GRAMMY Participation Certificates

The Recording Academy is pleased to offer customized participation certificates which recognize anyone who was creatively or professionally involved in a GRAMMY-winning or nominated recording. Musicians, composers, publishers, studios, and labels may apply for a participation certificate.

Previous GRAMMY winners or nominees may also order replacement certificates which confirm their award or nomination for the specific year requested. Certificates are 8.5" x 11" with customized information. Certificates are printed on heavy, ivory stock with a gold foil embossed Recording Academy shield and come unframed. Each certificate is $50.

When uploading files, if you have multiple pages it’s best to scan them as one document then ATTACH. Our system can only accommodate one upload. Once you’ve attached your proof of participation, please click UPLOAD for the upload to be complete. If you cannot provide proof of participation, you cannot receive a certificate. The proof must be included with your order. ONE ORDER FORM PER CERTIFICATE.

Important: Please Read

If you are an engineer or producer on a GRAMMY-winning project from this year, please DO NOT place any certificate orders until April 2017. All Producers & Engineers Wing winners will be vetted between now and then and participation certificates will not be issued in these categories until statues and winner’s certificates in these categories can be determined. Also, these certificates are for the GRAMMY Awards only. Latin GRAMMY Awards Certificates cannot be purchased through this site.

Please submit all orders by July 15, 2017, to have them processed before the hiatus.

Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery.

Order your certificate today!