The Week In Music: "Weird Al" To Go Gaga?

Lady G may be Yankovic parody target
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    "Weird Al" Yankovic at the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards in January
June 25, 2010 -- 6:00 am PDT

During the week marking the anniversary of Michael Jackson's passing, "Weird Al" Yankovic, whose biggest hit was arguably his Jackson parody "Eat It," told Reuters he's working on a new album that may include a Lady Gaga parody. If past performance is any indication of future results, some possible timely ideas Al may be contemplating: "Botox Face" and "Mc-Mc-McChrystal."

Apparently, no one's hotter than the Beatles this week: not the Bieb, not Katy, not Lady G. Leave it to the band that's pushing 50 to make headlines even on the anniversary week of Jackson's death. First, Paul McCartney told the BBC he had been commissioned to write a ballet, though he knows little about it. "…I just accept things before I even know what I'm doing," Sir Macca said. Meanwhile, John Lennon's handwritten lyrics for "A Day In The Life" sold at an auction on June 18 for $1.2 million. It just missed topping the $1.25 million that hand-scrawled lyrics for "All You Need Is Love" fetched in 2005. (For reasons unknown, the word "fetched" must be used when writing about purchases of collectable auction items.)

The ever fun-loving Katy Perry was left in stitches after her performance at Canada's MuchMusic Video Awards on June 20. Unfortunately they were in her leg, which she reportedly cut open in a fall during post-show nightclub dancing. "17 stitches later... Don't make fun of my dance moves tomorrow," Katy tweeted about the incident. She's now performing in a skin-colored bandage. Here's another look at the "California Gurls" video, shot while Katy was still showing her legs in (and out of) her daisy dukes.

In yet another testament to duct tape's versatility, 14 students from Philadelphia's University of the Arts erected an adhesive-backed polyethylene tribute to guitar god Eddie Van Halen this past week at the 2010 Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival in Avon, Ohio. The students constructed a giant-sized replica of Van Halen's famous "Frankenstrat" guitar using more than 300 rolls of red, black and white duct tape. "I'd pay $25,000 for that!!!" one Van Halen fan wrote at the website Van Halen News Desk, while another expressed concern for the environment by pondering, "Is duct tape a natural resource?"

A few weeks ago we reported that country songstress Faith Hill was thinking of considering a clothing line. Well, with conviction like that, it's no surprise Madonna has beat her to the rack. With daughter Lourdes Leon, Magde will create a young-adult line for Macy's that will launch for the back-to-school shopping season. Early sketches look like a cross between "Papa Don't Preach"-era Madonna and latter-day Lindsey Lohan, if the latter wore clothes.

What else did some of our favorite pop stars actually do this week? Well, according to the TWIM Twittertable: ladygaga: i just kicked my a** in the gym, time to wash it down with an ice cold NY beer; justinbieber: chillin with the boys from stratford before the show tonight. we are like a young entourage. Haha; katyperry: party foul. I swear I've washed my hands. once.; keshasuxx: OKOKOKOK so whos the one who found out tik tok was written about star trek?

Katy Perry's "California Gurls," featuring Snoop Dogg, is once again the No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 this week. Eminem's "Love The Way You Live," featuring Rihanna, is tops on the iTunes singles chart.

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