Preservation & Advancement

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Edison Opera Phonograph, circa 1912

Preserving America's rich cultural legacy

The GRAMMY Foundation's archiving and preservation initiatives are designed to raise public awareness of the urgent need to preserve our nation's recorded sound legacy. This is achieved by providing funds to entities engaged in preservation work, advocacy work on legislative issues, the development of information resources, and other projects that promote preservation of our nation ' s vast recorded sound heritage.


America's recorded musical legacy is undoubtedly one of our country's most important and irreplaceable national treasures. The people, experiences and the very footprints of the evolution of our society are chronicled in the words, songs, and performances that make up this compelling body of work.

Fortunately, much of America's recorded musical heritage has been documented for future generations on a variety of audio media. Most recently, magnetic audiotape and digital media have been the standards, while earlier recording devices used tin foil, cylinders, acetate and metal parts. Unfortunately, however, many historically important recordings and information about these recordings have been lost to time and may never again be heard.