Urge Digital Music Services to #GiveCredit


Music streaming is the only digital experience that gives fans less information than they get in the physical world. Let’s change that!

Digital music services let fans stream endless catalogs of songs, albums, and playlists to listen to anytime, anywhere. Yet, with the digital transformation of music, liner notes on physical albums have been lost. With them, so are credits.

Music fans want to know more about the creators who make the music they love.

Songwriters, composers, instrumentalists, producers, engineers, and many creators who bring music to life are not being recognized for their work and contributions.

Join us in signing the petition below to urge all digital music services to include and display music credits across their platforms. Together, we can recognize all music creators and bring everyone Behind the Record, to the front.



Dear DSP CEOs:

We are the artists who drive your businesses.  But we don’t do it alone.  Behind every track and record are songwriters, producers, engineers, background musicians, vocalists, and many other talented creators. Without them there would be no music, but fans never see their names due to limitations on credits displayed on your services.

In fact, yours are the only digital businesses where consumers get less information than they do in the physical world.

We are joining the Recording Academy’s Behind the Record campaign to spark a conversation with the goal of providing dedicated music fans with the information they want, and all music creators with the credit they deserve. 

Following the GRAMMYs, you will be invited to join us in a conversation about how we can move credits forward within your digital music experiences. Let’s work together to give credit where credit is due.



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