized by my fans, artists and peers in the Academy."


GRAMMY Nominee, Member Class of 2020 Invitee

"It’s an honor and a blessing to be among singers, writers and musicians with such creativity, skill, poise and talent. As I look at this group, I’m in awe of the people that GOD has placed in my presence. People that have not only influenced me, but have advised, mentored, and supported me in my various endeavors. My peers have been my rock and it is an honor to be a part of the Recording Academy."

Le’Andria Johnson

GRAMMY Winner, Member Class of 2020 Invitee












Membership is the lifeblood of the Recording Academy. Having an active, representative membership is fundamental to everything we do. Recording Academy members are a collective voice that together creates a better world for music and its makers, and has the ability to move our industry forward. Recording Academy membership is a privilege reserved for those whose excellent professional accomplishments are matched by their passion for the music community.