Quality Sound Matters


Welcome to QUALITYSOUNDMATTERS.COM -- we want to make your experience with digital music a better one.

The digital music revolution has reached a turning point. Coolness and convenience are available everywhere and sound quality has become the new frontier. File formats can now accommodate the 96-kHz/24-bit dimensions of full-bandwidth recordings. Premium headphones with much broader frequency response than the earbuds that previously defined digital music listening now allow the full dynamic range of music to be experienced, as do a growing array of both accessible and affordable consumer electronics products.

So welcome to QualitySoundMatters.com, the online portal created jointly by the Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing and the Consumer Technology Association to offer information for consumers and pros alike about how to find and enjoy quality music recordings. Here you’ll see articles on products, technologies, record labels, recording artists and music producers who are leading the way in the quality revolution. Viva Quality!